How To Order?

Wondering how to get service from giant marketers? This page will help you with the process.

How To Order & Pay?

Planning to order a service from Giant marketers? Here is what you can do to get it done without hassles: Go to the Giant Marketers service page and select your desired service from the dropdown menu.

Select the service plan you like and click on the “order now” button, it’ll take you to the payment form. Fillup the form accordingly, select the Payment option you want to use and click on the “Complete purchase” button.

How To Pay?

While selecting the payment method, don’t get confused; there are many because we accept both local and international payments. Every package on our site has an “Order Now” button that takes you to the payment gateway for you to order directly from the site. If you want to order a custom service, or want to discuss the payment methods, please contact us on the live chat. Here is what you can do depending on which part of the globe you’re ordering from:

For International Client

If you’re ordering from outside you have several options to choose from the payment methods. PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, or MasterCard are available as international payment getaways to us. To place an order, please use the “order now” button right under the service you’re trying to order. It will take you to the secure payment gateway where you can pay for the service.

Our payment system has SSL Secured and there are no third parties accessing the payment information. So, your data is completely safe and secure with us and we’re open to hear from you regarding any issues with your payment.

If you have anything to discuss about payment options, or want to customize a package, please use the live chat option, we’re here to support you.

For Bangladeshi Client

If you’re paying from Bangladesh, there are several options to choose from while paying. You can pay directly from our website using PayPal, stripe, master card, payoneer, or you can pay with local banking. To place an order, please select the “Order now” button under the service package to order it directly from the site. It will take you to the secure payment gateway for the further process.

You can pay with online bank transfer and attach the deposit or online slip on the client dashboard. We also have all the local mobile banking options like bKash, Rocket, and Nagad. Both your payment and your personal information are safe and secure with us. If you get any issues, please let us assist you on the live support, our support team is there for you.

For a custom service or package from us, we’re available in the live chat box or support tickets. Use either of them to get prompt discussion.

Note:  If you face any technical issues while ordering a service such as a non-functional checkout page, please contact us through the live chat option or open a support ticket. We’ll get your order directly from you and discuss the project as well.


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