How To Make Backlinlks – A Complete Guideline on Backlinks 2022

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Before we get into what a backlink actually is, we must first understand what a website is.

A “Website or web-site or just a site refers to the collection of web pages, images, audio, video and other digital information stored on a web server, which can be accessed via the Internet or LAN.”

To access any website, you must enter a name into the web browser. What we call or commonly known as “domain name.” Like, “” is an example of a domain name.

Now, come to what backlink actually implies. Well, backlinks are links provided from one website to another. Simply put, if someone links to your website, you will get a backlink from their website. In contrast, if you link to another website, they will get a backlink from your website.A Complete Guideline on Backlinks

Here is an example that will make this concept more clear to you.

When mentioned the name of on their website or a link to another website somehow, that means the website giantmarketers has received a backlink from the website serpkey. Similarly, if 50 other websites are linked to, then it is assumed that the giantmarketers has got 50 backlinks. 

This is what we call backlink. In a word, a backlink is a connection between our website and other websites.

Why Do We Use Backlinks?

If I ask, why do we vote for a specific minister?

Most probably, the answer will be to make that particular minister win in the election. The reason is, there will be many ministerial candidates for a single post, and who will be given this post is decided by vote; whoever has more votes is the winner, and they are given that position.

Similarly, if 3 different websites come with the same niche, topic, quality article, and design, who will Google rank first from these 3 sites????

Here backlinks come into play. If I count backlinks as votes, and if one of these 3 websites gets 10 votes, the other gets 5 votes, and the last one 1 gets no votes, then Google will give preference to the site with 10 votes, i.e., 10 backlinks. This way, Google will rank the site with 10 backlinks, second the site with 5 backlinks, and arrange the position consecutively.

Because Google bots will give more priority to the webpage that got 10 votes, or you can say that that has received 10 recommendations.

But, there is one thing that is quality, which matters the most while considering backlinks.

Let me clear it with an example. Suppose you and your friend have applied for a job together, and there are 50 ordinary people who have recommended you over the phone. On the other hand, a minister recommended for your friend over the phone. So, who do you think will be hired?

Of course, your answer will be “to your friend.” Actually, the reason is crystal clear. The power, authority, and trust of a minister are much more than 50 ordinary people; therefore, the minister will be given more priority.

The same thing goes for backlinks also.

A site that gets backlinks from only 1 authority and relevant site will get more power and trust than a site that gets 50 common or irrelevant backlinks.

PRO TIPS: You must keep one thing in consideration, that you have to get backlinks from the sites related to the topic of your site. Only then, the backlinks will be considered powerful backlinks.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

1. Ranking: Though Google says that backlinks or UGC backlinks don’t work, in reality, the situation is completely opposite. Backlinks have a lot of impact on the ranking, even helping you to rank higher in Google.

This is not just about me. Many SEO experts around the world have also experimented a lot with backlinks.

According to those researches, it is clear that backlinking boosts the Google ranking. In fact, in a study by Ahrefs, they showed how backlinks are helping in ranking more referral domains.

2. Visibility: As a result of backlinking, search engine robots keep visiting your site again and again. This way, your visibility increases much more easily and leads the post to get indexed quicker than before.

3. Referral Traffic: The page on which the backlink is inserted, we can easily get some referral traffic from the visitor on that page, which I’ll discuss in detail below.

Is it Possible to Rank Without Backlinks?

If you have heard that many people have ranked their site without any backlinks and still are in a good position, then you have heard right. Because you can rank your site even without getting backlinks. But in that case, you need to know some things well and work accordingly. These are-

1. Keyword Selection

One of the most crucial conditions for getting top rank without backlinks is “good keyword selection.”

Suppose I have targeted a keyword that has only 2 exact relevant results on Google while searching with that keyword. And those 2 results are in the 1st and 2nd position of Google. The remaining 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 positions have a few social media sites and less focus sites. So, if you cover an article with that specific keyword and optimize the On-Page factors well, you can easily make a place on the number 3-4 position.

Pro Tips: Less focused sites are those which don’t cover 100% of user intent for your target keyword. For example, if someone searches for the “best dishwasher for low water pressure”, you will get some results that just focus on the “best dishwasher”. If Google brings these sites, which are less focused sites, that means there are huge chances to easily bypass these sites. No matter how big the sites are.

2. On-Page Optimization

Another condition to get the #1 rank on SERP without backlinks is “on-page optimization”.

If you want to get rank without backlinks, you must select good keywords as well as be proficient in on-page optimization. You need to be updated with all the regular on-page updates and know exactly what kind of on-page optimization currently works for sites.

3. Content Outline and Quality

There is a saying, “Content Is King“. In addition to the above facts, if you can create content by keeping your content structure or outline great and content quality right, then you can easily move to Google’s zero position without requiring any backlinks.

Here, the quality of the content depends on several things. For instance, sentence making, grammatical errors, irrelevant or unnecessary information, use of long sentences, etc.

So there is no exception to having great content that can easily take place on the first page of Google without backlinks.

4. Technical SEO

You need to always keep your eyes on your site to see any major technical issues. Major technical issues may include, 404 error, Webmaster issue, Coverage Issue, structure data issue, Mobile-friendly issue, UI/UX issues, loading speed issue, Index issue, etc., etc.

These problems need to be solved as soon as you figure them out. Otherwise, it won’t be long-lasting, even if you rank on the first page. The worst part is that if you have technical issues on your site, anyone can take you down and reach the top position in no time.

If you can maintain all the above facts well and stick to them for a minimum of 6 months, I hope that the site will do very well without any backlinks.

5. Getting Backlinks

I know some people in Bangladesh who earn about 10 thousand dollars a month from their website. But when I ask, they say that they haven’t done any backlinks so far; even if you check on Ahrefs, you will see that there are many backlinks on their site. So are they lying??

Not at all. The fact is, when their site is getting a good ranking in Google, because of their good content, some site authors refer to that site as an external link to fill their relevant information. This way, they get automatic backlinks, and the site keeps ranking better.

The main point is, that site actually got backlinks and wasn’t ranked without backlinks. But the owners of those backlink sites did not do it themselves; they have achieved the backlinks because of their good quality content. So there is no alternative to having good content on your site.

Do You Really Need Backlinks? Will My Site Be Harmed If it Doesn’t Have Backlinks?

If you want to rank for low competitive and high competitive keywords, then I would say the need for backlinks is immense.

The reason behind this is, if your competitors are in a good position with backlinks, then you won’t be able to rank those keywords very easily without backlinks. And even if it is ranked, it won’t last long.

However, there are two things that work here:

The first one is, Manually Created Backlinks — which means I’ve created my own backlinks.

The other one is, Acquired Backlinks — which means he got backlinks from another site, while someone else automatically gave backlinks because his content was good. I’ve explained it above.

So, the bottom line is that no one can stay in the top rankings for long without backlinks. To ensure top ranking, you have to get backlinks or acquire.

PRO TIPS: The most quality backlink is to “achieve backlinks”.

How Many Backlinks Are Needed to Rank?

This will depend on the competition of your keywords and the quality of your backlinks. Suppose your competitors’ average DR is 5 and DA is 10+. And those who are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all have about 2 relevant guest post backlinks, and the average DR of all guest post backlinks is about 10+. Besides their content, on-page optimization is also good, and anchor text is partially matched, branded, or naked.

In order to outrank them, you must keep the content and outreach right, and a minimum of 2-3 relevant guest posts can be made as well. Or if you have a better guest posting site, then sometimes it is possible to outrank with a single guest post also.

In this case, it cannot be said precisely, and, of course, you have to keep experimenting. If you can’t get outranked even with 2 guest posts, then you have to try with 3 guest posts.

I hope you have got an idea of ​​how many backlinks it will take.

PRO TIPS: Currently, anchor text works best in branded, naked, and partial matches.

What is Basic Backlink? Do I need a basic backlink to rank?

It is basically a type of backlink that is commonly known as foundation backlinks also. By basic backlinks, we mostly mean the type of backlinks that can be done on your own. This means that you can create this type of backlinks by registering on the desired website.

Advantages of Basic Backlinks:
  • You can do basic backlinks by yourself.
  • It helps in creating link diversity, and with link diversity, Google basically starts thinking that your backlinks are natural.
  • The cost of basic backlinks is much lower.
  • You can do several basic backlinks in one day.
Disadvantages of Basic Backlinks:
  • This backlink doesn’t affect the rankings directly.
  • If you can’t do basic backlinks properly, Google will treat them as spam.

What to Consider While Getting Basic Backlinks?

  • Of course, you can’t register on the same site repeatedly from the same IP.
  • If you want to do basic backlinks for your personal website, you must use the author’s name. And if the company has a website, you can do it under a brand name. The logic behind this is, suppose a cricket-related website wants to rank the keyword “Sakib Al Hasan Biography” on their site. Now if they create a profile under the name Sakib Al Hasan to do a profile backlink without the brand name and take backlinks, then will it be natural?? Will Sakib Al Hasan ever come to do backlink?? Will Google take this in a good way?? In that case, they should use the brand name here.
  • Make sure not to do more than 20-30 basic backlinks in one day.
  • If you don’t have much problem after basic backlinks, you can backlink them to Tier-2 for indexing and boost link juice/link power.

What You’ll Get From Basic Backlink?

There are several types of backlinks in basic backlinks. Such as.

  • High DA Profile Backlinks
  • Forum Profile Backlink
  • High-Quality Bookmark Backlink
  • Image Share Backlinks
  • Infographic Backlinks
  • High-Quality Doc Share
  • Article Submission Backlink
  • Audio Submission Backlink
  • Video Submission Backlink
  • Web 2.0 Backlink
  • Expired Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Citation Backlinks
  • Business Listing Backlinks
  • Directory Listing Backlinks

Basic Backlink Resources

Do a Google search, and you will find a lot of basic backlink resources. Even then, I am giving some links to all categories. If you want, you can easily register and get backlinks from these websites.

From the following Google Drive folder, you’ll get resources for all types of basic backlinks: 

Kyle Roof was asked about Basic Backlinks, do profiles and images really work? And, according to him, all types of backlinks work even if the impacts are small because they work well in link diversity.what Kyle Roof said about Basic Backlinks

Note: Kyle Roof is one of the world’s leading SEO experts. He is the founder of PageOptimizer Pro and has worked for many years with a Proven SEO Strategy.

Different Types of Backlinks:

1. Backlinks from Resource Page

Resource type backlinks refer to backlinks that are usually found with Top or Best list type articles. In this case, you can get this backlink automatically if someone lists your company or site in their post.

Or, to create a natural link profile, you can take a link using this system by yourself. For example, if you search with the keyword “Best SEO Companies”, you will see that many big sites have given backlinks to the sites of different companies from one post. Just like the following image-Backlinks from Resource Page

In addition, when someone researches a topic and puts it down with the research’s resource pages, this can also be called resource backlinks.resource backlinks

2. Infographics Backlinks

Sometimes you will see that some sites have brought an infographic image from another website to explain a subject and put it in their post and put it as a source with a link from that website below. This is called infographics backlink.

3. Backlinks from Donation and Non-Profit Sites

There are some non-profit organization sites that will give you a backlink from their donation page with your company name if you donate. This is known as a donation backlink. Google accepts these backlinks in a very natural way.


Donation backlinks

4. Testimonial Backlinks

When we take any service from a company, then we can give testimonials about that service on their website. Some companies publish that testimonial with your website or company name. This type of backlink is called testimonial backlink.

E.g. Backlinks

5. Backlinks from Link Roundups

Link Roundup Backlinks means when a website publishes an article by writing the “Best 20 Backlinks Guide List” and links to 20 guidelines within the article so that the user can read those guidelines by clicking on them. This type of backlink is called roundup backlinks.

E.g. Roundup Backlinks

6. Backlinks from Influencers

Ordinary influencers have a lot of backlinks from authority websites on their websites or social media profiles. Due to this, their site’s authority improved naturally. Now if someone can get a backlink from these websites or social media profiles then their website can also build up a good amount of trust in Google and get authority.

E.g: Backlinks from guest blogging on quality sites

Outreach guest posts are one of the most difficult backlinks. To achieve this type of backlink, you need to maintain a procedure. For example, finding your niche relevant site, checking their quality, sending them emails, and taking backlinks after negotiation and payment. We’ve discussed this in detail below.

7. Backlinks from Interviews

A very powerful backlink that you can easily get for your website by interviewing anywhere or by interviewing on any news site or blog site. This type of backlink is very dear to Google.

8. Blog Commenting Backlinks

Here I am not talking about auto-approval blog commenting. This blog comment still works well if you can get backlinks by going to your niche relevant website and making relevant comments.

In one episode, Matt Cutt stated positively about blog commenting on relevant posts. But if your purpose is just building links, then it won’t seem good. And when you comment, make sure to comment using the Author’s name. If you use the company name, it will be considered spamming. See the following attached video of Matt Cutt-

9. Backlinks from Free Online Tools, Widgets, Plugins, or Extensions

Suppose you have an SEO agency. You have created a tool with your own concept that various SEO experts, bloggers can use for free.

After a while, this tool is being shared by various bloggers and online marketers on their websites as per their needs, and you are getting thousands of quality backlinks automatically for free.

10. Backlinks from Quality Directories

It needs to be clear that I’m not talking about the Auto Approve directory. There are still some directory listing sites that Google gives a bit of priority to. All these directories have maximum premium listings. So if you can afford it, you can easily get backlinks from this type of directory by spending 5-10 dollars.

Note: Spamming directories are ignored by Google.

11. Backlinks from Running Discounts, Promotions, or Contests

This is mainly for those who have an online service and products and offers discounts every few days.

If they want, they can share the discount coupon code of their product or service to different websites, from where they can easily get backlinks.

12. Backlinks from Familiar People

This step is very interesting; suppose you have a home niche website. If you want, you can get references from people you know who also have a home niche site or other niche sites. In this case, to stay in the safe zone, you can provide your site’s link to one of your friend’s sites; again you can get links from your friend’s friend. Then it won’t seem unnatural to Google. Of course, we are still doing this in our community.

13. Forum Posts Backlinks

Here I am not talking about forum profile backlinks. If you can be active in your niche-related 10 forums, then after a few days, you can share any informative article of your website or website’s content in different posts of that forum for the convenience of the user. This way, you can get a free backlink. This backlink will be much more powerful as being niche relevant.

14. Q&A Platform Backlinks

We still do backlinks of this type. Our article can be easily mentioned or placed while answering our niche relevant questions on different queries/answer platforms. In fact, you will get visitors to your site from these backlinks, and this backlink increases the trust value of your site to Google.

E.g. backlinks from Quora.

15. Web 2.0 Backlinks

We all understand what a subdomain is. Simply put, if a separate site is created with a domain using another name under the domain of the main site, it is known as a subdomain.

For example, is the main domain, and is the subdomain. When creating your own website in all these domains, then providing content to get backlinks is called Web 2.0 backlinks.


…and so on

The Web 2.0 domain is considered a completely separate site by Google. Previously, the site would be boosted if you could open a site with just a Domain and get backlinks with some content. But, today, if you can’t do Web 2.0 well, it won’t work at all.

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Web 2.0 Site and Getting Backlinks:

  • You must treat the Web 2.0 site as your main site.
  • After creating the website, you have to change the default theme, name, and design of this site.
  • The article that will be published on the Web 2.0 site must be a quality article. That means it should be a minimum readable article.
  • Web 2.0 requires regular work, meaning getting backlinks with just one post and doing nothing after that is not a good practice.
  • On-page optimization is a must when publishing articles on Web 2.0 sites.
  • You can’t use backlinks immediately after the website is opened. You must wait a minimum of one and a half months until the site is fully indexed by Google. After that, you can do backlinks.

What to Avoid When Opening a Web 2.0 Site?

  • Do not get backlinks to the main site before publishing some articles.
  • Make sure not to use any auto generator content.
  • The Web 2.0 domain name should be a professional name.
  • It is better not to use spin, copy, and paste articles.
  • Spamming cannot be done.
  • You can’t register the same website platform repeatedly with the same IP.
  • When creating a Web 2.0 website, try to use USA IP.
  • Don’t take backlinks for irrelevant topics from Web 2.0 websites.

Why Guest Post and Authority Type Backlinks Are Needed?

When it comes to the quality Backlinks category, currently, guest post backlinks and authority type backlinks are the most popular backlinks. Because only this type of backlink can directly affect the ranking.

I’ve often seen sites that were stuck on page number 2; just by getting 2 relevant guest posts, the keyword has been added in the Google feature in 1 month. Now let’s move forward to learn what exactly a guest post backlink is.

What Is Guest Post Backlinking?

When you get backlinks by publishing an article to another website related to your industry, it is basically called guest post backlinks.

Why Is Guest Post Backlink Essential?

  • The importance of guest post backlinks for boosting domain authority is immense.
  • To rank keywords very quickly.
  • Works great to increase brand value.
  • Helps build relationships with people related to your industry.
  • If you can open a contributor account and post in your name on another site, it helps to prove your expertise in that regard.
  • Since these backlinks directly affect the rankings, these backlinks help increase organic visitors.
  • If you can post a guest post on a big authority website, you can get regular plus quality targeted traffic from there.
  • To improve the reputation of your company or site, backlinks work well.

…and so on

What to Consider While Doing Guest Post Backlink?

  • The site must be relevant to your niche.
  • The site should look like a natural site. That means it has to be like a real site.
  • If you want to get backlinks from a site, look out carefully if that site only sells guest posts or not, if that is the case, then you should stay away from such sites.
  • According to the recent Google update, you must try to take guest posts from sites that do not have “Write for us” and “Contributor” type pages.
  • The quality of the guest post article must be the same as the quality of your regular blog post.
  • Try to keep partial matches, branded, naked, and generic anchor text.
  • See the outbound link of that site from which you want to publish the guest post. Here, what I’m trying to say is, look out for how many other sites it has given backlinks to. You can easily see this with Ahref.
  • Try to get guest posts from sites with organic traffic — 500+ for new niche sites and 1000+ for old ones. And if the site is from another industry, the more organic traffic, the better.
  • It will be more useful if you can get a guest post from a real site after seeing good DR and DA. However, in this case, you must be careful about the site and make sure it is not PBN type.

What to Do While Approaching for a Guest Post?

If you want to get guest post backlinks, you must send mail to the site owners. In this case, you have to take care of some things:

  • Try to keep the outreach mail as specific as possible.
  • Instead of focusing on getting backlinks at first, try to focus on offering a good article on that site. It can be regular or once a month.
  • You need to convince the site owner that you are willing to offer a quality and informative article with a low competitive keyword, which will rank very easily.
  • If necessary, you can offer 1-2 articles without any backlinks to build up a strong relationship. Then connect to the site owner’s social media and Skype to get backlinks from that site.

Some Examples:

“Hi admin,

I love your blog [Blog Name], and I especially loved the article [Article Title]. It was so well written.

I was wondering if you accept guest posts. I have one I would love to send you. All I would want in return is one do-follow link.

I look forward to hearing from you.”

Hey [First Name],

I’m [Your Name], and I write at []. I’m also a regular contributor at [mention a popular blog in your space].

Anyway, I’m writing to you because I have some really interesting content ideas that I strongly feel will be perfect for []’s audience.

I can send you the topics I have in mind if you’re still open to new guest authors.

I appreciate the time and really looking forward to working together.


[Your Name]

Hi [Name],

[Personalized comment]

I’m writing to you because I’m interested in contributing a guest post on your site.

Based on what has worked for [Site name] in the past, I feel that your readers would love these ideas:

[Idea Title #1][Brief Description]?

[Idea Title #2][Brief Description]?

To give you an idea of my writing style and quality here’s a guest post I recently wrote for

[Guest post link]

Do you think these ideas would be a good fit for your [site, publication, newsletter]?


[Your name and title]

You Can Keep the Subject of Your Email Like the Following-

  • Surprise! Something special for [blog name]
  • SEPT/OCT 2019 — Guest post ideas
  • Hey [blogger name], here’s a great guest post idea for [blog name]
  • Your blog may miss this opportunity
  • Let’s discuss your new blog post
  • Request: Guest post ideas for [blog name]
  • You haven’t covered this topic, right?
  • Add value to your subscribers.
  • Writing is hard. But I’ve done all the hard work
  • Writing for
  • Great Opportunity!
  • Happy Wednesday, Guy!
  • I’ve prepared something special for your blog. Checkout now!
  • Great content ideas for your blog
  • Review these 3 blog post ideas for [blog name]
  • Next blog post for [blog name]. All the hard work is mine
  • Check out these link-worthy guest post ideas for your blog

Note: Here, I just gave examples to make you understand the concept; you can edit them as you like. Because if everyone sends the same mail together, it will become spam.

How to Get Guest Post for Free?

However, you can get 5% of guest post backlinks for free. In that case, you have to apply some tricks. The reason behind this is, maximum sites don’t want to give any link for free.

  • If you want to get a link for free, you have to build a bond with that site owner. After that, you have to publish 1 to 2 articles on that site for free; in this case, maybe you can get backlinks from Author Bio. But even if you don’t take it, there is no problem. In any way, the site owner will give you free backlinks after a strong relationship buildup.
  • You can get a link for free by giving a long guide-type article and then approach for a free backlink.
  • Create articles of 1500-2000 words with low competitive keywords — this way, you can get the link for free by approaching.

What Kind of Site Outreach Backlinks Currently Work According to the Recent Google Rules?

By outreach, we generally mean just approaching Amazon niche site owners. However, this is not the case. You can send mail and approach any of your industry-related sites for guest posting.

Such as, relevant eCommerce sites, relevant business sites, service provider sites, etc., etc. These are currently working well.

If You Get Backlinks from Authority Sites Like Forbes, Yahoo, Entrepreneur Etc, Will the Ranking of Your Site Increase Quickly??

You’ll see that many people sell backlinks from Forbes, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, etc. Each backlink costs about one thousand to five thousand dollars. Many people wonder that if I get backlinks from these authority websites, will my site rank improve quickly?

Actually, this is not the exact case; if you can get backlinks from these websites with your target keywords, then those keywords are more likely to be boosted. Otherwise, if you get backlinks from these websites with brand anchors, then your overall ranking may be a bit improved. But there is no evidence that the ranking will boost up overnight.

So if you want to make your website a big brand or make your company a big brand, you can take backlinks from these websites, and your brand value will increase.

Pro Tips: Generally, we only want to find and mail sites that have “Write for us” or “Contributor” pages. But, in reality, you can get backlinks by outreaching any of your relevant sites.

What Kind of Anchor Should Be Used When Taking Backlinks?

The problem we always face when backlinking is what should be the anchor text? Anchor text is a ranking factor; so, if you backlink with the wrong anchor text, you won’t have a single benefit of backlinking; rather, your site ranking will start to fall.

Since backlinks are not supported by Google, we need to choose the type of anchor text that looks natural. That means if you give a backlink to another website, would you put the targeted keyword in the anchor text and give the backlink? Of course not!

The reason is, you never give your competitor anchor text with targeted keywords. It’s a common fact that everyone understands as well as Google. In that case, what we have to do is, never try to get backlinks using the exact Anchor.

In my opinion, the safest use of anchor text is to use a Descriptive Anchor (i.e., here, users know exactly where it is going before clicking the anchor text). Therefore, it is best to use Brand Anchor, Partial Match Anchor, Naked Anchor, and Generic Anchor.

Out of curiosity, once, I asked Kyle Roof which is the best type of anchor text? And, guess what, he replied, “descriptive anchor text”.best type of anchor text by kyle roof

Note: Kyle Roof is one of the world’s leading SEO experts. He is the founder of PageOptimizer Pro and has worked for many years with a Proven SEO Strategy.

When Do Backlinks Work?

It’s not true at all that by just doing the backlinks; your site will start ranking faster. Before backlinking, you must make sure the following things on your site are correctly done.

  • Whether quality content is being published or not.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Low Competitive Keyword Selection.
  • There is no major technical problem.
  • Fresh site design and UI/UX.
  • Mobile-friendly site.
  • Whether Google is indexing your site pages and is there any error.

PBN Backlinking

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It implies when you open 10 more blog sites of the same Industry to get backlinks to your main site. Here, you are the owner of these 10 sites, and all these 10 sites will be called PBN sites. You can get backlinks from these 10 PBN sites at any time if you want.

This PBN method is a black hat method. This means this method is not allowed by Google’s guidelines. In that case, Google realizes that you are the owner of all the sites; after you’ve done backlinking using this method, then the ranking of your main site will start going down instead of up.

So you have to be very careful before doing this type of backlink.

When Do You Need PBN Backlink? How to Boost Ranking With PBN?

If you want to plan for temporary earning or temporary ranking with a site, or if you want to provide PBN service, then you can create your own PBN network.

PBN is a very risky strategy. With this strategy, the keywords of any site can be easily brought to the first page of Google within 1 month. Again, it is very easy to go to the 100 number page of Google.

If you make a new fresh site as PBN, which has no DA, DR, TF, no benefit will come along with it. So, the site you want to create as PBN must have good authority so that after you get backlinks for your main site, enough link juice can pass. Only then, your site will rank quickly.

If you don’t have enough budget and good SEO experience, then you should not start with PBN.

What to Consider While Buying PBN Services?

  • From which site you’re going to get backlinks, make sure to have different A, B, and C classes on the server.
  • Make sure the articles published on PBN sites look like natural sites.
  • Check if the robot sites are blocked or not using Ahrefs, Majestic, or any other tools.
  • The site must seem like a fresh site.
  • Site posts must be fully on-page optimized.
  • Separate social media profiles for all sites.
  • Try to get minimum DA20 +, DR10 + and TF10 +.
  • Whether the domain history is Fresh & Clean.
  • The minimum referral domain must be 50+.
  • There can’t be any spamming anchors.
  • Whether the domains are taken from different registers or providers.

I will write more details about PBN in another article because with PBN an article of 10 thousand words can be written. For now, you can follow these guides:

When and What Type of Backlinks Can Provide Good Results, and Why?

If your site is entirely new, you can start with some basic links and citation backlinks. Then, claim your brand from all social media platforms. After that, get backlinks from only relevant outreach guest posts and occasionally from some relevant and good authority websites. Such as relevant e-commerce sites, business sites, service provider sites, etc., etc. These are currently working well.

Then just get real relevant outreach guest posts and occasional good authority and relevant websites and get backlinks from them.

After that, make sure to publish quality content regularly and from the above type of backlink, continue doing 2 to 4 backlinks.

After a few days, you’ll see that 200-400 backlinks have been done automatically.

What Is the Exact Time it Takes to Impact the Site After Doing Backlinking?

There are a lot of debates about this. However, from my experience, I can say that after the backlink index, it takes about 1-3 months to impact the site. Some sites take only 1 month to rank well, and some sites take 2-3 months to have an effect on the ranking.

In that case, you have to track the backlinks to find out which ones positively affect your rankings.

How to Backlink Using the Gray-Hat Method? What Are the Methods of Gray-Hat Backlinks? How Do These Boost Your Site?

The gray-hat method means that it is neither a very risky method nor a 100% safe method. In other words, it is better not to get caught, but if you get caught, the situation will be worse.

Before I start talking about gray-hat, it’ll be better to understand white hats. Everything we do in accordance with Google’s guidelines is white hat. And when we add Google’s rules and guidelines with our own imaginary policies and strategies, then it is called gray-hat. And when we do everything against Google’s policy, it’s called a black hat.

In fact, everything we do is gray-hat. Because, Google never said to do backlinks yourself. Google says to achieve backlinks. That means you will share good resources, and by sharing them with other sites, people will automatically give you backlinks.

Google wants you to promote your brand so that media, big and small authority sites, and others will give you backlinks as their needs, and your site will gain authority just like that.

But we don’t do that; we simply focus on doing our own backlinks ourselves. So this is what I would like to call the gray hat backlink method. Because there are some black hats mixed with white hats, but not completely black hats.

What Are the Gray-Hat Methods?

Usually, the gray-hat system includes-

  • Guest post backlinks (if done manually)
  • Basic backlinks (when done over)
  • Purchasing old good domains and 301 redirects to new domains.
  • Getting backlinks with spin content
  • Sharing social media auto-share backlinks or auto-link.
  • Purchase any backlinks.
  • Web 2.0 backlinking
  • Submitting the site to Web Directories.
  • Create Multiple Social Media Accounts and share links.
  • Purchasing Positive Reviews from different platforms
  • Tier-2, 3 backlinks.

How to Backlink Using the Blackhat Method? What Are the Black Hat Methods? How Do These Boost the Site?

The Blackhat method is a method that doesn’t follow any search engine policy. Using this method, you can easily fool the search engine and come to the first page of the search engine, such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks.

1. Paid Links:

The first way of backlinks in the Blackhat method is paid backlinks, meaning you get backlinks from a site that has no traffic. This type of site consists of a lot of outbound links, poor content quality, and already mentioned paid backlinks on their pages. If you backlink from this type of site, the search engine will detect it as a paid backlink, and this is a blackhat method.

Matt Cutts has said about this:

The vast majority of the time, things are incredibly clear: people are paying money outright for links based on PageRank, flowing the PageRank, trying to get high rankings.

He also adds that:

Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s abundantly clear that these are links that are being bought and paid and sold and all that sort of stuff.

2. Spam Comment Backlinks:

There are many sites where the comment is seen as soon as you comment on the site; these are called auto comment backlinks. If you want, you can make 100+ auto comments every day; they index very fast, but these comments are considered spamming comments. Many people backlink through this method, though this method is a black hat method.

3. Auto Backlinks:

Today, you’ll find a lot of software that can do thousands of backlinks in a day, all of these backlinks are basically done for Tier-1 and Tier-2. But many people do these backlinks on their main site, and this is a kind of black hat method.

4. Unrelated Guest Post:

The first condition of guest posting is that it should be relevant. If someone has taken a guest post from any site only for backlinks and if it is redundant, then it is considered as the blackhat method. When you do it repeatedly, Google will detect it as blackhat, which is one of the reasons your site goes down.

5. Link Exchange:

A few years ago, our community used to do a lot of link exchange. Link exchange means I will take a backlink from you, and you will get a backlink from my site. This type of link exchange is detected by Google as a backlink method, and it has been proven in many ways. So if you do a link exchange, it will be considered as a backlink method. And this could lead your site to get a Google penalty at any moment.

6. Redirects:

We already know that 301 is a gray-hat system, but if 301 redirects are done frequently for ranking, then Google detects it as a black hat. So 301 can only be done two to three times; if you do more than that, it will be considered as black hat.

7. Toxic Sites:

If you get backlinks from Adult Websites, Spamming Websites, Toxic Websites, etc., then these backlinks will be called Blackhat backlinks.

8. Commercial Anchor Text Backlinks:

If you get a lot of backlinks with commercial anchor text, then Google will treat these backlinks as blackhat backlinks. For example, Buy, best, top, etc.

9. Rings Backlinks:

It often takes the shape of a ring when a lot of people take backlinks from one another. It is best not to take backlinks from those people. From the below image, you will understand the whole thing.ring backlinks

What Does Tier-1,2,3 Mean? How to Do It? How Does It Impact?

Tier-1, 2, 3 backlinks imply a few layers of backlink. Tier-1 is a completely manual process, which means that what we do manually without using any automatic software is called Tier-1 backlinks. Here, no backlinks are made with any software.

Tier-2 is the semi-automatic process, which means it is done with both manual processes and using backlink software. But in this case, Tier-2 is used for blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum posting, spin content, etc. Backlinks are done in Tier-2 for Tier-1.

Tier-3 is a fully automated process, and it is completed by using various SEO software. Tier-3 is a backlink that is done for Tier-2.What Does Tier-1,2,3 Mean and how it works

How to Do Tier Backlinking? How Does it Impact?

Some of the most popular backlink tools for Tier backlinks are- GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEO — Autopilot, and Rankwyz.

It takes about one to three months to make any impact. Basically, when we do tier-3, the backlink juice of tier-3 passes to tier-2. And the link juice of Tier-2 is passed to Tier-1, and the link juice of Tier-1 is passed to the main site. And that’s when the main site boosts.

Some Popular Tier Backlinking Tools/software, and Why Use Them and How?

As I said before, the most popular Tier backlink tools are GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEO — Autopilot, and Rankwyz.

To use GSA Search Engine Ranker, you will need some helpful additional tools:


1) VPS / RDP — can be taken from anywhere but requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

2) Captcha breaker or 2captcha for solving captcha

3) Indexer such as speed-links

4) Rotating Proxy — e.g., stormproxies

5) Kontent Machine

6) GSA verified list — you can find it by searching on Google.

Detailed Tutorial:

Total costing will be around 800 – 1000 dollars and about  $100 per month.

SEO — Autopilot is a little affordable. Following are everything that you need to use it:


1) VPS / RDP — can be taken from anywhere but requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

2) Captcha Breaker or 2captcha to solve captcha.

3) Indexer such as speed-links

4) Rotating Proxy. — e.g. stormproxies

Detailed Tutorial: 

The total cost will be around 200-300 dollars per month.

Detailed Tutorial:

How to Plan Backlinks for an AdSense-Based Site (Including Examples)?

For AdSense-based sites, our main focus should be on content creation. For example, you should try to rank the site with quality content along with low competitive keywords.

In the case of new sites, there is a term called sandbox; Google won’t give your site a good ranking until your site is out of the sandbox.

There is a lot of debate about whether the sandbox is real or not, but John Mueller said:

“It can take a bit of time for search engines to catch up with your content and to learn to treat it appropriately.”

This could be understood as the cause for the sandbox effect.

This is not a penalty.

So you have to do something first to remove the sandbox or to remove the site from the sandbox. In this case, Matt Diggity published a video a few days ago; on that video, he said that sites could be removed 100% from the sandbox.

Just by creating all the social media profiles of your site, sharing the posts there, and if some citations and guest posts can be done within one to two months, then the sandbox will be removed automatically.

Following are what I usually follow-

  • First, collect a real USA address for the Google Maps site, and this is what I will use everywhere.
  • Then I set up all kinds of social platforms for my site and shared the posts. Make sure not to do all these in one day, do it slowly and steadily.
  • Then I do about 50 to 100 basic backlinks, and it is done only once.
  • After that, I create about 20 to 30 site backlinks using my USA address.
  • I try to give 2 guest posts every month from the second month.
  • In this way, the site comes out of the sandbox within 1-2 months.

Your 1st-month backlink plan can be-

1st-month backlink plan example

Backlink plan from 2nd month can be-

2nd month backlink plan example

Note: This is the backlink building plan only for those who have a low budget. It can increase or decrease based on the budget. However, it is better to keep the number of backlinks low for the first 1-2 months.

How to Plan Backlinks for an Amazon Based Site (Including Examples)?

The above process can be followed for Amazon-based sites, but in this case, you should do backlinks with targeted money keywords or backlinks for informative content by linking money keywords internally in informative content. This way, link juice will pass from informative to money articles.

Follow the image below to get a clear view:How to Plan Backlinks for an Amazon Based Site

Above than that, those who want to follow a little more advanced way can backlink in Kyle Roof’s internal link method:Kyle Roof's internal link method

Your 1st-month backlink plan can be-

Your 1st-month backlink plan can be

Backlink plan from 2nd month can be-

Backlink plan from 2nd month can be

Note: This is the backlink building plan only for those who have a low budget. It can increase or decrease based on the budget. However, it is better to keep the number of backlinks low for the first 1-2 months.

How to Plan Backlinks for Local Business (Including Examples)?

The most important thing in local business is E-A-T, which refers to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

That means, if you want to rank the local business site in Google, you have to work considering these three sections.

In the first section, trustworthiness implies building trust in Google; these are the things that need to be done to increase your trust in Google and the user. E.g.

GMB Verification Backlinks, Regular Social Media Activity, Forum Backlinks, Quora Backlinks, Testimonial Backlinks, Digital Pr Backlinks, Review Platform backlinks (Trustpilot, G2, etc).

How to arrange a monthly plan:

How to arrange a monthly plan

The second one is authoritativeness, which means you have to work here to improve the authority of your domain. And when we talk about the authority of the domain, the name of backlinks comes automatically in our minds. You can do backlinks of all types to increase your site’s authority.

For example,

Foundation Backlinks, Blogger Outreach Backlinks, Niche Edit Backlinks, Multilingual Outreach Backlinks, Unique Infographic Links, etc.

How to arrange a monthly plan:

How to arrange authoritativeness backlinks monthly plan

The third or last one is to prove expertise; in this case, you can publish a sufficient number of relevant articles, guides, and case studies on your site. Also, you can publish posts in different places with author names to prove your expertise.

For example: attending interviews, webinars, being featured in newspapers, etc.

How to arrange a monthly plan:

monthly backlink plan for 3rd month

Parasite SEO Backlinks: How to Earn Backlink Manipulation (With Examples)?

Parasite SEO is not a new technique; it has been around for many years, and different people use it in different ways.

It takes you about 2-4 months to rank a new, fresh website by publishing content and doing backlinking. Also, there is a matter of investment.

But if you try to rank the same article by posting it on, you will easily see that the keyword has been ranked in a short time. Because is an authority site and its DA and DR is very high.

In fact, you can take a backlink from that post of medium for your site and try to rank that post.


For example, you can search with all these following keywords (search volume is also very high)

  • best tuner cars under 5k
  • best basketball card boxes to buy
  • best place to learn python
  • best international job search sites
  • best word processor for writers

Parasite SEO Backlinks

how to do Parasite SEO BacklinksPro Tips: If you always work with parasites as the main site, then it is possible to get the rank very easily.

When you send visitors to your site following this way, it is called parasite SEO.

Basically, many people use it just to get a backlink. But if you want, you can earn thousands of dollars per month by manipulating this method.

With, I just gave an example; there are thousands of such parasites available right in front of your eyes. You can use it very easily, which I’ve been doing for many years.

Below is the site traffic data of only 1 site from parasite source in the last 1 year:traffic data of only 1 site from parasite source in the last 1 year

Since the CPC is good, the AdSense earning is good. Here is the earning data from a single site.earning data from a single parasite

Note: Due to security reasons, I can’t fully disclose what platform I’ve used. And also, the chances of spamming are high, so find out with your own common sense and knowledge, though I’ve shared the whole method.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Want to Earn With Parasites:

1) treat the Parasites as your personal website.

2) When getting backlinks from parasites, you must publish articles targeting low competitive keywords.

3) Meta titles, descriptions, on-page optimization, and keyword optimization must be done properly.

4) After publishing the article on Parasite, you need to make sure that the article is indexed properly. If required, you can do force indexing.

5) If all goes well, it may take one to two months for the parasite article to rank; otherwise, you may need to do Tier-2, 3 backlinks.

6) When choosing a parasite, make sure the sites’ domain authority is high, trust follows well, and it is a popular authority website.

Advantages of Parasites:

  • You will get a high authority backlink from the parasite, although the backlink is a no-follow backlink. But just because you get referral visitors, Google prioritizes these backlinks.
  • You can boost the authority of your domain through parasites in a short time, as it’s very easy to get backlinks from parasites.
  • If you can manipulate the parasite well, you can bring a good amount of visitors from the parasite to your main site.
  • Backlinking to Parasite makes it very easy for any of your posts to be indexed very quickly.

Parasites That Can’t Be Done

  • Adding any affiliate links to Parasite is very risky; in that case, you should add affiliate links technically, or you can bring traffic from parasite to your site and send the affiliate link from there.
  • Your account may be suspended at any time if you take the parasite to the spamming level.

List of Some Parasite Websites:

  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Site
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Amazon S3 Cloud
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • Yelp
  • Houzz
  • Google MyMaps
  • Growth Hackers
  • Doplash
  • Indibloghub
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Patch
  • Wattpad

All Resources of Backlinking (Basic, Community, Authority, Guest Post, Etc.)

  • Profile Backlinks: 

  • Forum Profile Backlinks: 

  • Web 2.0 Backlinks: 

  • Image+Video+Doc Backlinks: 

  • Article Submission Backlinks: 

  • Social Bookmark: 

  • USA Citation Backlinks: 

The Demand for Backlinks in the Marketplace and How to Get Started?

If you do a little research, you’ll see that the market value of the SEO industry in 2019 was $43.3 billion.

In 2020, it had increased to $47.5 billion. The reason for the decline in 2020 is COVID-19. It is expected to reach $77.6 billion in 2021, which is about 19% of growth.


This analysis shows that the demand for SEO is increasing day by day. Since backlinks are a major part of SEO, it means that the demand for backlinks is also increasing day by day.

The only difference is the quality of the backlinks, the way you’re doing it.

The SEO backlinking method of 2000 and the method of 2021 are not the same. Similarly, the method of 2025 won’t be the same.

So, if you can stay updated with SEO changes, only then you can expect to do something good in this industry. Otherwise, you will be blown away very easily.

How to Start Providing Service?

First, you need to acquire basic skills in everything, such as Technical SEO, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization; again there are many sub-skills in these.

Then, you need to be an expert in any one of these sub-skills. For example, Foundation Backlinks Builder, Guest Post Backlinks Builder, On-Page SEO Expert, Technical SEO Expert, Authority Backlinks Builder, Parasite SEO Expert, etc. etc.

After that, you have to create your profile in the marketplace accordingly; you also have to create your own portfolio. You should prove your expertise by being active in different groups and sharing different case studies.

In this way, if you try for 1 year, you will see that your skills in any one field have increased many times.

Once you get proficient in one field, proceed to target another subfield. This way, you will gradually increase your skills in different fields.

By using that skill, you can easily serve people, earn a good amount, and rank your own website.

Marketplaces to get started with-

  • Fiverr
  • Legiit
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork

Some forums for providing services-

  • Digitalpoint
  • Blackhatworld
  • Warriorforum

And if you can prove your expertise by staying active in different groups, there will never be any shortage of your work.

This is all…..

Don’t forget to share how you felt after reading the whole guideline.

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