Our Keyword Research Portfolio

Keywords are the main driving powers for any website, and we provide powerful keywords for our clients. We have proven track record of helping businesses grow from zero to millions with our keywords.

Our Keyword Research Portfolio

We’re sharing some previous keyword research jobs that we’ve conducted for different local businesses. Check them out from here:

Carpet cleaning

It was a local business; check the keyword research records we’ve done for them:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1carpet cleaning tacoma15011https://prnt.sc/113vtaj390390
2redmond oregon carpet cleaning104https://prnt.sc/113vtaj140140
3carpet cleaning kennewick wa1007https://prnt.sc/113vymi4030
4west seattle carpet cleaning100https://prnt.sc/113w2g79090
5carpet cleaning services puyallup wa108https://prnt.sc/113vm92020
6walla walla carpet cleaning203https://prnt.sc/113wenx2020
7wenatchee carpet cleaning102https://prnt.sc/113whwr140140
8carpet cleaners wenatchee102https://prnt.sc/113wliu0140
9carpet cleaning yakima washington101https://prnt.sc/113wshr5070
10carpet cleaning charles town wv100https://prnt.sc/113xpsj0140
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty

Office cleaning

Check out the keyword research services for the office cleaning service website we’ve served:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1office cleaning sheffield201https://prnt.sc/115ds451010
2office cleaning services phoenix az1017https://prnt.sc/115dwud2020
3office cleaning services glendale ca100https://prnt.sc/115e026100
4office cleaning schaumburg200https://prnt.sc/115eas72010
5office cleaning syracuse ny300https://prnt.sc/115edf31010
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty

24 Hour Mechanic

Check out the 24 hour mechanic services we’ve conducted for a service provider chain:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
124 hour mechanic chicago100https://prnt.sc/115g0f9010
224 hour mechanic queens200https://prnt.sc/115g26u1010
324 hour mechanic brooklyn203https://prnt.sc/115g3wu2030
424 hour mechanic houston706https://prnt.sc/115g5vx1010
524 hour mechanic atlanta1012https://prnt.sc/115gb7x1010
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty


We’ve worked with multiple dentists services and here are some keywords we’ve provided:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1dentist in blacksburg sc300https://prnt.sc/115hyrh11090
2dentist in ackerman ms200https://prnt.sc/115i0l94050
3dentist in bremen ga900https://prnt.sc/115i2m79070
4dentist in paintsville ky1000https://prnt.sc/115i5c6170210
5dentist in paoli indiana300https://prnt.sc/115jwvr9070
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty

Medical Centers

Check the keywords we’ve provided for different medical centers with success:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1medical centers in fresno ca1012https://prnt.sc/1174x5p020
2medical centers in memphis tn2022https://prnt.sc/1174z601010
3medical centers in el paso tx2017https://prnt.sc/11750l93020
4medical centers in greenville sc1022https://prnt.sc/11753v11010
5medical centers in miami fl7043https://prnt.sc/1176ydf9050
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty

Divorce lawyer

Local law firms are our regular clients and here are some of the keywords we’ve provided:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1divorce lawyer lafayette indiana400https://prnt.sc/115k4ke170210
2san rafael divorce lawyer200https://prnt.sc/115k7zs010
3divorce lawyer mooresville nc600https://prnt.sc/115kepv140140
4divorce lawyer rancho bernardo200https://prnt.sc/115khwf1010
5divorce lawyer san rafael200https://prnt.sc/115kmmr1010
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty

Commercial Roofing

Here are the keywords for commercial roofing service we’ve worked with before:

SLKeywordSVKDSS and CompetitionSVSV
1commercial roofing hawaii100https://prnt.sc/116dniz2020
2commercial roofing seattle400https://prnt.sc/116dltm4040
3commercial roofing new orleans400https://prnt.sc/116dq4d2020
4advanced commercial roofing champaign il300https://prnt.sc/116ds9k2020
5commercial roofing barnum mn200https://prnt.sc/116dv832020
SV = Search Volume || KD = Keyword Difficulty
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