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Higher online visibility in this competitive market is not easy and link building can be a way-out. Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO service to get your website quality referrals. Getting high-authority backlinks with huge potentials is what Giant Marketers experts at with a very competent team of experts.

If you need SEO link building services, Giant Marketers can be the last agency you’re ever going to need. As a leading link building agency, we’ve served a huge number of clients for more than a decade. Are you ready to witness the dream spike in your growth with quality links? Let us surprise you!

Maximize your SERP visibility, with our
Knowledge & Passion

Giant Marketers works hand to hand to make fortune for its clients and it’s been a decade of doing it. Here are some of the achievements we’re proud of and why we’re a leading agency in Bangladesh:

Serve in 5+ Countries

99.9% Client Satisfaction

Over 3,000+ Project

30+ Professionals

Why Quality Backlinks Is Important in SEO?

It’s a highly competitive market and “Vote for confidence” is important to overrule the others who’re already thriving. Quality backlinks work as the biggest vote for you when the search engine crawlers judge you to rank you on the SERP.

While the ranking top is your target, you need proven high-quality contents that get you quality backlinks. Relevance and authoritative links also consider a professional SEO agency like Giant Marketers to maintain strictly.

A to Z Backlinks Solution Under One Roof

Getting the maximum online exposure needs quality backlinks and referrals from different sources including authoritative and other sites. Here are the services Giant Marketers offers for you.

Basic Backlinks

Basic backlinks make your first web appearance count to the search engines and get you the kickstart you need. We specialize in high-quality foundation links, Diverse profile backlinks, Bookmarks, social signals, and every other aspect to get you the best exposure.

Monthly SEO Services

To grow your business bigger, you need both basic and advanced links, and we combine them both in the process. You’ll get it with a drip feed strategy from every relevant source related to your business. Our monthly SEO services include everything you need for gaining visibility on the SERP and retaining it.

Outreach Backlinks

Outreach backlink from guest post submission is a proven way to gain more authority, get a higher ranking, and more trustworthiness. You need both high-quality content and backlinks in the most natural way possible. We don’t only ensure the quality of the contents with expert writer, but also make sure the anchors are coming from the most relevant websites.

Backlinks from Authority Site

Building your authority needs referral backlinks from high-authority websites that are relevant to yours. We have a rich database for authority websites and professional writers who write unparalleled high-end contents that build authority. If you want that quality shaping your online business or website, we’re here for you.

Backlinks Audit

Do you already own a website or an online business where you have tons of backlinks and not getting the expected results? Our Backlink audit service can be just the solution for you. We cover everything from broken links, 404 errors to bad links that may trigger penalties for your website.

On-Demand Backlinks

Do you already own a website or an online business where you have tons of backlinks and not getting the expected results? Our Backlink audit service can be just the solution for you. We cover everything from broken links, 404 errors to bad links that may trigger penalties for your website.

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We’ve been featured on some of the most reputed news portals, blogs, public search portals. Have a look!

Why Gaint Marketers?

We, Giant Marketers, are an industry-leading SEO service provider agency and have been in the service for more than 10 years. With more than 30+ local and foreign professionals and experience of more than a decade, we have a sky-high reputation. 

If you’re planning to thrive in this competitive market, a working partner like Giant Marketers is a blessing for you. For SEO link building services, we have dedicated teams for each stage to ensure the highest standards.

Want to know more about us? Refer to the testimonials from our previous clients! That’ll give you an idea about the quality we maintain.

How We Ensure the Backlinks Service Quality?

Getting you the best backlinks takes a lot in the process and we have a dedicated team to ensure the highest quality. Here is what our team does to get you the highest standard of the backlink services:

Manual Process

Our backlink services don’t have an automated process; rather, we get it done manually with dedicated professionals. Every single backlink is hand-made and tested individually before and after placing it to ensure it’s doing well.

Trusted Backlinks Source

The most effective way to build authority is to get backlinks from trusted sources where your links are 100% safe. We get you that in the quickest way with our vast base of trusted backlink sources and blogger outreach services.

99% Links Indexing Assurance

Backlinks without getting indexed aren’t enough to get you to the top of the SERP and build authority. With our quality backlinks, we assure that every backlinks, blog posts are indexed in the search engine. You’ll get the expected results way quicker than it usually takes to reach the top of the SERP.

Quality Content

There is nothing more important than high-quality content to rank higher and get the expected trust and authority. When the quality of the content are high and have quality backlinks, it’s only about time you rank high. We at Giant Marketers have a team of highly persuasive writers and backlink specialists who very well know their jobs.


Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your SEO backlink solutions will be the best decision you’re going to make and here is why:

Industry Expert

The best thing about Giant Marketers is the expertise we have in the SEO industry for more than a decade and experience. We’ve learned the ingredients that make a website rank higher and quicker than any other competitors in the market.

Specialist SEO Team

In Giant Markets, we have specialist teams for each sector of what we do and what our clients get. A dedicated team that does only one job and maintains a thorough collaboration can deliver the best service and we’re the proof. Starting with the planning, content development, SEO optimization, link building, delivery, and after-sales support, each sector has the best in the industry.

Effective Strategy

We follow an obvious success strategy which has a result oriented working method for a sure success. Instead of focusing on everything, we concentrate on a single job and that’s why we have dedicated teams for each sector. If you hand a job to us, it means the project is under capable hands.

Reasonable Service


We deliver the best quality in the market, but that doesn’t mean we have to charge you insanely! Working with a reasonable price range is a speciality we have and that sets us apart from most. Our link building services packages are reasonable enough for any person who’s getting started in the industry.

We Are a Professional Company That Can Be Trusted

Trust is a big issue in the SEO industry; we know and value that. We’ve been maintaining the highest level of trust and quality for over 5000+ projects and more than a thousand satisfied clients. If you need a devoted team to uplift your digital appearance, website, or business, we’re here to get that for you.

On-time Deliver

On-time delivery makes a project get the success a lot quicker than others which don’t get the job done in time. As we’re working with dedicated teams for each part of the job, the project never gets a delay at delivery. We also make sure that we’re taking only the amount of orders we can handle without compromising quality. Our strict time frame policy will surely impress you, try us!

Client Dashboard

We have a delegate client portal to help our clients in the long term so that they don’t miss out the latest news from us. We believe in long term relationships with our clients rather than cracking a one-time deal.

Revision Policy

After we handover a project, if the client encounters any issues with it, we take it seriously. We get on the matter immediately and get it fixed within 72 hours. Most of our clients are recurring customers because they’re getting the best service with the best support.

Dedicated Support Team

Assisting and supporting the clients while the project’s under process makes the outcome pretty amazing to our experience. We have a dedicated team to handle the client’s queries in real time ensuring the best output for their projects we’re handling.

After Sales Support

As our services are result-oriented client-centric, we ensure the best after-sales support after delivering the service with detailed reports. You can take your time, understand the whole project and ask for any support regarding the service. We’re here to help you out.

Refund Policy

We’re devoted to handling your project with the highest standards of quality and we’ll be doing so. However, if our services don’t satisfy you after delivering, we’re ready to revise the whole project for you. If you don’t want to get the particular service after ordering, you can replace that with an equivalent one. Please visit our refund policy page to know how our refund policy works.

Secure Payment

Keeping our client’s data safe and secure is what we’re reputed for and that’s not only true for the projects you get us. The security and tight privacy starts from the moment you enter your cart to pay for the service. We’re using the most reputed security provider companies like PayPal, Payoneer, and Stipe.

Why GM For Your Next Backlinks Campaign?

Backlinks define how well you grow compared to your competitors. With 10+ years of experience, Giant Marketers knows how to get you backlinks better than your competitors and rank higher.



The online Arena We Love To work In

We, Giant Marketers, are serving the industry for more than a decade now and we have an extensive grasp on it. Here are the services we’re offering right now with the best specialist team in the industry:

AdSense/Affiliate Marketing Website

If you’re planning on establishing a successful blog and get a revenue stream using Google Adsense, we’re here to help you on that. Affiliate marketing website is also what we specialize at with a very high success rate.

Business Or Company Website

We’re also serving multiple consultancy firms and service websites with their SEO matters and getting them the exposure they want. If you have a service or consultancy website and want more visitors that convert into customers, allow us to give you that.

Consultancy Firm Or Service Website

Companies and businesses struggle to get the desired traffic most of the time; well, unless having a link building agency like Giant Marketers. We’re facilitating a bunch of company, business, and brand websites that are now performing several hundred percent better than ever.

Local Business Website

Local businesses with an online presence have the most potential to get most of their customers. Giant Marketers is experienced at taking local business websites to new heights and getting them tons of new and recurring customers.

Check Out Some Clients Reviews & Their Experience With GM

We believe that our clients are our ambassadors who’re satisfied with previous services and here are some of their testimonials. See for yourself!


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