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Best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin In 2021

Best Gutenberg blocks plugin

Gutenberg is undoubtedly the most used visual builder in WordPress. While searching for the best gutenberg blocks plugins, I have tried several plugins, but just as many were difficult and challenging. With the latest updates of WordPress, many Gutenberg plugins and many other things on Gutenberg are added.

There are 2 types of approach when it comes to Gutenberg plugins. They are single plugins and plugin libraries. The plugin libraries contain all the best features into one. Single plugins are the single purpose. Several plugins do this, so get the required one from my recommended plugins for Gutenberg.

Best gutenberg blocks plugin

I have tried all Gutenberg blocks plugins and rounded up the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for your website or blog. Let’s discover them below:

Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks – Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor

Gutentor is a plugin like Elementor or Divi page builder. It is well-suited with all WP themes and plugins. The plugin offers beautiful blocks and themes with the Gutenberg block editor helps to build a website in minutes. Also, its lightweight performance makes your website optimized for SEO.

You can customize sidebar widgets with everything you want.  With Gutentor, you can add modern styled bars, add color and several functions for a better user experience. Also, its wide range of options will never slow down your website.


  1. It has advanced options background, color, border, and much more blocks.
  2. Though it has many options, ensure SEO-friendly performance with quick site loading.
  3. A large library of ready to use themes and blocks with one-click installation.
  4. You can use the entire Google Font library with the plugin.
  5. It allows you to add video backgrounds with customization support.


  • Faster site loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Library of ready-made themes and blocks
  • You can use Google Fonts
  • Video background options
  • Modern themes
  • Gutentor widget
  • Awesome sliders


  • Not found

Gutenberg Blocks and Page Builder – Qubely

Qubely provides animations with customization features. You can use 1 to 6 columns and customize them. In the columns, you can add everything that you need. You can customize columns, CSS etc. as you need with better optimization.

The customizable Gutenberg Blocks it offers are exceptional and user-friendly. The blocks are easily moved as a page builder. Its pre-built themes and unlimited fonts provide a quick setup of your website. You will have complete control on your website.


  1. It offers customizable 35+ Gutenberg blocks with scrolling interaction support.
  2. You can design your website using its readymade SEO-friendly themes.
  3. Change the website’s font from its unlimited google fonts.
  4. It allows you to use video background and blending modes.
  5. Resize rows, columns, sections and shapes under your control.


  • Pre-built Modern Themes
  • Highly customizable columns
  • Controls by device (mobile, tablet, PC)
  • Built-in animation
  • Fonts from Google
  • Box-shadow
  • Custom CSS
  • Support for scrolling interaction


  • Complex advanced setting

Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable provides blocks to make a stunning and eye-catching website. You can use CTA, testimonials, popups and much more with the blocks. Also, it allows you to edit images with changing colors and effects. You can control media files on your content.

You will get all design options like a page builder to set layouts, effects, settings and much more. It allows you to make your blog responsive with a live editing feature. Also, it offers agency tools for professionals. You can optimize your site loading speed by compressing codes and files.


  1. The custom Gutenberg blocks ensure a professional and responsive look of your website.
  2. Set layouts, animations, images, icons, typographies and much more like a page builder.
  3. Use the CSS and role manager to design your blog professionally.
  4. Integrated with third-party plugins and tools for a more advanced experience.
  5. Maximize your page performance on mobile and desktop by compressing codes.


  • 24 Blocks
  • 100 themes already created
  • Ability to write over the images
  • Very high quality design
  • Expand / Show more
  • Spacer


  • Update issues

Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Blocks provides several blocks with fully customizable options. You can create content with Gutenberg to engage readers. It has different filters that allow visitors to read content easily. The Schema enabled review block for product-based contents.

Its Table block helps viewers to navigate the article quickly. To engage more visitors, you can get benefitted from the CTA block. With social blocks, you can easily share an article using a one-click process. It has more blog content-related blocks to customize your blog articles and make them SEO-friendly.


  1. It provides many customizable content blocks for bloggers and marketers.
  2. Viewers can navigate content with the filter and table of content blocks.
  3. You can use the facilities of schema on your content.
  4. With its CTA block, you can attract readers to your product.
  5. Easily share content on social media platforms using social sharing blocks.


  • 18 Gutenberg Blocks
  • Special features for bloggers
  • SEO friendly
  • Speed optimization
  • Schema markup


  • Heavy ads stuff

Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons feature several advanced blocks to create a Landing Page. It is compatible with Astra theme, Schema Pro themes, so you can speed up your website loading speed. It has options for restaurants, agencies, online stores etc. which is a handy option.

Its pre-built contact form allows you to design your contact page. You can use a pre-built forms styler with a customization option. Reduce time on designing with the Pixel Perfect Design. It is integrated with major plugins and allows you to create a different type of website.


  1. Customize your website responsively and user-friendly with Ultimate Add-ons.
  2. Its 20+ pre-built starter sites ensure one-click website setup.
  3. Create beautiful and attractive forms with the form styler.
  4. Speed up your blog’s performance with compatible Astra and Schema themes.
  5. It is integrated with WooCommerce and other plugins.


  • Advanced columns
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Pre-built Gravity Forms Styler
  • Pre-built contact form
  • Contact Form
  • Gravity Forms module
  • Price list
  • Table of contents


  • Amp errors

Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features

Kadence Blocks allows you to create custom layouts. It comes with pre-built layouts, so you can create a website page quickly. With the column block, you can add margins, backgrounds, change size, fill colors etc.

It has custom blocks to design layout, add buttons, headings, icons and much more quickly. The advanced gallery block helps to organize media files based on your needs. You can add testimonials in your post by customizing fonts, border, size and more. It provides advanced and responsive page creation for mobiles and desktops.


  1. It has 15+ Gutenberg blocks to customize your blog content.
  2. You can select the best one from its 1500 SVG icons.
  3. Customize and design each page responsive to mobiles and large screens.
  4. Control media file and buttons with the Gallery and button blocks.
  5. Edit content like a page editor with the plugin.


  • 15+ Gutenberg blocks
  • 1500+ SVG icons
  • Responsive page creation
  • Advanced buttons
  • Advanced Typography


  • Some annoying ads

Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

Atomic Blocks has lots of customizable layouts. It allows you to combine all blocks for your ease. You can create magazines that can be moved inside contents. It has beautiful page sections, full-page layout and buttons. It has AMP support for all blocks!

It is integrated with WordPress themes with a customization option. The building pages help to create a site according to your design. It ensures optimization and fast page loading performance. It has a drop cap block and author profile block to provide a user-friendly experience.


  1. The plugin has 15+ blocks to personalize your website with a responsive design.
  2. It has the support of Google AMP for small large displays.
  3. The new section and layout block make it suitable for marketers.
  4. After using all blocks, your site will never slow down.
  5. It has default themes for getting started with sites.


  • Suitable for bloggers
  • Special support for AMP
  • Optimized speed
  • Sharing icons
  • Advanced column


  • Difficult to customize

Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks

Getwid has blocks for all types of websites and blogs. It can be convenient to e-commerce and magazine sites. It offers a wide range of content elements with perfect optimization with good SEO support. It is specially designed for developers.

It can play with the styles of any WordPress theme. Maintain well visual reliability of your website with this features. It is a performance-oriented plugin, so your website will be SEO and Google-friendly. Each block has extensive attributes with an on-time customization option.


  • It offers dynamic and multifunctional blocks for Gutenberg block editors.
  • Provide smooth performance with all WordPress themes.
  • You can customize content with blocks in real-time.
  • It is suitable for regular bloggers and developers.
  • It ensures site health performance with optimized blocks.


  • Minimalist design
  • Optimized buttons
  • Seo Friendly
  • Personalized and recent post
  • Advanced header


  • Donot support AMP

Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks

CoBlocks is a complete and lightweight plugin that ensures several options to the WordPress editor without improving site speed. You can make engaging pages in real-time with additional blocks. You can create custom columns and rows with an efficient page-building experience.

It offers 26+ unique and gallery blocks for creating a complete website within a short time. You can set font size, transformations, etc., with the typography controls. The free theme provides full potentiality to create a complete website with the plugin.


  1. It has an innovative Page Builder system to create an engaging blog.
  2. The Advanced typographic controls provide customizable font, weight and size.
  3. Free theme with customization support for your website.
  4. You can make your website responsive with its grid system.
  5. With its 25+ blocks, you can create a high-performance site.


  • 26+ Gutenberg blocks
  • Page Builder options
  • Advanced typographic controls
  • Responsive grid system
  • Social and author profiles
  • Customizable columns


  • Complex setting

Final verdicts,

I hope these best Gutenberg blocks plugins will easily customize your site with a Gutenberg block editor. Beginners to professionals can develop any WordPress site with the Gutenberg blocks plugins. Also, they are friendly to all themes. You can customize blogs with professional web developers.

I will have tested several plugins for Gutenberg block editor, but these are the best for a complete website setup. They are very versatile and the interfaces are genuinely user-friendly. I have never faced site loading issues while using the Gutenberg editor’s plugins on my WordPress website. You can also try them.

Meta: Gutenberg is the best SEO-friendly block editor for WordPress websites. I have presented the best Gutenberg blocks plugins here to create an engaging website.


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March 20, 2021


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