A Case Study on Speedy Splash Car Wash

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A case study on how Giant Marketers helps Speedy Splash to get no 1 ranking and increase 208% organic traffic.

Client Details

Another client of ours is a car wash company located in Fayetteville, AR. They have been providing their services since 2017. Usually,Speedy Splash serves deluxe, premium, and ultimate wash services to their customers.

Speedy Splash Car Wash seo Case Study

Generally, they acquired maximum clients from their website visitors. Everything was going well with this site; they had a good ranking and great traffic. But suddenly, a few months ago, they began to notice a drop-down in their site’s traffic and rankings. Also, the bounce rates were increasing, and keywords were falling off. Which implied this site was facing some issues. 

Speedy Splash knows that the car wash business is really competitive and that losing a single opportunity can harm the site. Therefore, speedy splash chose us to find out the issues and implement our best strategy. So, let’s see how we were able to recover this website and turn its traffic back.    

The SEO Audit

As always, we audit the whole site manually to find out the issues. After the Google core algorithm update, we found that this site’s ranking was significantly affected. So, here were the main issues that we have identified-

  • Pages with a lot of thin and content without proper optimization.
  • Lack of quality backlinks.
  • This site’s loading speed was very poor.
  • Not optimized for mobile users.

In the beginning, this website had a minimal number of competitors; that’s why they can rank well even with thin content. As years passed, more competitors came with quality and properly optimized content. So, Google started to rank its competitors in the top, and Speedy splash faced a fall down in the SERPs with its thin content.

This site badly needed quality links to compete in organic search results. For link, building quality matters most over quantity. This is where Speedy splash made the biggest mistake. This site used a huge quantity of backlinks, but the maximum was not worthy. That’s why Google took manual action, and its page rank was reduced.

Now, come to the next issue that is the slow loading page speed. This site used larger size images and contained unused JavaScripts, CSS, and render-blocking files, which took a huge time to show the entire content. As a result, it failed to score well on the LCP and FID metrics of Google’s core web vitals. Thus, its visitors are more likely to leave the page and look out for alternatives.

The last issue of Speedy Splash did not have an optimized mobile-friendly website. For local services, maximum clients use their mobile phones to find car wash services.

So having a mobile-friendly website is the biggest opportunity to reach new traffic and generate leads. Though speedy splash’s website was designed considering the mobile users, it wasn’t optimized accurately. Therefore, it negatively impacts the UX of this site.  

GM’s Strategies

When speedy splash came to us, some of their pages were badly affected by Google’s manual action. Thus, it’s ranking, traffic, and conversion rates were greatly affected. So, we took that challenge to get back the ranking position, traffic, and leads to our client. Here’s what SEO tactics we implemented for the speedy splash.

Speedy Splash Car Wash last 3 month Growth report

1. Improving Existing Page Rankings and Traffic

The first thing that we did to solve the ranking issue was improving the existing page’s traffic. To do this, we simply started looking for the keywords that this site was ranking for before.

Speedy Splash Car Wash Traffic Growth

In this way, we found some keywords with low difficulties and some which are not worthy. Also, we found the pages which are on the verge of ranking and can easily be improved. After that, we focused on the keywords that this site’s competitors were targeting and focused on building content on them.

After founding the keywords, we started improvising the existing content with low-difficulty keywords and removing all the unworthy keywords. However, we added some more keywords with higher search volume and then optimized the content to quickly increase the traffic.

2. Established New Content Structure

Speedy splash’s service page wasn’t well-optimized and also consisted of very poor content structure. So, what we did was-

  • Created separate service pages with proper content providing all necessary elements.
  • We have created a separate Location page mentioning all the locations they provide services, including contact info and maps.
  • Used CTA to ensure accuracy and make the content meaningful to the audiences.
  • Optimized content as per Google’s requirement following NLP and EAT.  

3. Perform Link Building outreach 

You already know it’s essential for SEO to get backlinks with high quality by following Google’s rules. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence for your site, which search engines see as evidence that your content is valuable. This is where a speedy splash fell behind. So, here’s how we helped this site to overcome this issue.

  • At first, we disavowed the links that were spammy and low-quality. 
  • Created some outstanding content and reached out to a relevant authority website with high DA for guest posting.
  • Also, we did competitor research for pages that were already ranked for relevant keywords. Then analyzed their backlinks and contacted the webmaster for backlinks.  

4. Focused on Improving the Core Web Vital Metrics

This site can’t stand out well on the LCP and FID. So, we started working on speed optimization all these one by one to get the perfect score.

focus on Core Web Vital Metrics

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): It marks how quickly an entire content of a page is visible to the visitors. As speedy splash had slow page speed so, the content took time to load. As a result, the site visitors had to wait until the content loaded, which made them frustrated and led them to leave the page.

The perfect score for LCP is 2.5 seconds. So, we focused on ensuring speedy splash’s page speed within 2.5 seconds. And, here are the SEO practices that we followed to ensure the perfect LCP score.

  • Optimized the critical rendering path,
  • Minimize the CSS files, JavaScript, and images. 

First Input Delay (FID): FID indicates the time a web page takes when users click on something. In that sense, it is also related to page speed, but here it measures the reaction time of a page when visitors click on something.

With the speedy splash when visitors clicked to see the pass details, pass flyer, or contact us page they took a huge time to load and show the results. It is also one of the reasons for the speedy splash’s increasing bounce rate. Just like LCP, FID also has a scoring guideline and the perfect score is 100 ms. So, let’s see the improvements that we made to reach this score.

  • Deferred all the non-critical JavaScript from speedy splash’s web pages.
  • Removed the useless third-party scripts.   

5. Optimized the Site for Mobile Users

For local businesses, having a mobile-friendly and SEO-Friendly website is a must. In the case of Speedy splash, it had some missing SEO factors. So, we moved to optimize speedy splash’s website to make it more user-friendly for mobile users.

  • We scaled the images with proper size and alt tags for mobile users.
  • Ensure appropriate text size for any size device.
  • Make sure that the CTA is visible.
  • Keep the navigation menu easy to find.
  • Used pop-ups sparingly only where they make sense.
  • Lastly, optimize the loading speed of this site’s mobile version. 

The Ultimate Result

Once done the auditing and implementing all the SEO strategies we keep monitoring the site to see the development or growth. After months of hard work, we have successfully made the most of the keywords bumped on no 1 page of SERPs.

Speedy Splash Car Wash Growth chart

We started this project in April. Here, the following chart is showing the speed splash’s March months’ data-

MonthTrafficImpressionCTRConversion Rate

Now, this is the overall growth data of Speedy Splash in the last 3 months.

MonthTrafficImpressionCTRConversion Rate

Within three months the organic traffic of speedy splash increased by 208% and the conversion rate increased by 201%. As a result, 80 leads have been generated in the last 3 months. With the increasing rate of impressions that is 579%, this website’s CTR also increased from 1.35% to 3.39%. So far, the total CTR of this site has increased by 278%.

Finally, we successfully lead this website through our SEO strategies and services to gradually improve its condition. Still, we are working with Speedy Splash and looking forward to seeing more growth and revenues. Hopefully, you get the idea about our organic SEO services through this SEO case study.

Giant Marketers is one of the fastest-growing and leading digital marketing company in Bangladesh. Its primary goal is to help clients to grow big with result-driven strategies and 15+ years of experience in the industry

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