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We’re an SEO agency in Bangladesh with a combination of a robust and top-notch team of 50+ SEO experts. Giant Marketers help any small to medium-sized business reach the top of search rankings, build a strong online presence, and generate more leads and revenue with our affordable SEO services. We have successfully established a strong global presence by Providing SEO services to 3000+ clients in 57+ countries.


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    Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses Like You!

    Do you own an online business and need organic SEO services to boost traffic to your website? Giant Marketers offers affordable SEO services for small business websites to help generate new leads and grow sales.

    In today’s online marketing environment, for small and medium type businesses, you will need a specialized SEO service from a team you can rely on. This is just what we have been providing to our clients for years! We will utilize all our knowledge and resources to assist you in improving your search engine ranking by optimizing your content to reach more people.

    As an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, we will make your search engine performance soar without breaking the bank. Right now is the perfect time to invest in SEO!

    We Average 5 Stars Across 400+ Reviews!

    We average 5-star reviews from trusted online sources such as Facebook, Google and Trustpilot! Read our client reviews to gain a better understanding of the kind of service we are capable of providing to help grow businesses like yours.

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    Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

    Your business is set to scale and we know just how to do it. Using our SEO services on your website means getting a step ahead of the competition.

    For over a decade now, with our company as a top-notch SEO expert in Bangladesh, we have provided every kind of service offering in the SEO industry to clients around the globe. As a result, we know search engines and online growth strategies inside and out. Here are the professional SEO services packages that Giant Marketers provides for clients:


    Our team of specialists can help optimize both on-page and off-page SEO. We will work to develop a unique strategy for your small or medium-sized business website to boost your ranking on the Google SERP.



    Ecommerce companies need their sites and content optimized for search. In order to expand in the competitive online arena, no matter your business category, you’ll need some help! Our team knows what drives eCommerce.


    SEO for SaaS

    Make the most out of our scalable SEO approach for SaaS businesses to explore opportunities for your organic growth, overcome all your online challenges, and generate more leads as well as revenues.


    Monthly SEO Packages

    Get your online business discovered and growing with our monthly SEO service package. We will ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the best-in-practice SEO strategies and content.


    Guest Post Backlinks

    We provide advisory on guest posting contributions to other blogs or websites in an effort to gain exposure for your own. Backlinking is an excellent way to increase your traffic for keyword ranking and compete on SERPs.


    Local SEO

    We can show you the ideal strategy guide to boost your signal in local search results. Local SEO provides the most benefit for businesses serving a specific geographical area or community.


    Technical SEO

    A technical SEO audit will ensure that your website meets the technical requirements of search engines. This will improve your rankings organically by resolving your site’s technical issues for the search engine algorithm.


    Web Design & Development

    Your website’s appearance influences how users perceive your brand and business, and how long they stick around on your page. We can help you strategize your web design to make the best possible first impression.


    Website Maintenance

    Keeping your website maintained and updated is a key part of running a business. We will help you ensure that you never let down your users by sustaining your site’s content as always up-to-date.


    15 Years of Experience in Online Marketing Industry

    Giant Marketers has over 15 years of experience in the constantly changing online marketing industry, with a presence in over 57 countries that use our services. Our 35+ local and foreign hard-working SEO professionals have achieved a client satisfaction of 98% for small and medium-sized businesses just like yours.

    As an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, yet working worldwide, we are experienced and specialized in this industry. From communication to planning to execution, we are best-in-class. Whichever professional service you need from us, you can trust us to do the job for you. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals. We would love to do the same for you next!

    Our affordable SEO packages for small businesses are created for each client we take on, through collaboration with your vision, specifically designed to meet the needs of you and your business. From increasing your website traffic to building your brand as a trustworthy source that ranks higher in search, with our team of SEO experts in Bangladesh helping you – your business will be on the road to success in no time!



    Our large team is full of diverse subject-matter specialists.



    We are a global service provider, with experience in over 57 countries around the world.



    Our 40% retention rate proves our worth to the small business world.



    We have worked with businesses in many industries, both local and international.


    Years Experience

    We have spent the last decade turning small names into million-dollar businesses.



    1 physical office in Bangladesh and another physical office in Canada.

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    To prove our value to you, we will complete an SEO Audit Report to evaluate the current state of your
    website, for FREE!

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      How Does SEO Help Your Business Growth?

      No matter the size of your business, whether you are an established large firm or just starting out, reaching more people should be your primary goal. From local to global, in today’s business world, online digital marketing is often the best way to grow your exposure to the public. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the most reliable way of increasing your reach online. Through SEO for your website and overall online presence, you can make stronger bonds with existing customers, reach new ones, and generate sales at higher scales.

      Ultimately, search engine optimization plays the most vital role in online marketing, and Giant Marketers specializes in it. Every day, your potential customers are searching for what you sell online. Search engine optimizers like us can help lead them right to you! Partnering with an SEO specialist agency with more than a decade of experience, like us at Giant Marketers, will directly impact your ROI.

      How Does Giant Marketers Grow Your Business?

      For every client project we take on, a roadmap is drawn up at the start of our journey together. Our roadmap helps us all gain a clear idea of what we aim to achieve in a specific time period.

      Goals and Objectives

      To begin, we will listen to your goals and objectives for your business. Understanding your industry and the purpose of the product or service you offer is the first step.

      Data Driven SEO

      Understanding your business’ goals and objectives, we will then start to analyse quantitative and qualitative data to develop a custom SEO strategy for you.

      SEO Strategy Roadmap

      To help track our progress together, our roadmap will be supplied to you and continuously updated as we move through each stage of our strategy.

      Quality Standard

      As part of maintaining our quality standards, our team will provide documentation on requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics for each of our deliverables.

      Process and Execution

      Our work processes are proven to be value-added. We promise to execute our work in a timely and efficient manner, in line with the original scope and strategy we established together.

      Monitoring & Progress Tracking

      As we execute our plan, we will provide consistent updates on our work. This is to help you keep track of our progress toward the completion date.


      What Clients Say!

      Our clients become our biggest ambassadors. We have served many, creating satisfying experiences building their SEO strategies and growing their businesses. See their testimonials for yourself!

      It was great working with this awesome team. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. It’s great working with them and I’d look forward to seeing how it pays off! I highly recommend them.

      Jonathan Grant

      Personnel consultant

      There are so many professional SEO services I worked with and Giant marketers had a great budget range for me without compromising the quality. They should add more services with a budget range like they’re offering now.

      Goldie Atwood

      Marketing Manager

      My whole planning would go in vain if I had not decided to consult with giant marketers before investing the money. GM showed me the best way to spend the money and the whole process of how I can get the best out of it.

      Tyson Teasdale

      Local Business Owner

      Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

      Schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO experts and find out what we can do for you using the power of SEO strategies and discuss-
      Your business goals, objectives, and requirements The best SEO strategy for your Website The right package for your website SEO goals.

      Reason to Choose The Giant Marketers Team as your Trusted SEO Partners

      Are you ready to take your small business’ online presence to the next level? Invest in our SEO services now and we will show you how! Here are some more reasons for you to choose us as your trusted advisors in your SEO growth strategy:

      Industry Experience & Expertise: A firm with our professional competence, abilities and track record can be found nowhere else! Simply put, our team is uniquely qualified to help you.
      White Hat Practices:  We are a White Hat SEO service provider and only recommend researched practices that provide value to human audiences, and not the search algorithm alone.
      Dedicated Project Manager: For each of our client projects, we assign a dedicated project manager. They will focus on your project alone, strategizing everything from its roadmap to its execution to its deliverable. 
      Hands-On Communication: Chat with us whenever you need to! As we complete our work, we aim to provide great customer service at every stage. We employ a hands-on communication process throughout our team and with all of our clients.
      On time Delivery: From the start of every project, we always try to stick to the deadline(s) outlined in the original roadmap. When we encounter delays or challenges, we promise to always communicate them and work through them with you. 
      Credibility & Skills: You are in safe hands with us! Our experience has cultivated a reliable approach to digital marketing. As a result, we are now trusted by business owners around the world.
      Cost-Effective Growth:  Our digital marketing strategies are always focused on efficiently growing your business for the least possible cost. Rest assured that your timely investment into our SEO services will net you a profit. 
      Client Portal: We give each of our clients access to an individual client portal. From your portal view, you will be able to see everything related to your project, including our work roadmap and payment history.
      Reporting and Documentation: Documenting the work steps throughout our process allows you to confirm our promised services from the original roadmap. Our team takes care to keep a record of all changes to your deliverable.
      Post-Project Support: After the project is completed and we have delivered on our service offering to you, the work is not yet done! We promise to provide post-project support as you begin operating your business with the implemented SEO changes.

      Local & International Brands We Work With

      We have extensive experience in delivering top-notch tailored SEO solutions across a wide range of industries. Uncover all the brands we have worked with so far from here and let the results speak on our behalf.


      Our Latest Case Study

      Read our latest case studies for more information on our service offering deliverables and their stellar, quantifiable results. We use our own case studies to 1) showcase how SEO is so vital to helping businesses grow, and 2) help us to keep up to date with the changing trends in the digital marketing industry. In all, we always want to maintain our track record by creating the best service for you, our clients.

      Coffee Shop Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

      Motor Vehicle Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

      Restaurant Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

      Services Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

      Cleaning Company Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

      Cleaning Company Website


      Increase in Website Traffic

      Increase in Leads

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