SaaS SEO, The Definitive Way To Scale Your Growth

Are you not getting the sales, trial signups, or customer base you expected from your SaaS business? Maybe your business isn’t appearing when your potential customers are searching for you online. So, if you are looking to reach more customers, drive new trial signups, and generate more sales, MQLs, SQLs, and MRR for your SaaS business, you must consider SaaS SEO.

The right SaaS SEO can make your business appear on the search engine result pages for every relevant search, which results in getting more traffic. And if your website ticks all the right boxes, there is a good chance that this traffic will convert into sales. We at Giant marketers specialize in SaaS SEO and can help you rank higher and generate more organic traffic, signups, and revenues with our decades of SEO knowledge and proven strategies.

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What Is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the process of increasing the organic traffic of a SaaS Company’s website by gaining the top spot in SERPs for a list of relevant keywords. The business model of SaaS companies is different from other businesses like eCommerce, professional services, local businesses, etc. it’s more like a content-led strategy that requires a unique setup.

And this is exactly why SaaS companies need SaaS-specific SEO services entirely. As a SaaS SEO service provider, Giant Marketers has a thorough understanding of the SaaS industry. We can help your SaaS business through our data-driven insights and SaaS-specific proven SEO services to increase organic rankings, revenue, and MQL and MRR.

How Does SaaS SEO Work?

Being a SaaS Company, it is imperative for you to connect with potential prospects online. This will be possible only when you get the top position in SERP for relevant searches. And SaaS SEO is one of the most effective as well as cost-effective methods to achieve this. 

Here’s how SEO works for a SaaS business to achieve the SERP top ranking and improved revenue.

Sets goals and KPIs.
Define Customer Personas.
Analyzes direct and indirect competitors.
Create a keyword strategy by identifying your personas’ problems or challenges.
Defines keywords to optimize your platform’s landing pages.
Creates a comparative keyword strategy.
Helps you create better content than your competitors.
Optimizes technical and on-page SEO.
Promote your content to earn backlinks.

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We entail simple, straightforward, yet effective SEO processes that have been proven time and time again to produce measurable results for various SaaS companies.

SEO processes that have been proven time and time again

Our Scalable SaaS SEO Services

We empower SaaS companies like yours to achieve top search engine rankings, month-to-month PQL and MQL, and online success with our holistic SaaS SEO services.

SEO Auditing

Know the current status of your SaaS website with our manual SEO audit and get a deeper insight into how your website is performing, where it lacks, and recommendations about what steps you should take to ensure even better performance.

Keyword Research

We do extensive keyword research to identify the most suitable keywords that your prospects type on search engines while researching products, solutions, and services relevant to you and then map them to existing pages or create new ones.

Technical Optimization

Our technical SEO team uses Google Analytics and other tools to uncover all the issues of your website from a technical standpoint and helps fix all these to make sure your website is crawled, indexed, and structured correctly.

Content Modeling And Creation

We can help create an SEO content model and high-quality SEO content to ensure the best results for your business. It’s perfect to hit your targets in the shortest time and also boost keyword rankings and bring in new leads for your SaaS business.

Conduct On-Page Optimizations

Leverage our collective SEO experience to optimize the on-page elements of your web page content for search engines and users. This will ensure your SaaS site performs well in SERP as well as keep your readers engaged with the site.

SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

We’ll create a comprehensive SaaS content marketing strategy for your SaaS Business to produce high-quality content and promote them across various channels to capture and drive prospects to your site to improve signups, conversions, and MRR.

Conversion Rate Optimization

At Giant marketers, we focus on driving measurable impact on your business by analyzing your current conversion rates and implementing changes to your website so nothing prevents you from ranking top and improving your visits and signups.

Secure & Authoritative Link Building

Our in-house outreach specialist will help you help with the core SEO objectives and drive high-quality referral traffic that converts by linking your website to hyper-targeted and topically relevant authority websites with Google-approved metrics.

SaaS Social Media Management

Reach and engage with the people that matter most, raise your brand awareness, and keep active on social media with our social media management for SaaS services. Our SMM manager will handle all your social media platforms and interact with your followers.

Why Is SEO Important For SaaS Companies?

If you want to stand out in your specific business sector online, outrank your competitor, and reach more and more organic traffic cost-effectively, then nothing can be as effective as SEO.

For SaaS businesses, 77% of traffic, new visitors, and leads are generated through organic search.
The first 3 organic search results get nearly 40% of all click-throughs, while up to 30% of all results on the first 2 pages don’t get clicked at all.
About 80% of search engine users choose only organic results, completely ignoring paid ads.
The conversion rate of leads obtained through organic traffic is 14%.

Being on the no 1 page is not enough; you need to be in the top position to reach your potential customers. And that’s what Giant Marketers can help you with by building a scalable SEO growth system that will constantly generate new trials and signups. 

We will understand your software business and act as your trusted SEO partner by designing and implementing SEO solutions to help you reach more people and earn more online.

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    How Our SaaS SEO Services Work

    We entail simple, straightforward, yet effective SEO processes that have been proven time and time again to produce measurable results for various SaaS companies.

    Project Launch & On-Boarding: Before we proceed, we take time to gather all the data both on your site and those of your competitors to understand your product, target audience, business goals, challenges, and business needs.
    Create A SaaS SEO growth strategy: Once we have a solid understanding of your business opportunities, gaps, and other factors, in the next step, we will plan and strategize a unique and personalized SEO strategy for your specific SaaS business.
    Recommendations & Implementation: After the strategy is in place, our team will share the plan with you for your feedback, and once we get the green flag from you, we will start implementing all the best practices on your website.
    Production & Promotion: With a solid content marketing strategy, we continue to create content and promote them across the web. Here, we either create the content or guide your team through the production process and promote it for you.
    Reporting & Analytics: Here at Giant Marketers, you’ll get detailed monthly reports to track your project, including performance data with metrics to help you understand your campaign or whether any changes are needed.
    Continued Optimization & Updates: At this phase, we analyze what is working, what isn’t, and if there are any opportunities for growth or not. If needed, we’ll fine-tune our strategy in order to achieve optimal results and impact.

    Why Is Giant Marketers Your True Integrated Partner For Your SaaS SEO?

    Don’t mistake us as just any other SEO agency. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest and makes us the perfect choice to be your SaaS SEO partner.

    A Unique SaaS SEO Team

    We are a SaaS SEO expert team who can help you rank higher in search engines by leveraging our knowledge and experience in SaaS businesses and software companies.

    Customized SEO Services

    It doesn’t matter; whether you’re looking for sign-ups, leads, sales, or brand awareness, we’ll develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

    Proven Track Record

    Our success stories with other SaaS companies and customer return rates are proof of our expertise. Eliminating all the guesswork, we’re here to help take your business to the next level.

    Transparent Project Management

    Our communication is open, and we always treat our clients as our business partners. So no loopholes between us, we’ll keep you updated on everything from the beginning to the end.

    Monthly Reporting & Dashboard

    Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated throughout the journey. Also, you can access your dedicated client dashboard to see your project details and performance metrics anytime.

    Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support Team

    At Giant Marketers, we have a dedicated customer support team who are available 24/7 to help all our clients with any kind of issues, queries, project updates, suggestions, or consultancies.


    Ready to drive more MRR for your SaaS business?

    SaaS SEO validates your SaaS website online, improves product signups, ensures month-to-month PQL and MQL growth, and drives more MRR for your SaaS business. So, if you are also looking for all these, contact us today and make the most out of Giant Marketer’s holistic SaaS SEO approach.


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