Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages That Boost Your Ranking

Did you know that backlinks can give your website an edge in the ongoing battle to rank on Google search? High quality and authentic backlinks can provide connections between your website and relevant, authoritative ones. With a backlinks strategy, over time your own site will grow in authority and visibility online, gaining the opportunity to rank higher on Google SERPs!

Successful backlinking requires investment, time and energy spent preparing manual, quality links to high domain and page authority websites. Through our monthly SEO backlinks packages, we can provide you with a continuous, periodic stream of backlinks for your website. Our team of backlink experts and in-house content writers will use our knowledge, experience, and resources to create a comprehensive, monthly link campaign for your website, 100% manual and ready to boost your business!

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What Are The Highest Quality Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages?

If you want to buy the best backlinks, you will want them to feature certain attributes. For monthly SEO backlinks packages, here are the primary types you should consider investing in:

Blogger outreach backlinks allow you to expand your site’s reach through relevant and authoritative online bloggers. Through a strong relationship developed with a blogger, you can establish a connection to help you rank higher and faster.


High authority backlinks are necessary in order for a campaign to be successful. High domain and page authority on Google’s algorithm means these kinds of backlinks boost you most of all.


After a relationship is established with a blog in your relevant niche, providing them with great content will allow you to grow your brand. Guest post backlinks give you the opportunity to reach new audiences.


Foundation backlinks build your website authority by diversifying your inbound blinks to your pages to come from a variety of relevant page types. High quality backlinks in your foundation means reinforcing your site’s online reliability.


Giving your voice to online content in the comments section can be a productive way of broadening your brand’s reach. By taking the time to contribute to online conversations, you can create quality backlinks.


Sharing on social media can be a fun and dependable way to expand your reach. Social media backlinks provide your website with another solid avenue for building exposure for your brand.


Building links on PBNs, also known as private blog networks, can be a way to add your voice to your niche’s community. Linking with a PBN is a way to raise your site’s authority, if it’s well-managed.


Backlinks to Web 2.0 sources, such as popular blogging platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, Medium and more can grow your site through your content. Web 2.0 spreads your brand through the Internet.


Contextual backlinks are created to blend into content naturally, to give the link space within the flow of a blog or article. These backlinks are a great way to embed relevant, informative links to your site.


Are SEO Backlinks Still Important In 2022?

Absolutely! Quality backlinks are one of the most important factors influencing your ranking on Google search. Backlinks are the foundation of PageRank, which is at the core of Google’s ranking algorithm. For successful backlinking, it’s not just about quantity but quality.

In the most updated iteration of the algorithm, Google not only considers page content but watches for how many websites or web pages are linking to your page and evaluates the quality of those links. Here, SEO backlink strategies play a big role in making your site appear authentic and valuable to Google searchers. As a result of successful backlinks, your website’s search presence will increase, ascending your ranking on SERPs, indexing your content faster, and overall improving your web traffic.

Thus, if you want to rank higher on Google, SEO backlinks are vital. The total benefit just depends on the types, quality, and relevance of your backlinks.

This is where SEO professionals with monthly link building packages like Giant Marketers can help!

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To prove our team’s research value and SEO knowledge, provide us with your website URL and email and we will deliver to you a free backlinks report. We will inspect your site and deliver back to you your backlinks report within 90 hours.

    Can You Rank Without Backlinks?

    More than 200 SEO factors contribute to a website ranking. And backlinks are one of the major factors among them. Links have been one of the top SEO factors for years, helping the search engine evaluate the quality of content and websites all over the Internet. Can a site hope to rank on Google without backlinks?

    MOZ, a top online SEO guru, examined the top 50 Google search results for almost 15,000 different keywords to find out the relationship between backlinks and SERP rankings. Out of the top results, a full 99.2% of all websites ranked there had at least one external link. Additionally, 78% of the top ranking individual web pages had at least one backlink from another site.

    With 0.8% being within the margin of error, essentially the study found that no site ranking for competitive keywords did not have at least one backlink.

    A well-ranking site without an external link would take a searcher a very long time to find. Furthermore, individual pages can rank without links, but they are almost always attached to websites that do have links.

    In sum, MOZ’s study shows if you want to rank for competitive keywords (and every business should!), then you absolutely need backlinks to do so.

    Sample of Our Backlinks Quality

    Below we present a screenshot of Ahrefs rankings to showcase the proof of the backlinks campaigns we have successfully provided to clients. Through our diverse and diligent process, we can deliver these sorts of results to you.

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    Giant Marketers want to help you with your next big project. We are a leading agency with a proven track record in the industry, with affordable SEO services for small businesses and a passion for new clients and experiences. Have a project in mind? Contact us today and we can get started right away!

    Is It Bad To Buy Backlinks?

    Buying backlinks is a common practice, used by modern businesses. The process involves paying another site to insert your own relevant site link(s) onto their pages. Many individual professionals and firms have experienced success using this strategy so it is nothing to avoid or be ashamed of. In fact, buying backlinks is one of the quickest ways to increase a website’s authority online.

    However, successful backlinking requires honest, quality tactics in order to avoid any potential risks that come with black or gray hat SEO techniques. Illegitimate techniques used in backlinking campaigns can lead to heavy penalties from the Google search algorithm.

    This is because buying or selling backlinks is technically against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. According to Google, any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search are considered a violation of the guidelines. This means that if you get caught buying or selling backlinks, your site can be penalized with a lowered search engine ranking.

    Thus, for any business and their SEO strategy, the focus should always be on creating relevant, high-quality content. It should be well-optimized on your website, with natural placements for keywords and anchor text, and with your digital footprint hidden if possible. If your content is structured properly in these ways, other sites will be more likely to link up with you.

    When buying backlinks, it is best to consider agencies of SEO professionals trained for executing successful backlinks campaigns. Like us at Giant Marketers! Through our affordable link building services, we will ensure the highest quality backlinks are delivered, with niche relevant content, hidden footprints, and the best, most up-to-date SEO strategies deployed.

    How Much Should I Pay For Backlinks?

    A recent study featured on SEO industry titan ahrefs website blog, found that the average cost of a backlinks campaign is around $350, for a do-follow link from an authoritative website. Many experts give the average cost range of a do-follow link from a reputable website to be anywhere from $20 to $500, depending on the site, industry, and other factors.

    In general, the cost of backlinks campaigns vary depending on the quality of the linking site’s following factors:

    Content quality
    Organic traffic
    Backlink profile
    Domain rating (DR)
    URL rating (UR)
    Domain authority (DA)
    Page authority (PA)
    Referring domains
    Spam scores
    ~ And more.

    The true cost of backlinks is the cost spent on acquiring natural links from such authority sites. Natural links are the most valuable kind of link you can build into your website, as they basically guarantee that your site’s authority score and rank will be given the chance to increase. With quality backlinks, your website will have the opportunity to prosper in the long-run, irrespective of future Google updates.

    If you want to build quality links, the best option is to contact an SEO expert or agency. They specialize in helping companies like yours build quality do-follow and no-follow backlinks at a reasonable cost. In fact, that is one of the businesses that Giant Marketers specializes in! We provide monthly SEO backlinks packages for websites and clients of all kinds, with vast knowledge and experience on how to make backlinks campaigns succeed.

    How Does Our Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages Work?

    Our process for backlinking begins with strategy, based on our client’s goals and preferences, and then moves on to manual, reliable execution. GM’s backlink packages prices are always affordable and competitive. Let us walk you through our backlinking process:

    STAGE 1

    Backlink Purpose

    First, we need to understand what the purpose of your specific backlinks campaign will be. We can provide guidance accordingly, depending on your objective.

    STAGE 2

    Choose the Links Package

    You will then choose the links package that best fits your needs and budget. We will answer any questions, providing further details on the packages as needed.

    STAGE 3

    Complete The Order Form & Checkout

    Through our website you can complete our order form. The form will give you the opportunity to fill in your business website info and any relevant details.

    STAGE 4

    Backlinks Execution

    Our team will take over and execute the backlinks campaign per your goals and package details. We promise for the links to be manual and reliably placed for success.

    STAGE 5

    Contact & Delivery

    We will contact you once our work is completed and our backlinks deliverable is ready. We welcome any feedback and can revise the links as needed from there.

    STAGE 6

    We will contact

    We will contact you once our work is completed and our backlinks deliverable is ready. We welcome any feedback and can revise the links as needed from there.

    What Are The Important Types of SEO Backlinks?

    Not all backlinks are created equal! The value of any given backlink depends on their purpose. Depending on the link type and its use purpose, backlinks have different levels of influence on search engine rankings.

    For example, Blogger Outreach Backlinks are the best way to efficiently acquire valuable backlinks. These style of links are the most reliable way to build trust, improve organic rankings, index quickly, and gain more referral traffic to your site.

    Local SEO Backlinks include local link outreach, citation building, local directory submission, writing about local events, reaching out to local influencers and more. Local SEO tactics merged with a backlinks campaign means websites can ascend their local ranking higher, gaining more attention from their most relevant target audiences, ripe for tangible, instant sales conversions.

    Comment Backlinks are generally allowed to include a link back to your site, which can be a dynamic way of gaining more exposure to your site through action on another piece of content. However, you have to ensure that your comment is genuine and relevant, posted on high-quality blogs. Comments can increase your brand visibility while also building relationships with bloggers.

    Foundation Backlinks campaigns can help you build your website as an authority for reliable resources and information around your niche. Diversified links from trustworthy sources can create a top ranking position for you around your chosen keywords, niche, or sector. Press Release Backlinks can inform media outlets about your newsworthy content and help your site gain a quality backlink. This strategy can get you links to the actual press release post and the related stories that media outlets write about it, expanding your site’s reach.

    In all, each type of backlink provides different value to different companies. What you choose should depend on your goals and niche.

    Special Price For Limited Budget Clients

    We understand that small businesses have limited budgets, so we also offer our services at a
    more affordable price for such clients. See the options below, as defined by their respective domain authority (DA) scores:

    DA 10+

    1 Do-Follow Backlink
    Organic Traffics Site
    1 Anchor Text/ URL
    100% Manual Outreach
    Niche Relevant
    Contextual Link
    800 Words Content


    DA 20+

    1 Do-Follow Backlink
    Organic Traffics Site
    1 Anchor Text/ URL
    100% Manual Outreach
    Niche Relevant
    Contextual Link
    1000 Words Content


    DA 30+

    1 Do-Follow Link
    Ahref Traffic: 1000+
    1 Anchor Text/ URL
    100% Manual Outreach
    Niche Relevant
    Contextual Link
    1200 Words Content


    DA 40+

    1 Do-Follow Backlink
    Ahref Traffic: 1500+
    1 Anchor Text/ URL
    100% Manual Outreach
    Niche Relevant
    Contextual Link
    1500 Words Content


    How Giant Marketers Maintains Our Backlink Quality

    The team of experienced professionals at Giant Marketers takes pride in delivering high quality and secure results for all of our backlinks campaigns. As a top provider of monthly seo backlinks services in Bangladesh and around the world, GM has developed a proven process. Below we present some of the most important factors in our process:

    No Footprint (We use VPN)

    Through the use of a VPN (virtual private network), we ensure that all our backlinking efforts do not track down any footprints. This will secure your campaign.

    Real Websites

    We only link to real, authentic websites that provide real users with value. Our team knows not to employ any automated tactics or link to sites for bots.

    Quality Content

    Always, our team strives to create only the highest quality content, ultimately knowing that is the best way to rank. A successful backlinks strategy requires this perhaps most of all.

    Contextual backlinks

    By using contextual backlinks to place links naturally and in the relevant flow of the content, you give your site the best chance to rank and grow.

    Natural Link Placement

    Natural link placement is one of the top white hat backlink strategies. Our team has experience performing these backlinks on clients and content of all kinds.

    Mixed Do-Follow/No-Follow Links

    In order to diversify your backlinks campaign for its success, our team employs a healthy mix of both do-follow and no-follow links to your site.


    Most Popular Questions

    From our experience providing monthly SEO backlinks packages, we have encountered specific issues and questions from clients many times. Here are the most popular questions, answered in advance for you:

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