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In order to highly rank your website among your competitors, you will need SEO expertise. When a website cannot place or starts to fall from the SERPs, it is often because of a poor SEO strategy. Our website SEO audit services will help you find your issues and resolve them.

For websites new and old, an SEO audit can aid your search engine optimization strategy going forward. We at Giant Marketers, a leading SEO consultancy agency in Bangladesh, have a stellar reputation as an SEO audit service company. Let us help you understand how we ignite any and all websites to the top of SERPs with our audit service, step by step.

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What Is An SEO Audit Service?

An SEO audit is a process of inspecting and evaluating your website for search engine ranking factors to determine the site’s strengths and weaknesses. The audit process will analyze your site in-depth and find any on-page and off-page performance issues. From there, you can understand why your site ranking is low and begin to work to improve it. SEO website audit services identify problems and present new ideas for your strategy going forward. With the knowledge gained from a comprehensive audit, you will be able to develop SEO strengths and eliminate weaknesses from your website.

As part of our SEO audit service, we will analyze your current website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses. Our team will diagnose on and off page errors, inspecting your pages’ content structure and quality both. We will list out any optimization scopes and strategies for your own SEO team to understand. And at last, with our audit report delivered, we will develop for you a search engine optimization roadmap to use going forward.

We Will Audit Your Site’s Every Issue

For years, we have specialized in technical SEO audit service for many clients positioned in different industries and rankings. We will comprehensively analyze your website and competitor environment to ensure your SEO strategy is effective. Here are the types of services we will provide as part of your audit:

Keyword Analysis

We will audit your website’s existing keywords to help determine your primary SEO metrics. Your site’s keyword performance strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors will be profiled and understood.

Onpage SEO Audit

We will assess your anchor text, heading tags, and title tags on each of your major pages. Evaluating your titles to maximize SEO attributes means more engagement, more users, and more conversions.

Content Audit

We believe that content is the heart of your website. Our team knows how to assess content quality for boosted user engagement . Let us audit your pages and fill any content gaps in your SEO strategy.

Backlinks Audit

Our SEO audit team understands the importance of backlinks to a site’s ranking and authoritativeness. Through our audit process, we will analyze your backlinks quality, rooting out any irrelevant links to identify a better strategy for you.

Technical Audit

We have designed our technical SEO audit service from the ground up to discover all the underlying technical issues on your site. We’ll analyze your sitemap, server errors, backend coding errors and robots.txt files for their SEO fit on your website.

Performance Audit

Our SEO audit team completed vast and in-depth performance audits on hundreds of sites over the years. We will identify the current problems with your site health score and loading speeds and provide suggestions for improvement.

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    Checkout Our Price Plan

    Our website SEO audit service is compatible for anybody from individuals, to agencies. Here are the pricing plans, suite yourself and get the service that meets your budget plan:

    • Package Includes
    • Onpage Seo Audit
    • Backlinks Audit
    • Technical Audit
    • Content Audit
    • Performance Audit
    • Need More Information? Call Us:
    • GM Basic
    • Regular Price $99/mo
    • $49
    • Package For 10 To 15 Pages Website
    • Most Popular
    • GM Advance
    • Regular Price $149/mo
    • $99*
    • Package For 15 To 20 Pages Website
    • GM Premium
    • Regular Price $199/mo
    • $149*
    • Package For 25 To 30 Pages Website

    *All prices are in US dollars


    Most Popular Questions

    From our history working to perform SEO audits for clients, we have encountered certain issues and questions many times. Here are the most popular questions asked, answered in advance for you:

    The 3-Step SEO Website Audit Service Process



    First, we will assess the state of your website at present to gain a clear understanding of your SEO status, past issues, and future objectives.



    Second, we will analyze your website’s internal metrics and execute our SEO audit procedures.



    Third, we will communicate our audit findings and provide to you our strategic suggestions.

    Why Is an SEO Audit Important?

    You cannot know how to build an effective website for SEO purposes without knowing where the pitfalls are. Through website SEO audit, you can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potentials for your website. After a successful evaluation and clear picture of your site at present, you will know exactly where to invest your SEO efforts going forward, saving you both time and money. After a complete audit, you will know exactly where to improve your website.

    As an SEO audit service company, we have designed procedures to identify your site’s pain points. We will inspect your website’s technical infrastructure for ways to improve its effectiveness. Our process will show you how to optimize on-page SEO elements as well as your site’s content structure. The audit procedures can also show you how to strengthen your off-page essentials for higher visibility on search engines. Our report’s findings can improve your website’s UX (user experience), engagement level, and conversion rates. Overall, our SEO audit will allow you to ensure your site’s compliance with search engines and algorithm updates.

    Ready To Take Your Website To The Next Level?

    Schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO experts and find out what we can do for you using the power of SEO strategies and discuss-
    Your business goals, objectives, and requirements The best SEO strategy for your Website The right package for your website SEO goals.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Should You Choose Us For Your Next Website SEO Audit?

    No one has our level of experience as a global SEO audit service company. Our team has audited hundreds of websites, optimizing SEO strategies for clients just like you.

    Professional Audit Team

    For each and every client, we employ a team of experienced SEO experts. We have provided comprehensive SEO audits for hundreds of clients, with positive results every single time. You can 100% trust us with your website.

    In-Depth Analysis

    Our dedicated audit team will examine your website and perform an in-depth analysis. Our audit process overlooks no factors and includes on-page and off-page attributes along with the technical aspects of website performance.

    Problem Identification & Listing

    In our deep analysis phase, we work to identify your site’s major problems and list them for you to understand them clearly. We utilize a data-driven approach to assess what is keeping your site from ranking.

    Separate Reporting Section

    For on-page, off-page and technical performance problems specifically, we will deliver to you a separate report with sections detailing these problems. This should give your team a clear idea of potential solutions for each of these sections.

    Roadmap of Suggestions & Fixes

    Our audit report deliverable will include a roadmap detailing how to potentially resolve your site’s problems. Our team will provide a plan of suggestions and fixes for you to move forward with.

    Fixing Support

    For an additional fee, we can provide fixing support for the list of all the problems we identified as part of our audit work. We will answer any questions and provide this support as requested.


    What Clients Say!

    Our clients become our biggest ambassadors. We have served many, creating satisfying experiences building their niche sites, researching their optimized keywords, and much more. See their testimonials for yourself!

    It was great working with this awesome team. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. It’s great working with them and I’d look forward to seeing how it pays off! I highly recommend them.

    Jonathan Grant

    Personnel consultant

    There are so many professional SEO services I worked with and Giant marketers had a great budget range for me without compromising the quality. They should add more services with a budget range like they’re offering now.

    Goldie Atwood

    Marketing Manager

    My whole planning would go in vain if I had not decided to consult with giant marketers before investing the money. GM showed me the best way to spend the money and the whole process of how I can get the best out of it.

    Tyson Teasdale

    Local Business Owner

    We Are Experienced in Every Type of Website Audit

    Through our years of performing website SEO audit services, we have experience working on every kind of site audit. We will utilize that accumulated experience to deliver to you the best possible deliverable. From SEO to technical backend considerations, we know business websites inside and out.

    Local Business

    As part of our audit process, we take local SEO considerations into account. We hold experience working with local businesses and crafting our audit service to strategically amplify everything important to your enterprise.

    Affiliate Marketing

    We have experience completing audits for affiliate niche websites specially built for Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart monetization. We understand and know how to execute an audit for any affiliate marketing site.

    Services Website

    If you have a service or portfolio website, our audit can help you better understand your SEO roadmap to improve performance. For these considerations, we will adapt our offering to satisfy you.

    Ecommerce Business

    Through our audits, we are experienced working with the unique challenges and technical problems of ecommerce sites. We will help you to identify your ecommerce site’s core issues with our audit report.

    Local & International Brands We Work With

    We have extensive experience in delivering top-notch tailored SEO solutions across a wide range of industries. Uncover all the brands we have worked with so far from here and let the results speak on our behalf.

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