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Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools For SEO [Free & Paid] 2021

Google ranking is the most desired factor in SEO. If you have a website, you want to know where you appear in Google rankings related to your keyword or topic. Keyword Rank Checker Tools do this task for you quickly. Just put your site URL and see the results in detail without wasting time on manual checking.

Many tools allow you to track keywords in Google on your website. Some have been popular for functionality, and others offer rank tracking with a more complete package of resources. I have presented the best free keyword rank checker tools for seo after using 50+ rank checker tools. Let’s discover them.

Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools For Tracking SEO Rankings

Here, you will find the best free keyword rank checker tools for SEO to know the position of your website and have everything you need to monitor your website in the SERPs.


The Ahrefs Rank Tracker allows you to monitor the positioning overtime on the SERPs of over 170 countries and compare it with that of competitors. The platform offers graphs to view the percentage of organic traffic that arrives on the site, the average position over time, and to segment the ranking to be monitored by positions.

With this advanced ranking check tool, you can track many elements such as featured snippets, AdWords ads and more. You can see your site backlinks and competitor’s backlinks to make a successful plan for your targeted keyword ranking on Google’s first page.

Its features:

  1. It allows you to create scheduled reports and receive them via email or download them directly.
  2. You can analyze the ranking of many kinds of content with SERP parameters.
  3. It presents the backlink report of the competitor’s website to create a better strategy.
  4. It helps to generate unlimited keywords based on your topics.
  5. You can search keywords and analyze contents by filtering parameters.


  • Explore site data in real-time.
  • Suggest content ideas.
  • Competitor’s clear report.
  • Unlimited keyword suggestions.
  • Track outbound links.
  • Rank history.
  • SERP analysis report.


  • Slow loading.
  • 7 days free trial only.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a convenient tool to receive a daily update on the positioning of your sites, which can be used from any device. It allows you to check the ranking for queries typed from desktop and mobile. It is a very popular tool among the most renowned brands and is very suitable for those who carry out professional SEO in an advanced way.

It analyzes the results daily with its advanced mechanism. It shows the positions for specific local SERPs. AWR also shows positioning in various types of content, e.g., images, knowledge boxes, news and videos. Reports are customizable by removing the application logo.

Its features:

  1. Accurate positioning updates on various types of SERPs, even on different languages.
  2. It provides ranking reports related to the location of interest.
  3. It allows you to activate multiple users and manage multiple projects.
  4. Ideal for programming SERP analysis with a certain regularity.
  5. Available as an API to connect to Search Console and show data older than usual.


  • Check with daily reports.
  • Integrated with search console and analytics.
  • Detail keyword tracking data.
  • Location-based tracking.
  • Record SERP features.


  • Keyword tracking is limited.


MOZ allows you to find out how we are in terms of visibility on the SERP. You can compare the positioning on both desktop and mobile SERP to check the positions reached with various contents such as featured snippets.

It can do everything with rank tracking for SEO. You will get the latest updates on SEO and Google rankings on their blog and forum. The important Domain Authority (DA) is provided by MOZ. So, you can do a complete analysis of your topic and website.

Its features:

  1. It shows visibility on SERPs data over time.
  2. You can detect keyword positioning in specific periods.
  3. It helps to discover new possibilities for ranking improvement.
  4. You can audit your site’s performance and fix all issues that it shows.
  5. Offers advanced and latest updates on SEO through Moz blog.


  • Audit site.
  • Keyword and backlink analysis.
  • Serps data with details.
  • Track rankings.


  • Limited keyword search option.


RankWatch provides a wide platform that allows you to get actual data on the results of your online promotion campaigns. The positioning monitoring tool can be set to return the position on the SERP with respect to specific locations.

It allows you to be notified when our site enters or leaves a top 10 or 100 important keywords. Also, it allows you to have at a glance a complete overview of the situation of the positioning of the competitors to compare the respective situations.

Its features:

  1. It allows you to provide each customer with personalized access to check their positioning results transparently.
  2. You can add email alerts to report important changes in the ranking.
  3. Monitor both organic and paid positioning with localized results.
  4. Each report can be extracted in Excel, CSV, PDF format, which can be scheduled on request.
  5. It provides complete backlink analysis data of your site and competitors.


  • A complete solution for rank tracking.
  • Archive keywords.
  • Detailed report.
  • Track rank based on city.
  • Alert on email.
  • Competitor’s analysis.


  • Expensive and not for beginners.


Semrush allows you to keep track of the positions reached for any keyword. It can be set for different kinds of devices and allows you to evaluate the positioning for the keywords of interest and with respect to the competitors who are judged to be more relevant.

It presents the best performing posts, pages through the specific keyword. Their metrics help users to understand the difficulty of ranking on the 1st page of Google. You can analyze traffic and their location to prepare for the next plan. Also, it is perfect for Ads research.

Its features:

  1. It allows you to check the positioning and how it evolves.
  2. Shows the average position for each keyword with a difficulty score.
  3. It allows you to track the estimated traffic in real-time.
  4. You can download site data and keywords list with CSV, excel and other formats.
  5. It ensures accurate and relevant analysis in detail.


  • Organic search and data.
  • Traffic tracking.
  • Research Ads.
  • Listings of products.
  • Participant’s analysis report.
  • Site health monitoring.


  • Inaccurate ads data.


AccuRanker allows you to track up to 1 lacs keyword positions. It is integrated with Google analytics and a search console so a user can get accurate data for improving rankings. You can track your keyword ranking with the top 10 competitor’s data. The ranking data are provided based on daily updates so that you will get fresh data.

It has no domain checking limitation and allows unlimited user access. Its UI ensures an easy and appealing way to track your ranking data. You can do custom keyword tagging and performance analysis. It helps to build a report based on your ranking data.

Its features:

  1. You can track unlimited domain rankings data with the comparison of the top 10 competitor’s analysis.
  2. It is integrated with Analytics and data boxes so that you will get accurate data.
  3. You can do an in-depth analysis of each keyword and domain’s rankings.
  4. It allows you to tag custom keywords with the full-featured report.
  5. Its clean interface ensures ease of usability with advanced metrics.


  • Complete keyword tracking solution.
  • Import search console and analytics data.
  • Build report.
  • Tag custom keywords.
  • Analysis of competitor’s performance.


  • Only track keywords

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is one of the tools for SEO that shows reports with daily rankings with the keywords we select in different search engines. You can track the data locally by indicating a city (including a postal code) or country. It will allow us to know which the keywords that provide traffic on our website are.

You can use the reports we obtain to prioritize the SEO approach, plan new, more attractive content for users. It allows us weekly or monthly scheduled analysis. That will enable us to modify our positioning strategy more quickly and effectively, analyzing the data obtained in an automated way.

Its features:

  1. You can track rankings locally and globally with updates.
  2. It allows you to the competitor’s SEO campaigns for your plan’s improvement.
  3. Get detailed reports with a daily rank check to help you explore your site.
  4. Do targeting effective research for SEO.
  5. Optimize your SEO by setting up multiple sites.


  • Tracking of competitor domains.
  • Monitoring various sites.
  • Comparison of mobile positioning with desktop results.
  • It offers in-depth analytical reports.


  • Sort words alphabetically.


Serpstat is a one-stop solution for tracking your website rankings. It helps to analyze backlinks, site auditing, SERPs data and more SEO factors. You can easily determine your keyword’s value from its given performance indicators.

It helps website owners keep full track of their competitor’s backlinks. It allows you to check your age relevancies and find out missings compared to your competitor’s pages. You can search for low, competitive long-tail keywords which are effective for generating traffic.

Its features:

  1. Serpstat helps to analyze by checking the domain of the website.
  2. Its Keyword research includes research, suggestions and overall SERP analysis.
  3. You can optimize your SEO by creating new marketing campaigns and running ads.
  4. Collects complete backlink data over the past two years and at the same time tracks competitor’s backlink strategies.
  5. Check your website and suggest the issues to fix them and increase site performance score.


  • Search keywords data locally and globally.
  • Check the relevance of different web pages.
  • Audit site data.
  • Track competitor’s advertising strategies.
  • One-stop solution for digital marketing.


  • Sometimes it shows inaccurate keywords.


SEObility helps you monitor your website ranking based on targeted keywords which helps to optimize SEO. With its regular updates and backlink tools, it helps users to improve their rankings on search engines.

It also scans all pages and posts of your website to find problems, such as duplicates and broken links. You can search results for local SEO. It provides a report through mail. It can track all pages and find broken links and contents to fix them.

Its features:

  1. Monitor your site rankings based on different keywords on search engines.
  2. Performs in-page crawling and keyword tracking by providing users with suitable improvement suggestions.
  3. Users can also rate and monitor local search results, which will help them rank higher for a particular target group.
  4. Quickly explore and compare competitor’s website content so you can streamline the process.
  5. Generates regular reports to show a change in website rankings.


  • Website crawl and audit
  • Checking rankings
  • Backlink
  • Whitelabel reports and regular monitoring
  • Performs metadata and on-page checking
  • Blacklist and safe navigation control
  • Monitor your page response times
  • Export reports


  • Not for new users.


SEOptimer helps you improve your page ranking on search engines. It performs well on-page optimization and off-page link building. You will get its branded report of your website to get a progressive performance.

It allows you to audit the site to make your website google-friendly. You can plan for strategical social media marketing with the tool. Create a potential plan for content marketing and improve your website rankings on Google’s first page.

Its features:

  1. Provides websites with their own customized reports by performing a multi-factor audit.
  2. Its embeddable Audit helps to generate more leads and sales for websites.
  3. Helps to detect technical SEO issues by crawling every page of the website.
  4. The SEO Audit API is used for trend analysis, tracking issues, and bulk reporting.
  5. On-page optimization, which includes the improvement of various elements of the real site.


  • Content marketing.
  • On-page and off-page SEO.
  • Advertising campaigns management.
  • Social campaigns and marketing.


  • Requires minimum knowledge of SEO to use.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research SEO tool that helps you generate new keyword ideas to create engaging content. It shows the competitor’s list on each keyword search with all parameters. So, you can make a marketing plan for your SEO improvements. It allows you to track daily rankings on various topics.

While researching keywords, it provides over a hundred suggestions with search volume, difficulty level and traffic graph. It includes backlink data that impact Google rankings. You can get engaging content ideas on your keyword and topic.

Its features:

  1. Optimize blog or website content by providing niche keywords.
  2. It allows you to analyze competitor’s strategies and plan for your better SEO planning.
  3. Find out the keywords your users are searching for.
  4. It provided backlink data to create an active and effective plan.
  5. With top pages on a specific keyword, you can save time from unnecessary content.


  • Suggests keywords.
  • Competitor’s analysis.
  • Daily rank monitoring.
  • Top 10 pages.
  • Personalized suggestions.


  • Limited search option.


SpyFu allows users to generate amazing keywords by analyzing competitor’s keywords. It shows each ad campaign run by competitors and their organic searches. You can track keyword-based ranking and do research SEO on related topics.

It shows data from 13 years ago from its database. In overview, it presents organic keywords, traffic, value, inbound links and lots of information on any website. Track competitor’s backlink profiles with valuable data. It has good customer support for solving user’s problems.

Its features:

  • It helps to track your ads and also suggests keywords with all parameters.
  • Keeps track of competitor’s strategies and valuable data.
  • Show competitor’s AdWords keyword groups so you can integrate them into your SEO strategy.
  • Suggests beneficial keywords by tracking the competitor’s campaigns.
  • Find out the keywords and backlink profiles of your competitors and get ideas from them.


  • Spying on your competitor’s strategy
  • Keyword group analysis
  • Influencer marketing
  • Track SEO keyword rankings


  • The user interface is rather complicated for beginners.


WooRank is an effective SEO strategy checker. It provides essential data that helps to improve traffic and other improvements. Its content management option and site auditing make it reliable and effective for the website’s SEO improvements.

The web analytics track conversion, goal setting, ads strategies, keywords and more. You can find out the backlinks with the optimization tool. Competitive analysis can be done in-depth for better planning and strategies.

Its features:

  1. The keyword tool is used to track keywords and change in ranking along with competitor keyword exploration.
  2. Fix tracked issues, indexing errors, and remove duplicates to make the website Google friendly.
  3. Track landing page traffic, quick keyword insights, website uptime, and overall functionality.
  4. Built-in web analytics for tracking rankings, keywords, goals and much more.
  5. A free tool to do a detailed website competitive analysis.


  • Mobile rendering.
  • Social media data.
  • SERP rankings and backlinks.
  • Analysis of your competitor’s website.
  • Marketing checklist.
  • Site crawl analysis.


  • It is a bit expensive


FatRank is an effective Google Chrome extension that finds out your site rankings in the Google search engine. It also allows users to quickly download CSV reports from both the FatRank mobile app and the Chrome extension.

It ensures 100% accurate data of keyword parameters. Anyone can use the tool to improve a site’s SEO. It shows keyword density by researching competitor’s analysis and tracking their keywords. You can track your site’s rankings globally and locally.

Its features:

  1. It tracks unlimited keywords by doing competitive analysis..
  2. The graph function shows how the ranking of web pages has changed over time.
  3. Send you in-depth and analytical reports in readable formats.
  4. You will make a strategic plan from its most accurate data.
  5. Check your site’s keyword base rankings according to country.


  • Competitor keyword research
  • Quick ranking reports
  • Multiple keyword checks


  • Check only one keyword at a time
  • It does not allow you to save previous keyword data.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is a super-fast website tracker with an in-depth competitive analysis report. By entering your website or blog on the URL bar, it instantly starts crawling for broken, missing and duplicate elements of your website.

It can generate XML sitemaps to index your site fast. You can track page titles and metadata to make your content engaging. It is integrated with PSI, analytics and search consoles so you will get accurate data.

Its features:

  1. Help to identify temporary and permanent redirects of your site.
  2. Find duplicate content, URLs, and any other items by in-depth analysis.
  3. It generates XML sitemaps by performing its own configuration on URLs.
  4. Correctly parse metadata and page titles for Google friendly performance.
  5. It provides accurate data with integration with analytics, PSI and consoles.


  • Data extraction
  • Scanning of JavaScript websites
  • Search for duplicate content


  • API is missing
  • The free version includes limited options

Final words

Using an excellent SEO tool will always help you get the best results and quickly improve a website’s search engine rankings. With these best free keyword rank checker tools for SEO, you can easily optimize your content and keep an eye on your competitors.

The best about these Google rank checker tools is that many of them have a free trial. These tools allow you to try them out before making any final decisions. Also, they help users track changes in keyword rankings. Use the tools to improve your site’s SEO performance.

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March 25, 2021


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