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You have been working on SEO for a long time, but consequently, Google’s new Update didn’t leave you in puzzlement; it’s rare.

Google first comes up with its core algorithm update on 3rd December 2020, and it has been updated 3 times in that year. We have seen massive changes every time, and due to the changes, a number of sites have been non-indexed, and some disfavored sites have ranked on number 1 position on Google.

Today, I’ll illustrate abruptly what I have got from this Google latest core Algorithm update. Besides, I’ll portray the possible ways to keep pace with the latest updates.

» Analyzer Name: Nazmul Hasan
» Purpose: Google Dec Update 2020
» Total Site Analysis: 110
» Site Disclose: None
» Time: 12 Days or 80 Hours
» Tools Use: Ahref+ Semrush+KWE+Spyfu Trail

I have analyzed near 100-110 site’s data to perceive the results. I spent almost 12 days and calculating into the hour, it grabs my overpriced 60-70 hours.

Note: I won’t explain the fundamental object here. A couple of advanced theorems will be illustrated that I have accumulated from the analysis of Mine. Indeed, some people have discord against my thinking but I aspect constructive discussion. However, this is the first time I’m going to publish any of my analyses overtly.

Google Core Algorithm Update Dec 2020 – 2021 Analysis

I have written a summary by following those who are doing well, and nothing is guaranteed here that you will do better if you follow these systems. But one thing I can assure you that, from now I will execute these procedures for mine.

So, let’s get started.

1) Above the Fold Optimization

You have to be confirmed that adequate content has been displayed above the fold. It is bolstered up to avoid CTA Button, Amazon Link, any type of Adsense, Table of Content, External Link, Comparison table on Above the Fold. Try to include sufficient information in Above the Fold.

Analysis Niche: Power Tools
Average Winner:

Average Losser:

[See, feature image still has been shown on Above the Fold)

[CTA Button next to the intro]

[Feature Image, Amazon Native Ads, Comparison Table, etc. on Above the Fold]

(No problem was noticed]

2) Content Optimization

  1. Long & Rich Content:

Must try to confer review 2-1 product more than the competitor. As always, I will prioritize quality content, and according to my analysis, you can get pleasing results if you provide adequate information on a comparison chart. Look at the below screenshots to be cleared.

  1. BERT vs. SMITH:

These two are the NLP model of Google. If I explain in short, till 2019 BURT update can only nose out Word Search Queries and Short Sentence Search Queries. That means it can identify Short Queries and Documents that have been perceived and showed search results depending on them.

For Instance: BERT can competently understand Car related word Automobile.

At present, SMITH update ( Has not Rolled Out Yet) can effectively capture the Short Queries and Documents. For Example, if anyone searches “Paragraph,” SMITH will bring the content out and show results related to the paragraph.

In that case, for the NLP optimization, you should keep a summary of your full content in a paragraph. Consequently, Google Can easily capture the answer to its query and feature it on Google’s front page.

That’s why those who are writing articles must write research-based articles. It won’t be a quality article if you only rewrite and then pass it checking the plagiarism. It is one of the leading things that we have been doing, and for that reason, most of the sites have already been down.

As Like

(In Previous, Google brought this paragraph out from the Wikipedia )

  1. Content Structure:

The content structure of all our articles has become such that we can imagine nothing but copy and paste structure. From the analysis that I have realized, the content structure has been changed broadly. The sites that have arisen with the new update of Google have found a couple of common similarities among them.

What Similarities I Got

  1. Almost several sites haven’t executed the same structure: For instance: Features have been described point by point.

  2. sometimes they have changed the entire structure. Pros and Cons have been written like that .
  3. Products Specification has been covered on the maximum winner sites.


  4. They have accumulated huge information before conferring Product review. I.e. Presented Buying Guide and other relevant info sections and so on.
  5. They have illustrated a summary of Product lists and mentioned the benefits of specific products. Check out the screenshots to notice.

They also added these things with a heading.

I thought keyword density had enhanced in previous days, but now I think this section is working great. The good thing is, Prodigious authority and Sami-authority have been optimized within this way.

  1. You have to include an adequate number of LSI keywords. If you follow point number 4, I hope LSI keywords will be covered automatically.
  2. Many have left out the keyword bold, italicized, just bolding crucial sentences or points; thus, several people considered it unnatural. For instance, Bold System .

  3. Many are not keeping sidebars because there is no value for sidebars from mobile.
  4. Related post systems are different among the Winner sites. Maximum sites have covered it like that.

Analysis Niche: Wood Tools + Bike + Furniture + Juicer
Average Losser:

Average Winner:

3. Technical Fixes

The difficulties of marketers are solving technical issues individually. The site that has not been solved the technical problems will be removed quickly from the search engine.

i) 3xx/4xx/5xx/canonicals errors:
Aherf can be utilized free for a personal site. So, I’ll prefer to resolve the site’s error by utilizing Aherf’s edit and enhance the site score to 100.

ii) Speed Optimization:
Google will roll out an update in May 2021 only about page speed, and it has been proclaimed a few days back.

Page Speed of the website will be a major issue on ranking. Namely, Mobile Page Speed. In that case, it won’t be enough to notice the Page Speed Score because score is not a big deal. The prominent things that we must perceive are LCP, FID, and CLS. These three different things are enough to make Google happy, and if Google is happy, you will be happy too, guaranteed. On Account of this, you can check your site’s Core Web Vitals from the Webmaster.

Analysis Niche: Furniture and Hunting
Average Speed On 1st position Keyword:

Note: I have navigated to many sites and noticed that they are in the first position despite the slow speed. In that case, my realization is, those who can fix the page speed according to the Google requirement will have extra advantages. It affects after Google’s next update in May 2021.

4. E.A.T:

We have nothing to build up EAT because I’m not an expert on any topic. I’ll just try to execute some Matt Diggity system.

For example, I’ll design something like About Us

and will regularly share by creating social profiles of each site. Besides, I will pick up an author name and an image that will be natural to see and do everything with that name, address, and social profile.

5. Internal + External Link:

In the case of internal links, people are following the previous rules. Paste other Links naturally, not forcefully. If it is necessary, then provide an external link to an authentic site.

6. Website UI/UX/Design:
UI/UX must be convenient & user-friendly and ensure that loading speed is good. I also realized from the analysis that the sites that are black & white are not doing well on ranking. The sites which are well-designed and hold speed loading are in a remarkable position.

7. Back Link

  • Link Type

The majority of people are using mixed types of backlinks. I have noticed that many people have a much lower amount of backlinks but from a better site. Image backlink of winner sites was 20-40%

For Example:

  • Anchor Text

In that case, maximum winner sites have used Brand, Generic, and naked anchor. In short, which anchor seems natural has been used more. Sometimes, partial-matched anchors are also used on many sites. My preference for using an anchor is not to use the commercial anchor and an exact match anchor.

Average Winner:
(No Direct Commercial Anchor, Used Naked Anchor More )

(There is No Direct Commercial Anchor)

Losser Site Anchor:

( It seems commercial Anchor has been used More)

(More Commercial Anchor)

(More Commercial Anchor)

Those who have read the entire post carefully will comment on what you have learned from this post and what you have done wrong in the past.

Nazmul Hasan
Skype: nazmulfeni44444

MD Nazmul HasanTechnical SEO Analyst at - GM

I'm Nazmul. I work as a Technical SEO Analyst at Giant Marketers, helping clients with all things related to technical SEO and the latest developments in search. My interest in the technical side of SEO was sparked early on in my digital marketing career, and has increased with each project I've worked on - both agency-side and now within SEO Tools.

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