We Are The Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh Because We Convert Clear ROI For Our Clients

Giant Marketers is an SEO service company in Bangladesh. We provide comprehensive yet affordable SEO services for small business websites from an expert team of committed professionals. With over 12 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, the GM team has seen it all. From keyword research to technical SEO to website design, we are ready to help your business grow on all fronts of SEO.

As an SEO consultant in Bangladesh, Giant Marketers has been helping our clients rank on search and drive organic traffic through a proven process. Our team will work with yours to determine a strategy and build your site’s strengths while eliminating its weaknesses.

We always aim for 100% client satisfaction and promise to do everything in our power on every job to give you our best work.

Our Team Has a Top-Notch Reputation

As a managed SEO expert in Bangladesh, among many other things, we at Giant Marketers are reviewed by our global client base on sites like Facebook, Google and Trustpilot. Read our 5-star average reviews below to find out more about our impact on businesses just like yours!

Facebook Reviews

Based on 166 reviews

Google Reviews

Based on 232 reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

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Can You Do SEO yourself?

Anyone can get started with SEO by knowing the fundamentals. It is true that through research and practice, a person could eventually master the techniques required to rank their website in Google’s top results.

But effective SEO strategies take time, and require in-depth knowledge that an SEO expert takes years to acquire. Keywords are just the beginning. On-page, off-page, and technical SEO require special insights and there are even more advanced SEO tricks and strategies the further you go.

On top of everything, the Google search engine algorithm is constantly changing. As users and websites develop their online desires, contents, and strategies, Google shifts their own philosophy and the code underlying their ranking criteria to match. A competent SEO strategist will need to keep up to date with their site relative to Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

All in all, SEO requires a professional with true expertise. If you have a long-term goal, it is best to hire an SEO specialist or a full stack SEO agency.

As a top SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, Giant Marketers has a team of expert professionals set to help any company design their site to maximize organic traffic and stay on top of the algorithm to consistently rank on Google.

We Let us can help you master your SEO so you can focus on your core business operation.

How Can SEO Services Help Grow Your Company?

Google processes over 8.6 billion searches per day. That amounts to 95,614 search queries per second! In all, organic search drives more than half of all online website traffic. These astounding facts mean that your company needs to optimize its website for search. That is, any modern company needs to value SEO in its digital marketing strategy.

SEO is all about trying to rank higher on search engine results. And it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Ranking requires optimizing your site’s content and technical architecture to meet the hundreds of different criteria that Google search takes into account when it ranks sites on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO thus requires continuous upkeep in order to be effective. The search engine algorithm evolves over time, just like your business. SEO can be a powerful way to reach new people online and maximize your presence with your target audiences. But it requires time and energy. SEO requires investment. And that is where monthly SEO services from a professional SEO firm comes in!

Ready to take your online authority and ranking to the next level?

Foundation backlinks are a crucial component for any website to get a head start on its competitors in the SERP, an initial boost in ranking, and improved exposure. So, if you are up for establishing your website’s online reputation right away, Giant Marketers’ Foundation Backlink Service is there to help you. You can contact us, and we will assist you in making your decision on foundation backlinks.


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4 Big Mistakes You Could Make When Choosing an SEO Company in Bangladesh

For every client project we take on, a roadmap is drawn up at the start of our journey together. Our roadmap helps us all gain a clear idea of what we aim to achieve in a specific time period.

Choosing a “Cheap” SEO Agency

If you need SEO services but don’t want to overspend, you may end up going with the cheapest option. But don’t forget that you often get what you pay for. Cheaper agencies are not as experienced or skilled.

Browsing Only Local SEO Companies

Local companies may be convenient but probably don’t have as diverse of experience. An SEO provider with an international reach is likely to deliver a better product for their customers.

Selecting a Black Hat SEO Agency

“Black hat” SEO implies manipulative and spammy strategies are being employed as part of their strategy. Not only is this unprofessional, it could lead to harsh punishment from the search engine algorithm.

Working With Agencies That Give A Ranking Guarantee

Any agency that guarantees they can rank your company in a period of time is simply not telling the truth. In the online world of SEO, there are no guarantees, there are only more or less effective strategies.

How Do I Hire The Best SEO Agency in Bangladesh?

In order to find the right SEO specialist in Bangladesh for you, you will need to take into account a number of factors. Like with any business and its professional team, you will want experience and proven strategies. A track record with positive client references and a reputation for passionate customer support are vital.

SEO projects require knowledge and expertise, and a true professional can provide their services efficiently, in a timely manner, and at affordable prices. Finally, transparent communication throughout your time together will make your working relationship sustainable, and worthy of repeat work and vocal testimonials.

To hire the best SEO agency in Bangladesh, you need a service provider that meets all of the following criteria:

Industry Experience
Continuous Support
Top Reputation
Impressive Client Portfolio
Advanced SEO Strategy
Team of Specialists
Affordable Budget
Turnaround Time
Reporting & Transparency

You are in the right place, as Giant Marketers checks every box!

Why Select Us Over Other SEO Companies?

Giant Marketers is one of the fastest growing full stack SEO agencies in the industry. We have made our name as a well-known and respected SEO service provider in Bangladesh. For the past decade, our team has passionately contributed to the Bangladeshi SEO industry and we hope to continue to do so for years to come.

Giant Marketer’s employs a team of 40+ full-time local and foreign specialists. They are each experienced in SEO and digital marketing concepts, who draw from a variety of backgrounds. We work well together, we enjoy our work, and our performance record is proof that we differentiate ourselves from other SEO companies.

As SEO experts in Bangladesh, we have worked with over 2,000 clients around the world, in 52 countries. Simply put, our international reach and diversified experience makes our work deliverables better. Giant Marketers has accumulated over 400+ 5-star reviews on trusted online sources such as Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot. Our reputation now speaks for itself.

Giant Marketers is headquartered in Bangladesh in a world-class office, but also conduct our business virtually from the United States and United Kingdom. GM has been prominently featured on local print and online media stories. We are a global SEO specialist company with international knowledge and experience.


Ready to take your business to the next level?

Giant Marketers want to help you with your next big project. We are a leading agency with a proven track record in the industry, with affordable SEO services for small businesses and a passion for new clients and experiences. Have a project in mind? Contact us today and we can get started right away!


    Most Popular Questions

    From our experience as a SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, we have encountered specific issues and questions from clients many times. Here are the most popular questions, answered in advance for you:

    We Work With Local And International Brand

    The entire Giant Marketers team is diverse in experience and expertise. And leveraging this, we have been successfully delivering our SEO services to not only local but also international brands. Here are the brands we’ve worked with:

    Here Is Our Menu of SEO Services

    The team at Giant Marketers is diversified in our experience and skills. We provide a large menu of full stack SEO services to our clients. As an SEO Firm in Bangladesh, here are the services we provide:

    Our primary service offering provides your website with white hat SEO strategies. We perform both one-time and monthly recurring SEO projects designed to improve your search rank and grow your organic traffic.

    We can help you design and build your Amazon or other affiliate niche site. Our team knows how to structure websites and avoid common obstacles to returning your investment with passive income from the affiliate.

    Our team includes a dedicated web development group that can help any business owner construct a website meant to capture their target audience and grow. Building SEO-friendly WordPress sites is one of our many specialities.

    If your business features a local focus, then we can help you better reach your community. Local SEO involves geo-targeted keywords and backlinks and we can help you connect them to your desired audience.

    On social media, we can help your business thrive with SEO-oriented strategies for posts. Our team knows how to use social media to best position a brand to grow their engagements and get their name out there.

    We offer marketing consultancy services for small and medium businesses. With over a decade in the SEO industry, our team has the know-how to build your brand and promote your service to international audiences.

    We provide SEO project management services for agencies and individual freelancers. Our team can help you set up your own SEO service offering and efficiently manage workflow for your clients.

    Our team will help your company with all their online promotion and branding channels. Using SEO tools and tactics, we can get your brand in new places and in front of new faces.

    Your e-commerce website needs to fulfill specific criteria in order to grow online and we can help you do it. Our team of web developers can structure your product or service site to accelerate traffic and convert leads.

    Our Experts are Here to Help!

    After your submission, we will connect you with one of our SEO experts as soon as possible to discuss your project and its requirements. This service is provided free of charge!

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    +880 191 1806157

    Facebook Reviews

    Based on 166 reviews

    Google Reviews

    Based on 232 reviews

    Trustpilot Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Why Giant Marketers Is One Of the Best SEO Agencies In Bangladesh?

    You should work with Giant Marketers because everyone wants to work with the best! See our most important attributes as a company listed out below:

    Industry Expert

    Giant Marketers has 12 years of experience in the field, with a successful track record of satisfied clientele. We are industry experts that enjoy the work we do and look forward to every new client.

    Proven Strategies

    Our SEO strategy is built out of years of experience and it draws from proven processes that we continuously research. We execute our processes to rank and grow our client’s businesses.

    Serves 52+ Countries

    From our reviews and references all over the world, you can tell what kind of reputation we have. Giant Marketers happily serves over 52+ countries. Our international reach makes us better.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Every project for our clients gets a dedicated project manager with full focus and energy. They will communicate their plan to you and lead our team’s work with committed focus.

    Live Support

    Live support, whenever you need it, is our trademark. We take pride in our response time to all client inquiries. A good provider ensures problems are resolved timely.

    After-Sales Support

    Our team will continue to provide value to you after our project is completed. We provide after-sales support in order to ensure a smooth transition and that everything implemented is functioning properly on your site.

    Client Portal

    When you work with us you will gain access to a unique client portal that will showcase all of our work’s plans and progress. From there, review your project and communicate with us.

    Transparent Reporting

    Giant Marketers aims to be completely transparent with all our services and work deliverables. We promise to exchange our plans and answer all your questions throughout our partnership together, until the end.

    A Proven Process: How We Do Our Work

    Giant Marketers has worked for years in the SEO industry, developing top-notch strategies and building lasting client relationships founded on trust and transparency. Let us show you how we work:

    STAGE 1

    Understand Your SEO Goal

    First things first, we need to understand your SEO goal. For your website, once we understand your target audience and proposed objective, we can get to work.

    STAGE 2

    Free Consultancy

    To help clients better understand the possibilities around their site, we provide free consultancies before offering our services. We can help you find the right goals to pursue.

    STAGE 3

    Strategy Development

    From there, our team of experts will develop a strategy for the project based on your needs and expected budget. We promise to deliver on your desired objectives.

    STAGE 4

    Get a Proposal

    After we finalize the project roadmap on your vision, we will send you a proposal letter with all of the details outlined for your team to review.

    STAGE 5

    Order Confirmation & Processing

    After confirming the project details, including any revisions you may have, our team will process the order and get to work. You can absolutely count on our team to be ready.

    STAGE 6

    Project Execution

    With a dedicated project manager assigned to work on your project, they will give it their complete attention. Task by task, our team will diligently and efficiently execute on your project.

    STAGE 7


    Throughout our work on your project, you will be able to view our progress on the client portal. At completion, we will deliver a detailed work report.

    STAGE 8


    After receiving our deliverable and report on it, if you find any mistakes or have any issues get back to us and we will resolve those issues within 48 hours.

    STAGE 9

    Post-Project Support

    Depending on the project and as applicable, our team will provide post-project support for you. Within a number of days after delivery, we will keep track of any issues you encounter.


    What Our Clients Say!

    Our many clients become our biggest ambassadors. See what they have said about our past work, how we did it and how it satisfied them:

    It was great working with this awesome team. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. It’s great working with them and I’d look forward to seeing how it pays off!

    Jonathan Grant

    Personnel consultant

    There are so many professional SEO services I worked with and Giant marketers had a great budget range for me without compromising the quality. They should add more services with a budget range like they’re offering now.

    Goldie Atwood

    Marketing Manager

    My whole planning would go in vain if I had not decided to consult with giant marketers before investing the money. GM showed me the best way to spend the money and the whole process of how I can get the best out of it.

    Tyson Teasdale

    Local Business Owner

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