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If you consider your website as a growing forest of trees, then understand that keywords are the seeds! Everything on a website revolves around them. The words on your web pages represent your enterprise to the world. And your keywords are how you will be discovered online, through customer searches. Keywords are the key to search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, selecting the right keywords is supremely important to your business’ future!

After doing the most in-depth, best keyword research service for over a decade, we have seen first-hand how using the right keywords can grow a business into unparalleled success. They are the most important building blocks for your website’s content. And we at Giant Marketers have a dedicated team of researchers that can work for you. They will find the most profitable, least competitive keywords for you and your business.

Our team can remove the headache of having to lay the groundwork of SEO research or implementation yourselves and instead just deliver to you the best results!

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Why Is Keyword Research So Important For SEO?

More than half of website traffic comes from organic online searches. If you want your business to be found online, your site needs to have the proper keywords. Keywords are the central focus of SEO. That is why we have spent years perfecting our craft to provide the best keyword research services. Failing to do the research, or using the wrong keywords, can have negative long-term effects for your business.

Keyword research techniques and tools are always changing, just like the average consumer’s tastes and the online search algorithm are over time. As a result, you will need keyword experts to help you perform your SEO’s due diligence. Our team does their research manually, as we know that is the best way to serve our clients.

If you hire us to do your keyword research, know that you are getting the best.

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We Will Analyze Your Market and Choose The Right Keywords For You

There are many different ways of performing SEO keyword research and analysis. Here is what we do:

We will thoroughly search the Internet, in your industry, to find the keywords with the most “decent” search volumes, meaning not too high and not too low. With our research, we aim to balance relevance and competition.

We provide long tail keyword research service to find those committed customers searching for something specific. They are rarer, but just as important to capture for your business. Our team won’t miss them.

Those searches that reveal a customer is soon to purchase are arguably the most important. Fast buyers will typically use certain keywords and we can help find yours.

Designing your keyword strategy around local metrics could be important to your business. If it’s necessary, we will turn our research focus to your business’ geographical concerns to target your local audience.

One of the most important aspects of keyword research is analyzing your primary competition. You will need to understand what others in the industry are doing, and we can help you get ahead of the game.

Depending on your market and competition for your product or service, ranking high in search could be harder or easier. Our team will help you determine your strategy either way.

Our research team will find out which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your site. Using them, we can work together to increase your overall search volume and increase your opportunity to rank.

We will work to find an understanding of which of your prime keywords go together. Certain words will go together for specific reasons. We will find yours and implement them.

Keyword cannibalization can occur when there are too many of the same keywords throughout your site, so the algorithm gets confused. We will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

How Long Does It Take To Rank Highly on Google?

There is no set time for your page ranking on Google that we can guarantee. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and there is a lot of competition. Every keyword is a battleground for many competing businesses.

The goal of SEO, and our research service, is to give businesses a better chance in the fight. Our stated purpose as a company is to provide your marketing team with the best keywords research services, at the right competition level, for your enterprise’s online content to attract new customers.

After you begin to execute the strategy onto your site, the time it takes for your pages to rank will vary. No matter where you rank now, with our team’s research and work implemented into your site, we promise to give you the best chance to quickly ascend your ranking!

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    The Steps In Our Research Process To Pick The Right Keywords

    To find the best keywords for you, we have a process that we follow each time we are engaged. We have done keyword research enough times to know where to start and how to proceed from one stage to the next. In chronological order, here is our process:

    Understand your Goal: First and foremost, we want to understand your goal for your business. What kind of strategy have you had for SEO? We can help you get on the right track.
    Competitor Keyword Analysis: Keywords from the competition are your focus points. We will analyze them for advantages and disadvantages, and then determine your strategy as a result.
    Keyword targeting strategy: For your website, we aim to find the words most relevant to your business’ success in the online world. The end goal of our work means finding the right keywords for you.
    Identifying Competitors: Our team will examine the market around you, identifying the most successful of your competitors, in order to find out why. We compare the ones with the best SEO in place.
    Competitor strength and weakness:  After analyzing your industry’s top players, we will adopt the opposing tactics that work and drop the ones that don’t. With our strategy, you will mirror their strengths and target their weaknesses. 
    Finalized & Necessary Reports: Our final report will include the best keywords delivered to you, with all our research and rationalizations documented for your reference.

    We Specialize In Every Type of Keyword Research

    Our team has gathered enough experience to know SEO research inside and out. We have performed this work for more than 12 years. Every angle and online analysis of keywords has influenced our knowledge and is included within our process.

    Local Business

    For local businesses, you will need to target your closest surrounding community. Through our local SEO keyword research, we will help you to find the best ways of doing that.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Our team will help you determine how to construct your affiliate site for success. Our expert of keyword research for Amazon affiliates will help you get your niche website off the ground.


    There are millions of ecommerce businesses out there. But many of them do not utilize the appropriate keywords. We know how to get ecommerce sites ranked on top.


    Businesses are typically looking for specific words in their searches online. We also specialize in B2B keyword research differences compared to the more common B2C digital marketing metrics.


    Customer searches are typically for more immediate purchases. Your B2C keywords need to be agile to catch buyers before they move on. We know just how to catch their attention.

    Display Ads Keywords

    If you want to build a site targeting AdSense, ezonic, and other media monetization platforms, we will provide you with the best keywords for the highest ROI.


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    What Clients say

    Our many clients become our biggest ambassadors. See what they have said about our past work and how we did it:

    It was great working with this awesome team. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. It’s great working with them and I’d look forward to seeing how it pays off!

    Jonathan Grant

    Personnel consultant

    There are so many professional SEO services I worked with and Giant marketers had a great budget range for me without compromising the quality. They should add more services with a budget range like they’re offering now.

    Goldie Atwood

    Marketing Manager

    My whole planning would go in vain if I had not decided to consult with giant marketers before investing the money. GM showed me the best way to spend the money and the whole process of how I can get the best out of it.

    Tyson Teasdale

    Local Business Owner


    Checkout Our Price Plan

    Although we’re giving you the top-notch, world-class keyword research, we understand you may have a budget to meet. Therefore, we keep our keyword research service affordable for you with different packages. Here are the pricing plans, choose the one that fits your needs:

    GM Basic


    One Time Payment

    5x Keywords
    50+ Search Volume
    5x Informative Keywords
    15x LSI/Secondary
    0 To 5 Keyword Difficulty
    Manually Analysis
    Necessary Metrics Report
    Content Structure Blueprint
    Long-tail keywords
    Extremely buying intent
    Low competition
    Wallet-out conversion
    Keywords Replacement
    After Sales Support

    GM Advance


    One Time Payment

    10x Keywords
    50+ Search Volume
    10x Informative Keywords
    30x LSI/Secondary
    0 To 5 Keyword Difficulty
    Manually Analysis
    Necessary Metrics Report
    Content Structure Blueprint
    Long-tail keywords
    Extremely buying intent
    Low competition
    Wallet-out conversion
    Keywords Replacement
    After Sales Support

    GM Premium


    One Time Payment

    15x Keywords
    50+ Search Volume
    15x Informative Keywords
    45x LSI/Secondary
    0 To 5 Keyword Difficulty
    Manually Analysis
    Necessary Metrics Report
    Content Structure Blueprint
    Long-tail keywords
    Extremely buying intent
    Low competition
    Wallet-out conversion
    Keywords Replacement
    After Sales Support


    Most Popular Questions

    Here are the most common questions we receive from clients about our keyword research answered for you:

    Keyword Analysis Tools That We Love To Use

    In our portfolio of work, we have used a variety of tools to generate reliable research to provide for our clients. We perform our research and analysis from a variety of angles. Our promise is to provide for our clientele the best keyword research services for an affordable price.

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