Adsense Case Study 2021: Goal is To Reach $500 Earning Per Month (Update-2 ) – $202 Earning

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Thanks, dear! for your huge response in the previous episode. Truly said, your eagerness for getting the next update enforced me to write about it. That’s why I can not but give the update. So, let’s get started!

Project Name: GM Adsense Case Study Live Project-1

Project Collaborator: GM All Team Members

Proprietor of The Project: Giants Marketers

Goal is To Reach $500 Earning Per Month

Update to Reach the Goal

As you know that our goal was to reach 500 dollars earning per month through AdSense or the Affiliate Monetization.

We did not reapply for AdSense, we submitted the site with an old AdSense account. Since we already have a lot of old AdSense so I didn’t apply again, but if we applied we would definitely get it.

As the AdSense is about 8-9 years old, the account had to be re-verified with the passport. It took almost 1 week to complete this process.

Contact with AdSense Support

Contact with AdSense Support
Adsense Support Communication

Account Verified Message

Account Verified Message
Account Verified Email

Site Approval Message

Site Approval Message
Account Approval Message

What Has Been Done Since The Last Update?

Our one in-house writer works for about 10 days every month on this project. We, the Giant Marketers Team have done a lot of work on this project since the last update, I will try to discuss all of them.

New Keyword Research:

We have tried to pick some new keywords, in this case, we select all the sites among our competitors who are getting good visitors with short articles in a short time, and then we separate the ranked keywords from those sites with Ahref.

Our strategy is that if these new sites rank on Google with just content without any kind of quality backlinks, in that case, these keywords are low competitive and we can easily rank without any extra effort.

So I chose about 100 keywords in this way. But, for peace of mind, I have checked every keyword with the tools. In that case, I have used KWfinder and Ahref and manual processes.

New Keyword Research
Keyword Research Sheet

Note: It took almost many years to learn this method, But today I have shared it in 2 minutes. Just enjoy!!


This time too medium quality content has been written, High quality content will be written only for affiliate content. We have kept the length of the article at 900 words on average.

As before the main keyword is used 3 times in each article, in the first paragraph of the article, in the middle, and at the end of the article. Occasionally a few LSIs (keywords that are semantically related to the topic) have been added.

An image has been added after the first paragraph. In some posts, videos have been added according to the type of article.

Article Published List:

MonthPublished Article

And there are currently about 47 articles in the draft (to be scheduled).

Note: What I have tried to maintain here is to publish a minimum of 1-2 articles on the site every day.


After January and February, 8 guest posts have been backlinked in March. I took the backlinks for 7 posts, not with Exact Anchor. I did it with the related anchor. However, all that I have done has entered the 1st page.

Guest Post Sheet

Current Updates of the Site

  • Site Age: Almost 3 Month (Working Time)
  • Article: 84,943 Word
Current updates of the site
Article prove
  • Ahref Data: UR 22 – DR 5 – RD-55 – Organic Keyword-4.5K-Organic Traffic-3.5
Ahref Data
  • Moz Data: PA 25 – DA 14 – Spam Score 3% – Linking Domains 55
Moz Data
  • Majestic Data: TF 11 – CF 8 – Live RD 145
Majestic Data
  • Visitors: 500-600 Organic Per Day according to Google Analytics
Google Organic visitor

Earning: We have monitored the AdSense on March 13th, then it took time to update some things like submitting passport, verifying, Adsense placement etc. But now everything is fine, and the earnings in March are 202 dollars.

Adsense Earning march
  • Current Condition of AdSense
Current Condition of AdSense

Keyword Ranking: Currently there are about 14 good keywords on the first page.

Keyword Ranking
Keyword Ranking

Spend So Far:

Since everything is working in our in-house except guest posts, I am publishing things with a standard value:

  • Article = 650 USD (Since I have said we would use medium quality article on our website, so it has been priced at $8 per thousand words)
  • 8 Guest Post = 135 USD

Total: 785 USD ( 1 month)


Total Invest: 434 USD ( 2 month) +  785 USD ( 1 month) =  1219 USD (3 Month)

Earnings So Far:

 Total=202 USD

Perspective Plan of Next Month

  • Fresh 10 Web 2.0 With Handmade Content
  • 5 Real Outreach Guest Post Niche Related
  • Minimum 50 content

Thanks a lot for reading this case. Keep us in your prayer that we, the Giant Marketers team can successfully complete the project.

If you face problems understanding any terms, please inform me through your comment. I will try to answer in time. Oh! one more thing, don’t miss the next case update, some new implementations are waiting for you.  You will get it available here. Best of luck!

Giant MarketersTechnical SEO Analyst at - GM

Giant Marketers is one of the fastest-growing SEO agencies in Bangladesh. We help businesses with SEO, Website Design and Development, Online Business Consultancy, and other SEO services to grow and make an impact online with results-driven strategies derived from our 14 years of industry experience

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