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15 Best Free Website Audit Tools to Quickly Audit Your Website 2021

A website audit must be carried out to analyze all the aspects that impact the site’s performance. It finds overall issues in detail and suggests possible solutions. So you can know what to do to optimize all factors and get more traffic organically. The audit tells you about the titles, texts, the structure of the website, optimization, loading speed, broken links, image optimization status, used keywords and much more.

The website auditing tools recommend the points to optimize your websites elements. When carrying out an analysis of your website, it is essential to choose well one or more tools that tell you what you have to improve in your project. I have presented the best free website audit tools so you can find and fix your website issues to make it user-friendly.

Best Free Website Audit Tools : In depth Analysis & Audit Report

Creating a website and auditing is time-consuming. To make the auditing task easier, I am going to show you the best free website audit tools to make your website friendly to users and search engines.

Google Search Console

It provides the most important data after conducting a website audit. It will give you information on crawl errors, search analysis, sitemap, structured data, HTML improvements, links to your site, internal links, mobile usability, indexing status, keywords, loading speed, security issues and a long, etc. The tool gives you the basis to start creating your own blog.

With this tool, you can carry out a complete analysis of your website’s performance in search results. Detect content cannibalization problems. This occurs when more than one page is competing for the same search on Google. You will be notified of this with alerts when Google detects problems on your website.


  • It presents the crawling and indexing status of your website.
  • Generate a sitemap of your website through the tool for quick search engine indexing.
  • Presents manual actions on your site’s high priority technical issues.
  • Identify robots.txt file and blocked content of your website.
  • Inform the hacks, malware and security status of your website.

After adding your site on the search console, it shows the indexing status, errors, actions and page health. Impressions and CTR are the best part of the tool that indicates the engagements. It shows the external and internal links on your website with the source. Overall, you can discover new plans and better improvements for your project.


Woorank offers you a free website audit per month that you should take advantage of to perform your website’s analysis. The report suggests the impact of each factor and the level of difficulty to solve it. Improve your website’s speed by fixing the suggested issues, the correct use of different tags such as title, description, image alt and headings.

With its own algorithms, it measures the rating of a website and thus offers us perfect statistics of the page. It shows us a general report with a percentage number, stating how optimized it is. WooRank leaves us a list of which are the social networks where our website is shared.


  • It displays data about site visits, information about indexed pages, internal and external SEO.
  • Shows the broken links by crawling the entire website.
  • Generates XML sitemap for quick search engine indexing.
  • Ensure site’s mobile friendliness, navigation, legibility and more.
  • Review each page and create a social media marketing checklist.

WooRank delivers all data points and gives the advice to fix the issues. It targets the technical, on-page and off-page audit. On the report, you will see the crawling status, https level, mobile usability, image size, structured data issues, tags, backlinks, keywords and much more with scoring. The score indicates the quality level. It audits all daunting issues for you so you can fix them to improve your website.


SEMRush analyzes the entire site showing information on the ratio of code to text, alt tags, duplicate content, navigation errors, links and much more. In addition to auditing your website, you can research keywords, analyze backlinks and competition. It presents the website’s health to improve the errors that appear. Also, it offers you progress graphs so that you can see the improvements that are being applied and the effects.

The competitive positioning map provides a clear view of your competitors. It alerts the confusing duplicate versions of your website that Google has indexed. All indexed links and pages are shown in the list. You can understand the site’s UX by the measurements that it provides. The graphical report allows you to understand the site’s issues at a glance.


  • Audit website’s errors, warnings and crawlability to improve user experience.
  • Have a direct comparison with the competition, monitor the type of visibility, etc.
  • The interface is very visual and to have a web audit, and it is complete.
  • You can observe the type of SEO strategy that each competitor’s positioning entails.
  • Get the last update status and https percentage of your website.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool audits only search console verified websites. After crawling your website, it shows reports in the thematic method. It shows all errors, warnings and notices one by one. You can see the top issues of your website.

Website Grader

Website Grader gives you a visual analysis report. It will help you progress your website’s performance. You can see the four levels they cover Performance, Mobile, SEO and Security. In the “Performance” section they indicate the level of optimization for page size, server requests, loading speed, redirects, cache, etc. Also, it suggests the required JS and CSS files to compress.

The “Mobile” section gives you basic information about optimization for mobile devices. With regard to “SEO,” analyze the titles, meta description, headings and the sitemap. Finally, the “Security” section shows if you have http or https. Get ideas on what you should do next on the report.


  • You can check mobile-friendliness and grade different aspects.
  • Optimize site performance by solving technical parameters that it detects.
  • Track keywords rankings with inbound and outbound links.
  • It shows the website’s text readability and indexed pages to the users.
  • Analyze the current security level and age for your website.

The tool provides a free course for each section with the report. Its separated scoring on performance, SEO, mobile and security provide an average health status of your website. In the main panel, you see all the issues with details. So, you can take action to solve detected issues.

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed focuses on analyzing the loading speed of your website both on PC and mobile devices. You will see the factors to correct that are usually related to the speed of the server and the JavaScript. It indicates the elements that you can consider correcting, such as the browser cache, image optimization, HTML and CSS code, compression, etc.

Analyze the user experience and, depending on each case, these elements will have higher or lower priority. It presents the CDN and WebP results. The mobile report section displays the required actions to accelerate pages fast on the phone screen. Your website’s mobile UX will be improved after taking the actions. Mobile and desktop page loading speed is the main factor in ranking. The tool audits your site and suggests you improve the page speed.


  • It shows the score of your website on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Gives information about files or elements of a specific URL to improve them.
  • Values ​​of the different technical parameters are presented in detail.
  • It gives us information such as: delete unused CSS files, delete resources that block rendering and so on.
  • Suggest the required file and image to compress and optimize to avoid lazy loads.

Google Page Speed reports the page loading issues on mobile and desktop with scoring. It presents data above the fold load and full page load. You can check the status of subpages independently. Also, it suggests ways to solve the issues.

Raven Site Auditor

Raven Site Auditor shows you broken links, titles, goals, images, tags, etc., showing the type of priority that each factor has. It allows you to do the audit in a timely manner, although it can be scheduled to be done weekly. Its wide variety of tools allows you to track up to 20 projects simultaneously and track your Social Media accounts.

Audit each page and find the errors, robots.txt status. From its comprehensive report, select the critical issues, warnings that can damage your website. Its SEO audit section provides the headings, tags, markup data, links, and missing code status. They play a big role in rankings. Also, it analyzes the website design, user experience and suggests improvements for optimizing site conversions.


  • Audit report presents indexing errors, security levels, sitemap status and more technical issues.
  • It offers an integrated score and detail report of your website from google analytics.
  • Identify common SEO issues, missing data and technical SEO cases.
  • You can write and publish articles on the website through the tool.
  • Analyze your website content with best SEO practice suggestions.

Raven Site Auditor audits the entire website and reports on 6 sections. They are visibility, Meta, content, link, image and semantic issues. You can see all errors in a visual format, so you can make a quick checklist to optimize your website by fixing the detected issues.

Zadro Web

Zadro Web analyzes your website loading speed. It shows the domain authority, page authority of your website. It allows you to audit the report in PDF that is separated into organic traffic, basic SEO, Google crawl, source code, social networks and other technical factors. Also, it tells you the type of information in each section and the importance of optimizing each point.

After auditing, you can see the success, warning and error count with a score. In SEO stats, it presents the title, description, keywords, headings and image status. Check robots.txt, inline code and sitemap stats. Social graph ensures your site’s social engagement percentage. If your website has canonical URLs and matched keywords, it will alert you.


  • It shows website loading speed and authority metrics behind it.
  • Fix the Meta, title and all missing information that it shows in the report.
  • Check canonical urls, tags and keywords from the entire website to ensure a friendly interface.
  • It detects the sitemap and robots files status on your website for better crawling.
  • Presents the social engagement of your website including Facebook graphs, twitter tags.

Zadro Web provides SEO, traffic, crawl, source codes, social and URL stats. The metrics and scores that it shows are generated from MOZ and google page speed. It shows warnings and errors that should be fixed for better UX.


SEOptimer performs an easy-to-understand web analysis in which it informs you about performance, SEO, mobile optimization, security, interaction on social networks, technology and offers. It shows you a summary so you can see the strengths and faults. Within the SEO section, it analyzes the SEO on-page and off-page, showing MOZ data and the types of links.

Review your subpages and the friendliness of the page’s URL. It examines HTML title tags and meta tags length in your site and suggests the best practices. Check out the content counts and alt tags missing for on-page improvements. The tool shows the 10 KW rankings and visitor’s location. Test your domain strength, on-page structure, friendly links with the white-label report.


  • Identify and measure title, Meta tags, sitemap, robots file and more issues.
  • Do branded audits and get ideas with passive actions for your website.
  • Audit website in your own language with white label downloadable prospects.
  • Explore ranked keywords, estimated visitors, monthly traffic values and locations.
  • It crawls all pages, links and suggests the errors so you can design a friendly on-page structure.

SEOptimer audits website’s on-page SEO, links, usability, performance and social engagement. In the recommendation sections, you will see all errors in one place that can damage your website. Its technology-based results allow you to optimize your site by fixing all issues.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup allows you to audit your website quickly with good and bad issues. You can optimize the website loading speed, server security, mobile-friendliness and many common issues by fixing suggested errors. All processes are checked automatically and presented in a detailed report. So, you can take actions to solve the problems.

It helps to check the sitemap for fast indexing on search engines. Also, it shows you the website SEO evolution graph, allowing you to track your actions. Analyzes canonical URLs, https, safe browsing and more server security issues. It shows you the advanced SEO issues, including structured data, page error, records test and much more. The issues are prioritized in high, medium and low, so you can understand which one is needed to fix urgently.


  • Analyze your website and audit the major issues that slow the site’s performance.
  • Do audit for common, advanced and technical SEO in one place.
  • Check the mobile usability through responsive and snapshot tests.
  • You can test site speed and security on several factors of your site’s content.
  • All issues are displayed in high, medium and low categories.

SEO Site Checkup present audit report on general, common SEO, speed, security, mobile usability and advanced SEO factors. The issues are described in detail so you can quickly solve them to improve the site’s score.


SimilarWeb directly audits the website and provides all information. The total visits and the engagement generated (average visit duration, average page visits per user and bounce rate) allow you to get an idea of ​​your website’s quality. All this data can also be obtained through Google Analytics. It comes in handy to analyze the competition and discover some of their secrets.

The tool presents the global, country and category ranking of your site. Observe the last 6 months traffic details on your site with sources. It finds the referral sites that suggest your site. See the social engagement and profile with display advertising if you have.


  • It provides an in-depth analysis with measuring all major parameters.
  • Provides visitors data, keywords, relevancies and suggestions.
  • It allows you to research keywords with perfect competition analysis.
  • Provides categorized ranking by travel, banks, news and other media platforms.
  • Observe user’s interactions on topics and analyze contents deeply.

SimilarWeb presents your site’s traffic overview, referrals, searches, social engagements, display ads, audience and competitors details.  Its advanced report shows the competitors marketing strategies so you can make an effective plan.

SE Ranking Website Audit

SE Ranking Website Audit analyzed over 70 parameters about your website. It crawls all pages, links and all sources to audit. You can solve all technical errors, loading speed, image optimization and link analysis. Control the tools crawling depth to ensure server protection. Its adjustable setting allows you to audit your website as you want. You can find and fix ranking negative effects with a query.

The tool crawls all sections of your website. After detecting the errors, it provides actionable insights for your quick action. It displays a dynamic comparison of past and present audits so you can recheck the progress level. The domain trust score ensures the quality of backlinks on your website.


  • It crawls all links, sections and pages with a complete examination.
  • Check HTTP authorization covering domains and subdomains.
  • Detects all technical errors by analyzing the site codes.
  • It checks site loading speed and presents the problems.
  • Scan images and links to make your website google-friendly.

SE Ranking Website Audit provides in-depth reports using analytics and search console access. It finds the technical errors, Meta, headers, load time, image, links with possible solutions in the insights. Check the progress comparing the past results.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog scans your full website and presents useful insights to improve the site’s performance. It reports more than 30 website factors and SEO problems. You can scan 500 URLs on its free version. Detect duplicate and thin contents to prevent penalties. It analyzes the title and Meta for your website and suggests the best format. Remove all broken links in your website with the tool. It allows you to visualize your site architecture. 

SEO spider provides expert data through its insights so you can find all technical issues. You can audit your site’s backlinks and sort out the bad links. If any links are not working, the tool shows the error. Also, it shows image size and alt text with numbers of total pages. Audit over hundred pages within minutes.


  • Track and analyze the website to find the page errors so you can fix them.
  • You can analyze the links quality and errors from the entire website within minutes.
  • It allows us to connect through the API with various external tools such as Analytics, Search Console and more.
  • Presents image size, al text and number of pages with source links.
  • Suggest structure for your site’s content planning with pillar pages overview.

Screaming Frog technically audits URLs, pages, images and codes. It shows all technical errors so you can create a friendly website. Find page errors, link errors, image size, alt text, total pages, thin content, Meta and heading status in one place.


MySiteAuditor shows the loading speed, the URLs’ quality, the tags, the optimization of images, the best keywords, the headers and more. The tool offers a basic audit through a configurable form. It is a very visual and feature-rich solution. It works on Google’s ranking algorithm. You will get a clear idea for specific page designs by auditing the full website.

At the top of the audit report, it shows the number of good signals, issues and page grade. It provides the used top 5 words and their density. Analyze copy, code, social profiles, mobile usability, page link and root domain. You can audit based on a specific keyword.


  • It audits your entire website and shows the technical errors.
  • You can customize your audits with your own logo, contact details and colors.
  • Export the data and add it to your mailing list on a single click.
  • It analyzes all technical and internal errors with detailed reports.
  • Presents different designs: large, small, slim, in the notification bar.

MySiteAuditor allows you to audit a page based on a specific keyword. The audit report shows speed, URL and tag issues. You can analyze the most important technical issues and fix them yourself for your site’s better optimization.


SiteAnalyzer provides 20 free website audits with identifying more than 50 parameters. It finds broken links, redirections, titles, tags, texts, designs, styles and more technical issues. You can understand your website’s health with its in-depth analysis scores. It supports multiple languages so you can easily solve the problems in your language.

You can audit your website by filtering data. Check sitemap status to ensure search engine crawling. Find backlinks and research keywords more deeply that it tracked from your site’s ranked contents. Analyze the pages and update them with the tool’s suggestions. It tracks your site’s ranking pages with graphical data. Evaluate competitor’s strategies from its rank tracking section and make a better plan for your site.


  • It audits the redirects, heading, Meta tags and other technical issues.
  • Analyze the links so you can remove the broken links.
  • Detects 50+ on-page and off-page SEO errors to improve site optimization.
  • Measure PageRank authority of your website according to Google.
  • Filter data by a few parameters and export reports in your own language.

SiteAnalyzer provides a 360-degree audit report on site ranking, crawling, backlinks, keyword research and page analysis. It finds all SEO factor-based errors and prioritizes the list for your quick attention.


DeepCrawl allows you to analyze the indexability of a website. All kinds of technical problems including duplicate pages, 404 errors, pages with very long titles, pages that take a long time to load, etc. With DeepCrawl, the possible errors on a page become evident and you can identify them and make the pertinent corrections before they become major problems. This is possible by running an analysis of your website regularly, thanks to this tool.

It is a great tool for diagnosing your pages’ structure (H1 headings, external and internal links, tags, etc.) Detecting growth with its recommended actions provides better improvement. It shows in-depth competition analysis of ranking pages to defend your position. Integrated with Google data studio and BI so you can get a better visual report. Improve your site’s security by preventing SEO errors.


  • Diagnose the structure of your entire website with deep crawling.
  • Set up crawling with custom scripts to improve site performance.
  • Check website health by measuring all website and SEO parameters.
  • Observe the trends from its universal list and backlinks crawling.
  • Scan all HTML files and identify the broken links which are necessary to fix.

DeepCrawl scales all technical errors by crawling the entire website. It suggests actions to take immediately to improve the site’s UI and UX. Count URLs, words, deep rank, fetch time with the tool and fix them to ensure a better customer experience.


Serpstat shows you the information about the website’s errors (dividing these into 3 types – high priority, medium and low). Errors that you can see in the report: response codes, meta tags, titles, content, multimedia, page indexing, redirection and more. It shows the relevancies by measuring your page so you can put the missing keywords. Improve your website’s crawling rate, domain gaps, missing pages, image issues with the tool.

From the main panel, you can quickly access the keywords for which the domain is ranking. It shows you a graph of the distribution of the keywords for which the domain ranks in the Google SERPs. You can see the general data of the backlinks of the domain you are analyzing on the overview panel.


  • It performs audits in which errors or positioning problems that exist on a website are shown.
  • Offers the opportunity to get the links of the direct competitors of a website.
  • You can get the latest data with its innovative and updated functions and databases.
  • It gathers within itself strategies that normally require several tools.
  • Analyzes are the direct competitors of your website, showing results in both SEO and PPC.

Serpstat allows you to audit your website at the SEO Onpage level and obtain a report of the errors. By clicking on the detected errors, you can access their location and the recommendation to fix it.

Ahrefs site audit

Although Ahrefs is specialized in link analysis, it also performs website audits of the indicated sites, offering information on the website’s health. It also shows backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, and revised keywords. Ahrefs siteauditbot presents all data in the visualized chart by flagging all issues. Also, it has a site explorer to check your site parameters, content explorer to get content ideas and keyword explorer to find relevant keyword ideas.

With the audit, you can schedule a periodic search or crawl in Ahrefs. It will inform you of SEO issues on the page that can impact your ranking in search engines. This tool can also be used to search for pages with errors such as 404 and 503. You can analyze all the content at once. Then it will be easier for you to find duplicate titles, excess H1 tags on a page, and missing meta descriptions.


  • Do complete audits of your website and thus know what actions to take to improve positioning.
  • Analysis of the statistics of your website through a fairly complete and easy-to-view interface.
  • Keyword Research with a wide variety of metrics when organizing keyword lists.
  • Make a complete analysis of the competition from different points of view.
  • You can review periods from one month to 12 months.

By adding your site to Ahrefs, you can carry out an audit from a search engine’s point of view. Also, it audits your link profile. From the Ahrefs audit report, you can improve technical SEO performance.

Final Thoughts

To find out the bad issues on your website, website auditing is essential. With these tools, you can easily audit your website and solve the diagnosed issues yourself. Here, I have presented the best free website audit tools and they have free trial and paid versions. They provide much more information and allow a complete follow-up. So, you can save your valuable time on manual actions. Get the suitable one for your website audit and see the improvement.

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February 14, 2021


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