Commonly Asked Questions [FAQs]

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding SEO Or any service of Giant marketers, this page might have the answer to that.

We’d call SEO a tricky job rather than a risky one; who knows it well, does well. As there are a ton of factors to consider, knowledge can reduce the risks. There is no fixed time here and it will take the necessary period depending on how much competition goes around.

There are tons of things to consider for ranking a keyword, especially the 200+ ranking factors google has for you. Maybe you’re far behind the competitors that are already ranking, maybe you don’t have the content quality that it needs, or maybe you don’t have enough link juice!

It totally depends on how competitive a keyword you’re working with and what strategy you’re approaching with. Your keywords may take 3, 5, 6 or even 8 months even if you’re working with a low competitive keyword and doing everything right.

Ranking on the SERP and progressing with a website doesn’t solely depend on articles and on-page only. It also requires good link juice to increase your trustworthiness. Try some link building aka backlink strategies and review your article qualities by professionals.

Having a ton of links back to your website isn’t enough for progressing, you need quality articles and on-page optimization. Google and other search engines make sure the users are getting the right content in order to rank you high on the SERP.

Basic backlinks do a great job giving you a primary link diversification and help your site get indexed quickly. Profile backlinks, web 2.0, and Social bookmarking and other basic backlinks don’t affect the ranking directly, but they give you a quick start if you can manage properly.

Monthly SEO service helps you get your expected results a lot quicker and most importantly, that’ll be sustainable. It keeps your SEO works on a constant update which helps you make a strong position in opposed to your competitors.

There are a whole lot of things to look after in monthly SEO including strategy, content, backlinks, keywords, outreach, social signal, etc. To back them all up properly, you should keep a budget of at least $200 to $300 for a decent result.

Considering the 200+ ranking factors of Google, you can never rank only from the guest posts and outreach links. You must have an on-page optimized website with high-quality contents that add value to the users; that’s what Google wants.

First off, building links with automated processor software’s is illegal in terms of search engines. Furthermore, it’s not ethical either. However, if you still do it and try to rank, your site is going to fall and that’s for sure. It’s only a matter of time.

Since SEO is an ongoing process and there are no certain ways to determine the exact outcome, we don’t guarantee the ranking. However, Giant marketers is well reputed for its proven strategies with a higher-ranking history.

No, the backlinks usually take 30-45 days to get indexed since we take it naturally. However, if they don’t get indexed within 45 days, you can contact us, we’ll look into it and resolve the issue.

We don’t use tools, software, or any automated process to do the backlinks. Rather we do it all handmade with a natural process to keep it legit to the search engines.

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