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Local SEO Checklist by Tim Capper

It is the ultimate checklist guide for local search engine optimization from SEMrush. This guide highlights everything about local SEO that will help any business to increase organic search traffic.   

Local SEO Checklist by Tim Capper

By Tim Capper

Tim capper is a local SEO specialist and a top contributor to Google My Business. He is the owner of Online Ownership, a UK-based marketing agency that offers local SEO services tailored to businesses’ needs.      

Local SEO Checklist by Tim Capper

SERP features are gaining more day-by-day as a result local SEOs are facing new challenges to get into the local packs. To help you out SEMrush has teamed up with Tim Capper to create a solution. And this guide can be the local SEOs ultimate solution. 

It is an in-depth local SEO checklist guide for the local SEO specialist and other marketers. With this guide, you can conquer local SEO by winning local packs and earn many more local traffics.     

After completing this guide you will learn:

  • What are local packs, their types, and why you should get into them?
  • Managing your business listings.
  • Site optimization for local customers.
  • Tracking results in your exact location.

Download this ebook today and make the best use of this guide by getting into the local pack.

Masum Billah Bhuiyan

June 8, 2021


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