Local SEO Services For Small Business

Around 80% of local searches from your premises convert into profitable sales leads. Want to grab them all for yourself? Our local SEO for small business is here to help you.

Local SEO Services For Small Business

Local Seo Services For Small Business

Proper visibility of your local business online can get you a spike of new and recurring customers and generate more sales. The journey of reaching the top is not that easy, but with the right SEO strategies, you can overrule the competitors just fine. With a combination of experience and expertise at Giant Marketers, the power of local SEO now has a new height.

Our local SEO services for small business are proven at driving targeted traffic to the destination we decide. If you need sustainable traffic and a higher figure in the sales, we’re here to get you just that. Whether you have a local store, a consultancy firm, or any other business, we have the expertise to get you the traffic. Let’s get you a glimpse of local SEO!

Local SEO Services For Small Business


Why Local SEO Is Important?

Your local area is where most of your potential buyers are living and spending the money. Around, 97% of people do online research for the products and services in their local area. So, your online visibility can drive that traffic to your website and convert the leads using Local SEO strategies.

As a local SEO services company, Giant Marketers creates and optimizes your Google My Business page, manages reviews, build citations, and authoritative backlinks. All these strategies ensure your appearance on the top pages of search engines, earn positive reviews, create trust, and increase sales.


Grow Your Business Using Local SEO Strategy

Every business has its potential clients and local SEO can target them through their searches. Our local SEO experts do a comprehensive, in-depth audit on your website. They understand the current state and research the scopes to target the right audience. After that, the experts build a custom strategy that fits your business. That was in a nutshell; here is how we

Keywords Research

Uncovering the terms that people are searching for is the basis of a good local SEO optimization. We do top-notch keyword research to find localized, low competitive, trending, and profitable keywords. Then we draft an actionable strategy to double up your online visibility to your local buyers.

Content Design & Development

Content is your brand’s voice and we make sure your business communicates well with your target audience. Our experts build a seo-friendly content structure and craft the best content based on researched keywords. The content will include tags, descriptions, images, and others on page factors to make it relevant to the search engines.

SEO-Friendly Website Development​

Your website is a virtual store to showcase your products or services. We design an appealing SEO-friendly website with a better user experience that’s easily indexable to the search engines. Besides local SEO Services, you’ll get a well-optimized website crafted specifically for your local audience from us.

Website ‘Localization’

Website localization is the key to attract local leads as well as expanding your business in your area and beyond. You can also draw the attention of the new audience, present your business in a better way and increase sales with it. Our professional localization services ensure flawless translation and the adaptation of the website to meet the local SEO Strategy.

Citation Building

Citation can be a big factor to let your local customers and audiences know how to find your business. It’s a process of getting user citations from local directories mentioning business Name, Phone, Address, etc. It increases your relevance and prominence on Google local listing to boost your visibility. Our local SEO experts will grab the traffic whenever a local search takes place for a product you’re selling through citation.

Google My Business Listing​

The audience can find you on the very first-page listing means it’s easier to get new clients. Our Google local listing SEO specialists optimize your GMB listings, integrate keywords, manage relevant reviews, and ensure your business information accuracy. You’ll get a positive flow of traffic to your local business with our optimization expertise.

Managing Reviews And Ratings​

Reviews can get your trust level a huge spike and build a business reputation if they are credible. Giant Marketers team monitor online reviews and ratings, catch up the negative ones before posting and make the positive reviews more visible to enhance the brand reputation.

Relevant Quality Backlinks​

Having your website linked on a high authority domain can get you higher flow of traffic. With our backlinks services, we ensure the links from our database of local directories and traffic sources are relevant and locally trusted. We also create well-researched contents for contextual backlinks adding value to the target audience and keep the traffic regular to your site.

Schema Markup

Schema markup helps the search engines to understand you better while suggesting local businesses to the traffic. It will help you show the reviews and ratings of your service or website on the search result. The conversion rate of your potential clients and customers will rise when you’ll have your schema properly optimized. Our local SEO specialists in Giant marketers are highly professional at developing high-end schema markups that convert.


What Does a Local SEO Expert Do?

The primary role of a local SEO expert is to help businesses find their customers within a geographical location. The experts optimized your Google My Business listing to ensure your visibility on Google maps, Google’s local pack, build credibility, and stand out from competitors.

Experts explore the powerful keywords, localize the website, develop local content, target and grab the relevant searches for a higher local visibility. They also build citations on local directories and relevant backlinks on high authoritative sources to increase your credibility. Local SEO professionals at Giant Marketers offers the best local SEO services for small businesses.


Local Business Opportunity


Strategy Development





Local SEO Expert Company In Bangladesh


Industry We Serve?

Giant Marketers team has walked all the branches of Digital Marketing and has experienced it all, including Local SEO Services. No matter what type of business you conduct, we can boost it to the highest standards and make it shine.

Business or Company Website​

A website is the face of a company or a business that represents you and gets you local and international leads. Every stage from website development, launching to SEO campaigns, or generating leads, we are your one-stop solution. Your website will drive the traffic and sales leads to the local store or business and get you where you deserve to be.

Consultancy or Service Website​

Do you run a consultancy website or plan to start one? Giant marketers can optimize your website to reach your target audience, getting new clients, and generating sales leads as a local SEO consultant. No matter what type of firm you have; law, nursing, Management, real estate, HR, IT, Finance, we’re experienced for almost all. Get us on, and make it happen.

Small Local Business Or Store

Driving the local search traffic to your local store’s online front can increase your gross sales. If you have a hardware store in your area, we can make the local people come and buy your stuff. We research the local interest, specific searches and optimizing your website to drag those leads. They’ll get suggested to buy from you by Google and other local review sites.

Local Specialist Professionals

If you’re a professional in your area such as a doctor, lawyer, an IT guy, real estate agent, or any other professional, our Local SEO service can be your trump card. We’ll understand the online demand of your profession and grab all the local search leads to your website. Eventually, the organic search leads will convert into sales leads; you’re going to lead the area.


We Do Local SEO Audit Before Starting The Project!

Enhancing your local visibility and increasing the flow of your sales leads requires an extensive LOCAL SEO optimization. Once you put yourself in with our local SEO solution service, we do an in-depth audit before starting the project. It’s a consultancy service we offer our Local SEO clients for free:

On-Page Seo

On-Page SEO is a crucial part of optimizing the web pages to rank higher on search engines. Before we start the project, a specialist team does an audit to your website. They have a look at the contents, Meta tags, page titles, internal and outbound links if those are optimized with the highest standards. We cannot proceed to the Local SEO optimization before the On-page is meeting our standards.

Off-Page Seo

Off-Page SEO drives the traffic through external referrals from high-authority websites back to your site which boosts your ranking. Our SEO experts will look for any faults on your website like broken, spammy or faulty links, low-quality backlinks, existing blog, submissions, etc. As a prominent local SEO services company, we fix these things before we proceed to the local SEO optimization process.

Local SEO Audit

And finally, our local SEO specialist team does the in-depth analysis of the SEO state of your business website. First, we identify the issues of your Google My Business listing, local citation, public reviews, social media engagement, etc. Then we produce an extensive report and finally provide the detailed actionable roadmap to boost your online presence.


Why Giant Marketers For Local SEO?

Selecting Giant Marketers as your local SEO solution would be the smartest decision because we are passionate and expert at it. Whether you need to optimize your Google My Business Page, building citations, backlinks, need to localize your website, or serve your business in multiple locations, we can handle it all. Here are some highlights of what we’re doing for you:

Manage your reputation

Reviews and ratings have the utmost important role to make your potential customers choose you. We manage the positive reviews and ensure all your business information's accuracy to enhance your brand reputation. Plus, we’ll ensure a higher engagement in your local social media for your business to build the trust

Local Seo Expert Team

We have a team of Local SEO experts that works on getting you the highest exposure to your local audience. Every stage is well handled to ensure you get the maximum ROI. Alongside getting you a better exposure to the local visitors for your business, they also build you a higher trust level.

Result Oriented Strategy

All our strategies are up-to-date based on Google’s recent core update to deliver optimal results. It doesn’t matter where your weakness is; we can work on that to improve your SEO standards and rank you on the top among your competitors.

Budget Friendly Packages

Whether you have a startup or a well-grown business, we have the best prices for you. We have a set of affordable Local SEO packages, you can choose the one that has the Local SEO Services you need for your local business to boost it:

Accurate Citations

Accurate and relevant citation is the key driver for ranking higher for the local business suggestions. Our expert local SEO team has an effective citation development strategy to boost your relevance for the local visitors. They do Google map citations, local directory citation, social media citation and all the other sources where your audience are.

Understand Your Rankings

Your rankings are the results of your SEO campaigns and the position reveals the progress. Under the Local SEO Services, we monitor your rankings and provide you detailed reports. You can determine which campaigns performed well and which need improvements.

What Giant Marketers Consists of?

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the SEO industry, giant marketers has the expertise you need for your local business. We have more than 30+ professionals from around the globe working for you, to help you grow bigger.


How Giant Marketers Handle Your Project?

There are plenty of digital marketers and perhaps you are asking yourself why Giant Marketers is the best. Well, in a nutshell, we believe in tangible results, timely outcomes, and sustainable growth. Here are some reasons why we’re the finest fit for your business to grow it Giant as we are:

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring where your business is going and how it’s performing online is crucial. We want to show every milestone your business is surpassing and how it’s growing. That’s why we share all the progress from keyword performance, traffic generation to ranking movement.

Client Support

Our friendly customer service team is standby around the clock to handle your every query. Reach us through email, phone, Skype, or the live chat, we will make sure you are assisted the right way. We’ve been providing local SEO services for small businesses for a long time, and our competent client support system made our clients come back.

Client Portal

As a client, you get an individual dashboard when you open a client profile by starting a project. You can stay updated about the project progress, know the current state and get project reports from there. We keep you up to date about the project on your dashboard; you can contact us on any matter right from there as well.

Revision Policy

To avoid mistakes, we discuss all the requirements before starting the project at our first consultation meeting. However, if you find any issues or problems in the project you received, we’re here to resolve that. We get into it immediately and solve it within 72 hours.

Refund Policy

Our team is well-trained, experienced, and determined to deliver the utmost satisfactory work. However, if you’re not satisfied with our services or find issues in the project after the delivery, we’re here to rectify that. We will look into the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. However, we don’t offer a refund policy since we’re ready to rectify each issue with utmost care.

Secure Payment

Your every information is crucial to us; we have a strict rule of not sharing your data with any third parties. We have also placed some of the most secure payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer to ensure the highest security.


Check out some clients reviews and their experience

We are grateful to our clients from across industries and countries who express what they got from us and how they benefited. Here are some of the reflections of what our clients have said and saying about us on different platforms:

As Seen On

We’ve been featured on some of the most reputed news portals, blogs, public search portals. Have a look!

Giant Marketers Budget-Friendly Pricing Packages

We believe every business is important and has its specific needs. Hence, every business has its budget and we offer local SEO services for small businesses and big ones. Therefore, we have 3 affordable SEO packages based on different budget segments and business types. Choose the local SEO services pricing that perfectly suits your business budget:

GM Basic

$249/ per month

  • Max Targeted Keywords - 2

  • Maxi Targeted URL - 2

  • Keyword Competitor Analysis

  • ON-PAGE SEO Audit

  • OFF-PAGE SEO Audit


  • Google my Business Page Optimization

  • Citation Building - 5

  • Google Review 5

  • Yelp Review - 5

  • Social Share
  • Content Creation

  • Local Directory Submission - 5

  • Foundation backlinks - 30

  • Schema Markup

  • Social Media Account Setup and Integration

  • Expected Ranking Duration 4 to 6 months


GM Silver

$449/ per month

  • Max Targeted Keywords - 3

  • Maxi Targeted URL - 3

  • Keyword Competitor Analysis

  • ON-PAGE SEO Audit

  • OFF-PAGE SEO Audit


  • Google my Business Page Optimization

  • Citation Building - 10

  • Google Review 10

  • Yelp Review - 10

  • Social Share
  • Content Creation

  • Local Directory Submission - 10

  • Foundation backlinks - 50

  • Schema Markup

  • Social Media Account Setup and Integration

  • Expected Ranking Duration 6 to 8 months


GM Premium

$999/ per month

  • Max Targeted Keywords - 5

  • Maxi Targeted URL - 5

  • Keyword Competitor Analysis

  • ON-PAGE SEO Audit

  • OFF-PAGE SEO Audit


  • Google my Business Page Optimization

  • Citation Building - 20

  • Google Review 20

  • Yelp Review - 20

  • Social Share
  • Content Creation

  • Local Directory Submission - 20

  • Foundation backlinks - 100

  • Schema Markup

  • Social Media Account Setup and Integration

  • Expected Ranking Duration 6 to 8 months


Most Frequent Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that our local SEO clients often ask. You might also have the same questions in mind, so here are the answers:

After you place the order, we do a competitor keyword analysis to determine the workload. Then we notify you with a report and start working on it as soon as we’re on the same page.

In order to outrank your competitors, we must focus on all the SEO factors including On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO issues. Therefore, we do an in-depth audit on these issues for you.

Yes, we provide our local SEO service on a monthly basis and you have to reorder the service manually to get it recurring.

Since organic SEO is an uncertain process, outranking your competitors isn’t certain either. Hence, we don’t guarantee the ranking even though we have a reputation of 90%+ ranking history.

We don’t have a refund policy for not being satisfied since we provide a detailed report before starting the work. However, if the delivered service isn’t as described or not satisfactory, we’re ready to review it. We also can replace it with another service if not done already.

Yes, all the reviews we provide are permanent and will stay for a lifetime. However, if you find any of the reviews removed within 180 days, we’ll give you replacements.

No, we don’t provide the reviewer accounts with the reviews on the report. You get only the reports from old reviewer accounts.

Yes, we’ll provide you full access to the social media sites of your website. If you already have the social media profiles for your website, we will optimize them for you.

Avail FREE Quotes

Do you need local SEO optimization to boost your local business? Put in the information and get a free quote for the service from Giant marketers:

    We’ll provide you the contents for all the exiting pages and up to 3000-word contents for the product pages. Besides, we’ll ensure you’re getting content for all the mandatory pages.

    With a consistent Local SEO strategy implementation for 4 to 6 months, you can rank within 6 to 8 months. During the process, we’ll listen to your goals, suggest your actions, research the keywords, build an unbeatable strategy, and implement it. You can subscribe to our monthly Local SEO service for 4 to 6 months with the suggested strategy and get the result on time.

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