SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh

Planning for your next SEO project can be a lot easier if you do it with GM professionals. Need masterminds with 10 years of experience for your SEO project? Dive in!

SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh

Are you planning for your next project and searching for the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh? If budget-friendliness, expertise, and result-oriented strategy are the things you are fascinated by, Giant Marketers is the most trusted SEO specialist in Bangladesh you can work with. Let the leading SEO agency help you with your next journey and make it more actionable.

As the name suggests, Giant Marketers is leading the online marketing industry with a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services. Basic to Advance backlinks, SEO-friendly Website Design to Website Audit or SEO consultant to Project Management, whatever your online business requirements, we can serve you. Regardless of whether you need local or Global reach, GM does it all and gets you there. Know More About Us!

Maximize Your Visibility, Services We Make With Knowledge & Passion

If you want a quick view of what we are and which scale we’re working at, here is a quick summary of Giant Marketers:

Serve in 5+ Countries

98.9% Client Satisfaction

Over 3,000+ Project

30+ Professionals

Experiences We Gained For The Last 10 Years

After working on thousands of projects and a countless number of clients for more than a decade, we specialized in what we do. Here are the areas in the digital marketing industry we cover with deep expertise:

A to Z SEO Solution

The Giant Marketers team walks in every branch of search engine optimization without leaving any behind. We provide enterprise level SEO solutions for small to big businesses or individuals. No matter what type of SEO solution you need; on-page, off-page, technical SEO, research or marketing, we’re here to get the job done.

A to Z Backlinks Solution

Backlinks can get you the position in the SERP you want and the quality of the backlinks matter the most. We provide 100% safe and secure high-quality backlinks from trusted sources that have higher DA and PA. Moreover, we ensure the links are related to your niche and relevant websites to deliver the most effective results.

Local SEO Service

If you’re planning to rank top on the SERP with your local business and predominate the market, Local SEO is the best option. We do everything from website development, localization, citation building, Google map citation, Google my business listing, directory listing, to managing your ratings and reviews. We’re expert at driving new traffic to your store or service from online.

SEO Friendly Website Design

Better user interface and a good experience for your traffic is a key factor to rank high on the search engines.  Our web development team will get you a website that’ll be SEO-optimized, easy to navigate, and have a great UX and UI. The search engines will be able to crawl the site easily and they’ll consider you a legit suggestion.

SEO Project Management

If you’re managing SEO projects for your clients or you have many projects to handle yourself, you can hand it over to us. We provide project management services to different SEO agencies and help them get their clients the best output possible. We do everything from scratch to finish including audit, report, evaluation, delivery, and follow-ups.

Online Business Consultancy

Are you planning to start a new business or have an existing one to manage and need expert consultancy for it? Well, we’re just the right fit for you with more than a decade of experience in the industry to assist you. We’ll boost your business by analyzing the current situations, developing new strategies, implementing them, and setting sky-high goals.


Who you’re Working With?

Before considering Giant Marketers as your next project partner, you should know who you’re going to work with. Giant Marketers is the leading SEO service provider in Bangladesh with an experience for more than a decade in the industry. Although Giant Marketers’ journey with a 1600 sq. ft. physical Office Space started in 2016, the brains behind it are working in the SEO industry for over 10 years.

Giant Marketers is a name of trust and expertise in the online marketing industry as an SEO service company in Bangladesh. With 30+ Local & International specialists in each sector, we cover anything you may need for an online business or website. We’re currently providing engine optimization services worldwide including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, and so on.

SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh

Services You Can Get From Our Passionate Team

What makes us one of the most trusted SEO experts in Bangladesh is a passionate team that mastered the skills to make your business successful. Here are the services you can ask from these determined team members for your next project with giant marketers:

Keywords Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any good SEO campaign that drives high-quality traffic and our team’s expert at it. Our keyword research team will find, analyze, evaluate the future, and deliver you the best keywords. They make sure the keywords are relevant to your niche that will rank easily and sustainably.

Content Design & Development

Content is the voice of a website, online business or service that communicates with the audience in a comprehensive way. We have a team of expert in-house content writers who craft the heart of your website, great engaging contents. The contents are well-researched, well optimized with keywords, and meet the user goals to improve your ranking and sales.

Onpage SEO

A website with proper Onpage SEO makes it more relevant and engaging and attracts more users. Our SEO expert team gets every onpage SEO factor and makes sure they’re well touched. Whether it’s content strategy, structure, keyword optimization, meta title, tags, inbound or outbound links, nothing goes unturned in giant marketers.


Off Page SEO helps you rank higher in the SERP and get you a massive visibility among your competitors. As a leading SEO service provider company in Bangladesh with years of experience, we’re offering the most comprehensive offpage SEO for you. We have a reputation for high-quality link building, proper SEO optimization with 100% indexing ratio

Technical SEO

There are a ton of SEO checklists to mark when you’re ranking a website for generating more sales and gaining authority. Our technical SEO specialist optimizes your website’s infrastructure just the way search engines want it. After optimizing the technical SEO aspects, search engines can easily crawl each of your pages, interpret the contents and index them.

Website SEO Audit

SEO audit is the most necessary part of SEO optimization if not the only one. It’s a process of examining your website’s weaknesses and strengths to determine the best SEO strategy. Our GM audit team is experienced for in-depth website analysis and well capable of identifying each issue in the site. We’ll create a deep report of the audit so that you can determine the best strategy for your site.

Our Client Testimonials Says It All

We’ve served countless clients and completed thousands of projects as the leading SEO service provider in Bangladesh. Here are some words from some of our satisfied clients who worked with us from time to time:


SEO service provider company in Bangladesh


Why You Need A SEO Specialist?

Although Giant marketers official journey started in 2016 with 1600 sq ft Office Space but Those who lead Giant Marketers they have been working in the SEO industry over 10 years.

Giant Marketers is the most trusted name in the online marketing industry as an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. With 30+ Local & International specialists, we have provided search engine optimization services worldwide including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, etc.

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Unlimited Room for Commitment & Quality

As a trusted digital marketing company in Bangladesh, We ensure high-quality services and close support for our ex and existing clients. Here are some of the things you should know how we ensure high quality and make our commitments come true:

On-Time Delivery

First, we make sure that you’re getting a fast and on-time delivery within the project timeframe we determined together. We never want to stay behind the line; therefore, we don’t take orders after our slots are full for a month or a specific timeframe.

Client Portal

When you select any of our services, fill out the order form, and place the order, you get a client dashboard created individually for you. You will have a user interface to control what you ordered for, see regular updates about the project progress from there. If you have anything to look after, you can knock us anytime right from the dashboard and get what you need.

Live Support

Our clients are the main focus to us and we make sure they’re getting the attention they deserve. If you have any sort of queries or have anything to know about, you can knock us on our live chat option from the client dashboard. Plus, we’re always open to you through skype, email, or over phone to support you regarding any issues.

Revision Policy

Our clients matter the most to us and we make sure that they’re getting what we get paid for. If you find a minor issue in the service, that’s major for us. If you face any issues in the project within 72 hours, we’re ready to get you full revision to get it fixed.

Refund Policy

We always make sure the project is well-handled and you get the best service from us. However, if you get a delivery not as described or if it doesn’t satisfy you, we offer a refund policy as well. You can check the refund and revision policy page to know more about it.

After Sales Support

After you get a service delivered from us, we help you understand the whole project and get familiar with it. We keep in close contact with you and we’re always there to support you if you face a problem with the service we provided.


The online Arena We Love To work In

With a decade of experience as a leading SEO service company in Bangladesh, we specialize in all the fields of SEO. No matter what types of one business you run or the website-related problem you have faced, we got you covered! Here are the areas we’re now covering now to help you grow giant:

AdSense/Affiliate Marketing Website

If you want a google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, or any other money-making websites, we make it, or improve it if it’s existing. Our expert team will audit, reports, make you a clean, responsive, and SEO friendly and engaging website with a proven growth strategy.

Business Or Company Website

Your business or company website is what people value you for. We’re expert at getting you the best website that will increase your brand value. Our team will get your service to more people with better SEO optimization and boost your sales leads.

Consultancy Firm Or Service Website

If you have a service website or a consultancy firm from whatever sector; law, real estate, nursing, business; we’re experts at enhancing your web presence. We can get you a flow of new leads and clients to boost your sales, subscriptions, or service.

Local Business Website

Anchoring the targeted audience can be a big challenge; but for giant marketers, it’s a passion. Our local SEO specialists’ team will get your business to every potential audience at where you operate. Plus, we’ll ensure you get higher credibility and be recognized as a trusted business.

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