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Full SEO Solutions SEO Services
Full SEO Solutions Professional SEO Service

Full SEO Solutions & Professional SEO Services From Giant Marketers

Search Engine Optimization, the heart of a website that helps you thrive and dominate the internet. If you’re starting a website for revenue, visitors and authority are crucial and SEO brings you just that; period. In this world of insane competition, it’s important to have an SEO consultant agency that has seen the evolution. Only those who understand how the search engines work thoroughly can get you the dominating authority you deserve.

Giant Marketers knows how to drive the traffic from the SERP to your website with over a decade of experience for SEO Solutions. Converting the visitors into customers’ needs years of close monitoring at the traffic behavior which Giant Marketers experts at. Are you planning to create the next history with your site with one of the best professional SEO services in the world? Let’s dive deep!

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Why SEO Is Important?

Let’s put one thing aside, you need non-paid traffic coming to your website or service if you’re here to sustain. SEO gets you that traffic by legitimizing your website for the search engine that drives the traffic.

While only 2.8% of the US traffic clicks on a paid advertisement, SEO can get you 20 times more traffic than recurring paid Ads. So, it’s needless to say that you need proper SEO to gain the authority of your website, with less cost! Want the best part here? Giant marketers is here to ensure that the traffic is picking your content among the billions of others.


The Experiences [Skills] We Have Achieved
In The Last 10 Years

10 years in the SEO industry is a long time; long enough to know how the curves go up and down. Here are some of the services we specialize with big achievements that count:

Keywords Research

Keywords are the seed materials for the contents of a website and the whole process depends on it. We have top-class keyword researchers in the house to get you proper keyword research for the best output.

Content Develop & Strategy

Content strategy determines how cohesively your webpages are going to perform and how engaging it is to the readers. Our professional content strategists are here to take care of that and get you a well-researched content strategy that stands out.

On-page SEO

ON-page SEO is crucial now more than anytime and We’re specialized in on-page with a proven history. We can help you get your content and website the proper on-page optimization that helps you thrive in the market.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO gets your website to the position on the SERP and important to do it the proper way for a sustainable position. We ensure the maximum ROI for our clients with high-quality off-page SEO services that you can rely on.

SEO Audit

You cannot stay up-to-date without quality SEO audits for the website; it finds where you have room to improve. Our highly expert team do On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO audits to ensure you stay on top regardless of the competition.

Technical SEO

Optimizing your site with the technical process for search engine crawling and indexing is crucial. If you need a high-end technical SEO Solutions from a team that’s technically sound, we have just the solution for you.

SEO Project Management

Do you have large projects to maintain and need a professional service to get the job done in a specific timeframe? Our in-house SEO project management team knows how to get the job done with quality assurance and strict timeframes.

Local SEO

If you have a local business and want all your potential customers or clients to come to your business, we can help. We’ll optimize you to give you full exposure to the local traffic that is searching online for your product or service.

Full SEO Solutions by giant marketers


With more than 10 years of a successful journey in the SEO industry, the name speaks for Giant Marketers. We’re a dedicated SEO service provider company in Bangladesh empowered with more than 30 local and foreign digital marketing specialists.

With over 2,970 satisfied clients from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Spain, we have the pride of being specialists. If you want highly professionals to handle your site, we’re the perfect fit who know their job very well.


Why Partner With Us For Your Next Project?

Partnering with a professional SEO agency can get you the magic wand of climbing the highest level of your expectations. Here is why we’re the finest choice when it comes to choosing the right SEO and Marketing partner for your business:

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10 Years’ Experience

Experience talks in the industry because that’s what it takes to know the ups and downs of rising above all. With our experience in the industry for more than a decade, you can expect the highest standard of all for SEO services.

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Dedicated Specialist

We have professionals who’re specialized in specific fields and can collaborate with other departments with maximum productivity. Plus, all our team members are specialized in one common thing, assuring the quality your project needs.

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Budget-Friendly Services

One thing that makes a bold stand-out for us is the price range we offer for our clients for the service. Although we maintain the highest standard of quality assurance, we don’t get our clients an impossible budget. If you’re starting with a tight budget, Giant Marketers would be the best choice you’d ever make.

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Result Oriented Strategy

Unlike many others, we follow a result-oriented strategy by focusing on the output our clients are getting. For that, we have clients that are working with us for years now and are happy to partner with us for their digital stands.

What They Say About Our Company?

Our clients are our biggest ambassadors who’re satisfied with previous services and here are some of their testimonials. See for yourself!

Unlimited Areas of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a basic feature of our services; we never compromise on quality, no matter which service you’re taking. You can keep your business up to date and meet the latest ranking checklists with our highly efficient and professional team.

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On-time Deliver

On-time delivery can keep a business on track without creating a bottleneck in the production. Meeting the deadline without making delayed delivery is a built-in for us because we value the time of our clients.

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Client Dashboard

An interactive dashboard for project management is essential for the finest outcome from a quality SEO service. Each of our clients get a dedicated dashboard with which they can manage their ongoing projects and review the services.

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Revision Policy

We provide a revision policy for our clients if they find any problems in the delivered service within 72 hours. You’ll get a revision as long as you’re not satisfied with the project we’re handling for you with the desired result you want.

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After Sales Support

You’re getting a quality service from professional SEO services and that’s great, but what if you face issues afterwards? Well, we keep our clients’ websites under supervision as we’re always open and ready to get them the best after-sales service.

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Refund Policy

We’re concerned about meeting the expectations of our clients and satisfying them by all means. However, if you don’t get the service as promised due to any technical or third-party integrations, we’ll replace the service with an equivalent one or might issue a refund. To know more about how we keep the process clean, please visit the refund policy page.​

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Dedicated Support Team

Supporting the client while providing the service helps them get the maximum output possible. That’s why we have a dedicated team to support our clients while the other teams are getting the job done ensuring the desired quality.

The online Arena We Love To work In

As we’re in the market for over 10 years and have a large team of dedicated specialists, we grasp the whole digital marketing industry. Here is a pick which industries we’re offering our services for and the sectors you can rely on us:

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AdSense/Affiliate Marketing Website

Our expert team has extensive knowledge of AdSense and affiliate marketing websites from scratch to finish with desired revenue streams. We have dedicated teams for each level of the overall process for each website we develop including design, content, and SEO.

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Business Or Company Website

Digital appearance for businesses with a website is crucial because it increases the revenue and drives the company value forward. If you want more new impressions to your website, we’re here to get more visitors for you and convert them into customers.

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Consultancy Firm Or Service Website

If you have a consultancy firm or a service website, it’s important that you’re having new visitors regularly. With our expertise, you won’t get only the targeted visitors coming through, but also have a higher conversion ratio; that’s for sure.

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Local Business Website

A local business website with enough visitors and impressions has high potential for a better revenue stream. We specialize at local behavioral analysis and do targeted SEO campaigns that can get your business a huge spike.

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