Low Competitive Keyword Research Services That Rank

Low competitive keywords are the seeds for your online business
Giant Marketers knows how to find and harvest them. Want to grow like a giant? Dive in!

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Low Competitive KeywordResearch Services That Rank
Low Competitive Keyword Research Services 1

Low Competitive Keyword Research Services That Rank

Keywords work as the seeds if you consider your site a tree. Everything else on a site revolves around them. Therefore, selecting the right keywords means you’re doing the business correctly or vice versa. From the keyword research experience of more than 10 years, we’ve seen how the right keywords can bring unparalleled success. If you should care about anything under the sun while building a website, that’d be the keywords.

We have a dedicated team that researches low-competitive and profitable keywords here in Giant marketers. Why would you take the headache, do the keyword research only to find out that the effort was in vain? Let us take the burden down from your head and help you with keywords that’ll shine in the long run and keep your revenues going high. With that been said, let’s dive in and find out how you can help yourself partnering with Giant marketers.

Types of keywords we specialize at
what do we combined in the keywords Set

We cover everything in the SEO industry for more than a decade now. Apart from experience, there are a lot more that make us stand out from others. Here are the services you can get and benefit your business with GM:


Buying Keyword

Buying keywords, aka money keywords are the ones that generate solid money for you using affiliation. We specialize at it and can provide you highly profitable yet low-competitive buying keywords for your site.

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Informative Keywords

Informative Keywords Informative keywords are the ones that build your authority and elevate your credibility to the visitors. Plus, these keywords can help you with the ranking, visibility on the SERP, and other SEO strategies.

keyword 2

Buying Keyword

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords help you target specific traffic and rank high for organic searches. We analyze the LSI keywords surrounding the money and informative keywords and make sure the visitors are targeted.

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We’ve been featured on some of the most reputed news portals, blogs, public search portals. Have a look!

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What’s The Real Scenario Of Researching Keywords?

The truth is, most people cannot see the potential of a keyword in the long run whether it’s worth it or not. Aiming for the wrong keyword can get you a catastrophic long-term failure while you’ve already invested in it. Typical keyword research techniques and outdated tools are often the culprit that do the burial. On the contrary, our expert keyword research team has been in the journey for long enough to do it all manually. Although we provide all the technical details from the tools out there, we do the final touch-ups and the research manually. It helps us find you the keywords that actually perform well in the long run and get your revenues on rise.

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keyword Research service packages

Steps we follow to provide you a set of potential keywords

If you’re already familiar with different aspects of SEO, you might have an idea on what it takes to find potential keywords. In case you don’t have a clear picture, here are the steps we follow before we deliver the keywords for you:

Step 1: We do a detailed analysis on the niche that can fulfil the expectations in the long run.
Step 2: We assess the competitors to outrank along with their in-depth strength and weakness.
Step 3: Our team does the brainstorming for low competitive and long tail keywords with potential.
Step 4: We study the customer’s buying nature and their persona that impacts your conversion rates.
Step 5: We combine the seed and LSI keywords into the contents and boost the outrank probability.
Step 6: We sort out the keywords, research the competitor’s gaps and implement them manually.

Unlimited Areas Of Quality Assurance

How We Help You On The
Keyword Analysis?

There are a ton of things to go through to make a perfect outcome off the analysis while selecting the potential keywords. Here are the analysis we do while working with you and selecting your keywords and how we value your investments:


Manual analysis

This is where most newbie marketers fall short as they don’t have enough experience to take it all manual. However, when you’re working with giant marketers, manual analysis for each of the keywords is in our feature. We research every factor that goes into the process and do an in-depth analysis for the keywords that go with the selected niche.

search 1

Ranking Factor Analysis

There are a lot of ranking factors other than just picking the right keywords and stuffing them into the contents. You must comply with other factors that go side by side with the keywords to push you up on the SERP. We consider them all while developing the keyword blueprint for you and let you know how you implement them.

dna test

Content Analysis

This is where to implement the keywords and get the fruits of their potential. When the keywords have the right placement and proper usage, you get the best output. We do extensive research on your competitors, analyze their contents, and suggest you the best plan to beat them. Your competitors are beatable only if you’re doing things better than them.


Metrics analysis

Although our keyword research team does extensive manual analysis, we don’t leave the tools behind. We use the tools to show you the potential of the keywords in a presentable way. You’ll get every popular metrics analysis including Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, DA, PA, DR, Backlinks, Refer domains from the popular research tools.

market analysis

Competitor analysis

This is where things get interesting as we go in-depth with your keywords. We believe that the better you know your competitors, the lesser the competition remains. Therefore, we do extensive research for your competitors and find out each strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. As a result, we know exactly how to plan keywords to get the best result.


Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks play an important role when it comes to getting the best output from a set of potential keywords we provided. What’s more important here is, you must know where to put your effort and how much that should be! When you already have better contents then your customers, our backlink analysis will show how you can beat them easily

Why Keywords Research Is Important?

Let’s give you a straight and simple statement; keyword research is the inevitable step that you just cannot avoid. If you want to succeed with a niche site, AdSense or any other website, researching the keywords is the first and foremost important step. It helps you know your potential, competitors, scalability, brandability; well, what not!

How Do We Make the Difference With Some Special offers?

What makes a service great or an agency thrive over others? It’s how much they care about their clients and how they portray it in their services. Well, we’re a well-recognized, industry-leading agency that makes perfection a basic feature. Although our keyword research service is already overflowing, we still have some extra for you, such as:


An A-Z Content Blueprint

A set of potential keywords aren’t enough to get the best output; a killer content blueprint is necessary to implement them. We understand the need of that whether you know it or not. Therefore, we provide you a proven content outline and blueprint based on the competitor analysis to help you thrive.


Necessary Metrics Reports

What makes us special is the organized service that helps you understand what’s going on easily. Therefore, we always make sure that you’re getting a complete report on the necessary metrics. Nothing is overlooked while making the report from monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and every other aspect you might ask for.


Ranking Strategy Guidelines

Every keyword has its ground of competition and random SEO approaches won’t get you the result you want. In order to help you stand out from others and rank more effectively, we provide you a ranking strategy guideline. It will help you understand what’s your next move, how your competitors are doing, and how you face that.

Business Areas We Cover For Keyword Research

Giant Marketers is working with a wide range of business types. No matter what type of website you have that needs keyword research, we’re here to have your back. See which type of website your business falls under and let us know what you need:


Amazon Affiliate Websites

I you’re developing an amazon niche site, it’s crucial to work with keywords that are low competitive yet highly profitable. We have a dedicated keyword research team that does in-depth research to find you a set of keywords that are profitable in the long run. Plus, our keywords will allow you to work with products that are priced above $50 to have a good ROI.


AdSense Based Websites

Adsense is a great way to monetize your website whether it’s a hobby blog or an intended business site. Either way, we’re here to have your back and provide you a set of keywords that are profitable and scalable. We include long tail keywords along with their LSIs that help you rank faster and make higher revenue. The added analytical data will surely help as well!


Business And Consultancy Sites

If you have a business or consultancy website, it’s your online identity and it needs the right keywords to reach the potential clients and customers. With our keyword service, you can target your audience from the search engines and get sustainable spikes in your traffic. As a result, you’re getting the clients or customers and they’re going to stick if you’re good at what you do.


Local Business Website

A local business can grow sustainably with an increased number of customers in its storefront. If you’re a store owner in your area, and want the local customers to come in, targeted keyword implementation is must. It even helps you expand your business in the neighborhoods or even overseas with proper utilization of our targeted keyword sets.

What They Say About Our Company?

Our clients are our biggest ambassadors who’re satisfied with previous services and here are some of their testimonials. See for yourself!

Our Budget-Friendly Pricing Plans

Although we’re giving you the top-notch, world-class keyword research, we understand you may have a budget to meet. Therefore, we keep our keyword research service affordable for you with different packages. Here are the pricing plans, choose the one that fits your needs:

GM Basic

$99/One Time

5 Money Keyword

Search Volume 50 Mini

5 Informative Keywords

15 LSI/Secondary

Manually Analysis

Necessary Metrics Report

Content Structure Blueprint

Long tail keywords

Extremely buying intent

Low competition

Decent search volume

Wallet-out conversion

Keywords Replacement

After Sales Support

GM Advance

$149/One Time

10 Money Keyword

Search Volume 50 Mini

10 Informative Keywords

30 LSI/Secondary

Manually Analysis

Necessary Metrics Report

Content Structure Blueprint

Long tail keywords

Extremely buying intent

Low competition

Decent search volume

Wallet-out conversion

Keywords Replacement

After Sales Support

GM Premium

$249/One Time

15 Money Keyword

Search Volume 50 Mini

15 Informative Keywords

45 LSI/Secondary

Manually Analysis

Necessary Metrics Report

Content Structure Blueprint

Long tail keywords

Extremely buying intent

Low competition

Decent search volume

Wallet-out conversion

Keywords Replacement

After Sales Support

Most Frequent Questions

We often get questions from our clients about our keyword research service while working with them. Here are the most frequent ones that you also might have in your mind; get through them for answers:

It’s not certain how long the ranking would take for the provided keywords. We provide the most potential keywords that are low competitive. It’s your responsibility to make a SEO strategy that works for the keywords to rank quickly.

Since the ranking depends on quite a number of other factors, it’s not possible to guarantee the ranking only by providing the keywords. You must have a great content strategy, on-page optimization, along with Off-page strategies.

Refund policy for keyword research service isn’t possible either for the same reason we don’t guarantee. It has so many other factors to consider. However, if you’re dissatisfied with the keywords, we’re happy to provide you replacements for that keyword.

In order to keep the competition low, yet the ranking and revenue potential high, we keep the search volume moderate. You’ll get a minimum search volume of minimum 50 on Google for the keywords we provide. Plus, we’ll provide you with a detailed report.

Yes, we do have an expert team to understand what you need and to give you the most potential keywords. The keywords can be both on a researched and selected niche or with open niche options where we do the selection.

If you’re taking niche-oriented keyword research service and Amazon is your market, we do consider the product price range. We ensure a minimum price range of $50 on Amazon while selecting the product-oriented keywords.

If the keywords are for Adsense-based websites for ad-revenue, we keep the average CPC at a minimum of $.50 to $1. It helps you generate a higher revenue while the ads are your main source of fortune.

The minimum search volume of our keyword research while selecting for an Adsense website is 500. Don’t worry, we keep our clients’ revenue in mind while researching the keywords. Your satisfaction gives us gratification.

In order to keep the keyword difficulties at minimum, we provide money/buying keywords with a maximum KD of 3 on Ahrefs. For the informatives, we keep the keyword difficulty (KD) at a maximum of 5 on Ahrefs.

You’ll get a client dashboard as you order the service from our website. You can get the delivery reports from the dashboard. Besides, you can contact us through the contact form or live chat from there.

Although it’s highly unlikely to be so, the answer is yes; the competition of the keyword may change. However, if you find a major issue with it within 15 days, we’ll replace the keywords. No worries.

The competition metrics of our researched keywords don’t usually change. There are many reasons like google’s core update and keyword tools algorithm that might change the competition metrics. If you find any of the keyword metrics change within 15 days, we’ll get you replacements.

Yes, we do provide Geo targeted keywords with which you can easily target people in a specific geo location. If you have such requirements, please do let us know through live chat or contact form on our website. We’re happy to give you and your business custom support.

The keywords are the seeds of your ought to be giant website. Therefore, we cannot compromise the quality of our keyword research services. However, we’re trying to keep the prices as affordable as possible given the effort we put and the quality we provide.

We take 15 business working days to deliver you the complete project along with the detailed reports related to it.

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