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E-A-T & YMYL: How to Boost Your On-Page SEO

There exists a debate about E-A-T. Some people believe that to succeed in SEO, E-A-T is the most important factor, and some have inverse perception. They think that it does not carry out as much importance that we consider.

So, you may have the questions, why do we give value to E-A-T? Does E-A-T carry out much importance? Does it directly affect the page’s ranking? Or does google use it as a factor of Google’s Algorithms?

So many questions here! But through this article, you will get all the answers and also get relieved from your confusion.

Here, I also talk about the YMYL and suggest how you can boost your On-Page SEO by incorporating them.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google uses these factors to rate your website based on how much qualitative content you have and how trustworthy it is.


From Wikipedia’s definition, an expert is someone who has broad and in-depth competence in terms of knowledge, skill, and experience through practice and education in a particular field. For specialized knowledge about the topic, he can provide in-depth information through the content.

The knowledge can be specialized or general. You needn’t have extensive expertise in writing all types of content. But for some like medical, financial, legal, you need to demonstrate your specialization.

For example, when a lawyer writes an article about some legal terms that will be more trustworthy than those who are not.

Another example is that you’ve owned a medicine website. But if your content gives wrong information about the dose of some particular medicine, it will prove that you are not an expert in this field. That affects your site.

Inversely, Your content will be more useful and trustworthy if you show expertise through your content.


Before talking about authoritativeness, I asked you a question, “You’ve decided that you will buy a car. So for getting much authentic information, what will you do?”

Most likely, you ask your parents, friends, or neighbor who has already purchased a car and have good knowledge about it.

That’s similar when it comes to the web; people also want an authority who will ensure them that the information they search for on the internet is authentic and trustworthy.

Here google acts as the authority and measures how the site’s content performs? Are they producing authentic and specialized content? How is their brand’s reputation? And many more.

So, authoritativeness is the way to demonstrate that your sites are trusted, the content you create is accurate, and your products perform well.

For achieving it, you need to follow some things:

  • For the medical, legal, or financial related content, mention the author’s name, job title, and relevant experience.
  • Keep the focus on the users. Do the users like your content? Are they given positive reviews? Etc.
  • Ensure that experts recommend your content.


Trustworthiness indicates the ability to be loyal in this level that the audiences think you are honest and a true taller. The information you provide them is 100 percent accurate.

For becoming a trustworthy site, users should follow the mentioned things:

  • Provide accurate information: The searchers want precise information about their queries. If it proves that the information you give through your content is wrong, that will create a negative impression on the users.
  • They lose their trust in you and won’t revisit your site. So always give the accurate to achieve the faith.
  • Backlinks: The backlinks are like votes for your website. The link back from the authoritative and relevant site gives a positive signal to the search engine about you. The users also relied on your site and perceived that you would be a trustworthy source.
  • For example, if your website is linked with trusted and frequent sites like,, it will be a trusted site and assume much quality.
  • Keyword-Match Content: The searchers search the keywords and want to know the information about these keywords. If the content information doesn’t match with the keywords, it will be annoying for the searcher.

For example, use the keyword like Toyota Allion Car but talk about Avanza in your content. That will create nothing but bother the users.

Google always wants to give the exact information that can satisfy the searcher.

For example, the searcher searches for the process of applying for a visa to the USA.  For this query, he needs the exact information. In this situation, Google uses E-A-T to provide him accurate information.

What Is YMYL?

The term YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life.” According to Google, any page which produces content that can affect someone’s health, happiness, safety, or financial stability is a YMYL page.

These contents are crucial to users. When people get accurate information, it will be beneficial for them, but it will negatively impact them if they get the wrong word.

For the YMYL types queries, Google wants to provide more accurate and expert content that won’t affect its health, safety, or financial stability.

You will get in-depth knowledge from the following YMYL page’s example:

  • E-commerce Site: Through the e-commerce site, the users can purchase the products. In this case, they need to pay for the product. Here google rates the sites to express how much it is secured for financial transactions.
  • Financial: The users search for some queries like where they can get secured investments? Get a loan in low interest? or any information like taxes, insurance, paying utility bills. The webpages which provide these types of information are financial information pages.
  • Medical or Medicine Related Page: The medical or medicine related web pages provide the information or give suggestions about the health, any diseases, or the task of a specific drug and its uses instruction.
  • Law-related Pages: Through their content, the law related pages provide information or advice about any problems or topics like criminal law,  power of attorney, making a will, applying for citizenship, divorce, etc.
  • Through the example mentioned above, we’ve got a clear understanding of YMYL pages. Now, you think about that if the users get wrong information about their medical, financial, or low related queries, how much it will create a negative impact on them! So, Google is so cautious about providing the most accurate information on these queries.

How to Optimize the Site for YMYL?

We have already earned much knowledge about the YMYL and its importance for your site.  So, let’s check out some things that can help us to optimize the website for it properly:

  • First, you need to determine that your pages and content are considered YMYL.
  • Produce your content through the people who have specialized knowledge in these fields.
  • Mention the name, job title, and relevant experience of the author.
  • Ensure that the information you provide to the users is 100 percent accurate.
  • Make sure that the outbound links will provide accurate and resourceful information.

Above all, you don’t take any unethical tactics to gather much attention on you because it will affect the users as well as you when it proves wrong.

The Importance of  E-A-T for SEO?

The users, as well as the google, want the qualitative content. The indication of qualitative content can vary to the users.

Some people perceived that the content is written by the author, who has specialized knowledge in this field to be qualitative. And Some believe that if the content is linked with the popular website, it is also qualitative.

The website’s reputation also a subject matter for being qualitative content. The users think that since the site has much reputation, all its content also are qualitative. So, if you produce content through a skilled writer, make it authoritative and trustworthy to the user, it will create value for your sites.

Google also updated their algorithms to provide users with the most relevant, qualitative, and informative results. So when the sites passed through the E-A-T factors, they have more possibility to take place in the Google organic search results. So the E-A-T has much importance today for your SEO.

How to Boost Your Website’s E-A-T Ranking Score

Hopefully, you have enriched your knowledge with the E-A-T and its importance for your website from the previous discussion.

But, here also the question arises, how can I boost up the E-A-T ranking score? Through the discussion, you will get the ideas of the best practices to improve the website’s E-A-T. Let’s take a clear look at them:

Use Good Bylines

Bylines are used to mention the author’s name, published date of the content, its views, or even more. It is the text that took place below the post or article title. Today bylines are considered an essential factor for SEO.

Bylines make the first impression on the users. It is an effective and speedy way to demonstrate your professionalism and gain trust from the users. This content can attract users and convert them to their customers with great bylines.

Have a look at the following features; they will help you in writing great bylines:

  • Author Name: Mention the author’s name of the article.
  • Published or Updated Date: Below of the author’s name mention the published date of the content. But if you update the article, don’t forget to mention the revised date.
  • Credentials: If the author achieved any degree like Ph.D., MD, RD, mention those.
  • Photo of the author: It’s optional for you. But it is better to attach a photo with the author’s name. That looks more trustworthy.

Although bylines are the text only, it can bring more trust for your sites.

Create Author’s Profile

If you create an author’s profile on your site, it will be easier for the readers to know more about the writer. The profile should carry out the following things:

  • Name of the author along with a photo
  • The credentials they have like Ph.D., MD, RD, etc.
  • Their profession.
  • Which fields they have specialized knowledge.
  • How much they are experienced in this field.
  • If they have won any awards or delivered speeches in any conferences
  • Their social media profile.
  • Another article by the author.

It is better to link the writer’s profile with the name that is mention on the bylines. By clicking the link, the users can get much more information about the author.

When the users know that a professional writer writes the article, it will be more trustworthy to them.

Properly Optimized the Contact US Page

When the users prefer the content or the products or services, they also wanted to know more about the business and the contact info for taking further action. Besides, E-A-T evaluates not only the site’s content but also the sites as a whole. So if you want to make your site create value to the users and Google, you need to optimize your contact us page properly.

Here some tips for you on how you can adequately optimize your contact us page:

  • Right Placement: You should place the about us page on the right track. It would be better to put it on the top navigation bar to make it easy to find.
  • Question Box: Make a question box so that the users can ask their questions. You also need to explain how much it will be helpful for them.
  • Manage Users’ Queries: Since they will get their solution of their problems through the chatbox. So encourage them to put their question without any hesitation.
  • Add the Company’s Address: In this section, you would mention the address of the company. If there are multiple locations, also mention these. And don’t forget to put your parent company name if it has.
  • Add contact info: Here, you will include the phone number and the email address so that they can quickly communicate with you when needed.
  • Mention the Social Media Account: You linked the site with your active social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and mention them on this page. Through these, the users can know more about you, your activities, and the perception towards you among the customers. It also acts as a way to engage the users with your business.

Optimize Your  Content

If you properly optimize the content, it will increase the performance of your sites. Here are some tips for you that you should follow to optimize your content for E-A-T:

Employ Skilled Writer: The person who has specialized knowledge about a specific field is much capable of writing more informative and accurate articles than those who haven’t.

As discussed earlier, the content written by experts will be more authentic to the users. So, employ skilled writers to make the content.

Update the content: Users want the updated information. For some sites like news, technology, medical, and medicine, you continuously need to update the content. The information about them is changing continually. So the users won’t be interested in those content that aren’t valid anymore.

Besides, It’s also vital for google ranking.  If you update the articles with new information and make it regularly, it will be noticed that your sites are still alive. So along with the useful and relevant information, you need to ensure that your content is always up-to-date.

Remove Low-Quality Content: After a specific period, your site’s content doesn’t perform the same. Some perform better, but some will be too low to be no longer useful for the site. So it is better to remove those.

Avoid Grammatical Mistake:  If the readers noticed any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in the article, it would be bothering to them, and left the article without completing it. So, always ensure the accuracy of your content.

Focus on Qualitative Inbound Links

Inbound links also refer to backlinks. It is like voting for your site. But we should focus on the quality of the links, not quantity. As before, which had more backlinks also ranked higher.

But from the Penguin update of Google, the concept isn’t valid anymore. According to Google guidelines, the sites with high-quality backlinks get a better E-A-T score. So the links from irrelevant and low-quality sites add nothing to the sites.

For example, your website is about steel supplies, and if you get backlinks from the steel industry websites, it will ensure the quality of your site and trustworthiness.

Keep Your Site Secured

The security of your site is also considered a significant factor of E-A-T.  You have the most relevant and useful article, inbound links, expert authors, but your site is insecure; it will create a negative impact on your E-A-T score.

You may tell the users to create an account. For this, they need to give information like name, mail address, or even more. And if your site is e-commerce, they need to give their credit card information for making purchases.

So if the user thinks that the information they provided is not secured, they won’t be willing to put it and even purchase from your site. So, ensure a secured website. And also, explain it to the users that you know the value of their information that why the information they provided remains 100 percent safe and secured.


At the end of the discussion, I hope you get the answer to your question.

This discussion provides you lots of information about E-A-T and suggests many actionable ways through which you can increase your website’s E-A-T.

Don’t consider the E-A-T only a ranking factor. For a while, just forget about E-A-T. If you produce your content that is not written with expertise knowledge, irrelevant to the queries, wrong information, get backlinks from irrelevant and low-quality sites, unsecured websites, do the users like your content, it will be trustworthy to users?

Obviously, No!

So, do everything for the audiences. You will be able to achieve their interest as well as good ranking by google.

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March 20, 2021


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