Scroll down and know our disclaimers before you go buy a service.

Disclaimer By Giant Marketers

This page is for the disclaimers to help you understand the key points about our services you must know before working with us:

SEO is an ongoing process of prospecting rather than a one-time service like web development. All we can do is make a killer strategy from our years of experience and predict the best outcome from the implementation. If you're here for a guaranteed rank on the SERP within a short period of time, SEO doesn’t work that way.

To know the possible outcomes for a specific project, read the specification of the service and the quality it comes with. You’ll get a clear idea about what you’re getting and what you can expect. Read the FAQ section and what we mentioned in the service table to know what types of benefits you will get from the Specific Services.

Although Giant marketers has extensive experience of ranking thousands of keywords for over a decade, ranking isn’t unfamiliar to us. However, as the SEO industry is on constant rolling and changing every time, we don’t sell guaranteed services to get you on the position right after you start the project.

If you need a guaranteed ranking, we do have the experience and capability to get you that. However, you must discuss the matter with us and make a custom strategic plan designed only for you. We can get you on the desired position if you want with surety because we have proven history.

We’re responsible only for what we’ve promised to provide you on the service page, nothing more than that. If you want a premium service, you can choose the premium one from the service page instead of the basic one.

We are ready to serve you with the best quality of support related only to the services we provided. You can ask for revision, explanations, or clarifications if you have any issues with the mentioned services on our service lists. We’re not responsible if something on your website goes wrong other than the ones we worked for and mentioned in the service list or package. If you want any extra services or tasks from us, you have to pay for that separately; you can place separate orders.

Some of the resources we use on our services are developed by us and some we outsource. We outsource those from third-party services, open-source resources, and the open internet. Our services may differ due to changes in other resources or their availability. As SEO is a dynamic process, ranking, strategic movement, and implantation methods may differ from one to another.

We often share various types of free offers and promotions for our social media community. Before sharing them online, we check their legitimacy, quality, and security of the resources and share only if we find it safe. If those are third party resources, we don’t control their sources. Therefore, we don't take any responsibilities, risks, or liabilities if something goes wrong after we share them. Please read the terms and conditions attached to the offer post or announcement.

Giant marketers hold the rights to change, halt, or withdraw any of the above-mentioned states, any of our services, pricing plans, promotion policies or marketing strategies without any prior notice.

Each of our service pages come with the detailed disclosure of what we serve and how we do it. Before you claim a dispute or a revision, do consider giving that page a read along with the related FAQs on the page. We don’t provide the services we didn’t promise for. You can claim only for what we commit to serve, not what you make up.

Best Regards 

Giant Marketers Team